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From "Jarek Gawor (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo Project Management > Apache Geronimo Board Report - 2013-10 - October
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 18:09:01 GMT
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    <h2><a href="">Apache
Geronimo Board Report - 2013-10 - October</a></h2>
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         <h1><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-ApacheGeronimoBoardReport"></a>Apache
Geronimo Board Report</h1>

<p>Apache Geronimo is an open source server runtime that integrates the best open source
projects to create Java/OSGi server runtimes that meet the needs of enterprise developers
and system administrators.</p>

<p>The last quarter has been pretty quiet. There was some work done on providing Servlet
3.1 API and Batch API specification jars. The traffic on the user mailing list was low but

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-Releases"></a>Releases</h2>

<p>No new releases since June 2013.</p>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-JUGsandConferences"></a>JUGs
and Conferences</h2>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-Community"></a>Community</h2>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-NewPMCMembers"></a>New
PMC Members</h2>

<p>No new PMC members. The last new PMC member was added in March 2013.</p>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-NewCommitters"></a>New

<p>No new committers. The last new committer was added in March 2013.</p>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-Security"></a>Security</h2>

<p>A potential problem in XBean reported in September. Detailed analysis is pending.</p>

<h2><a name="ApacheGeronimoBoardReport-2013-10-October-OtherIssuesandNews"></a>Other
Issues and News</h2>
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