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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo Project Management > Contributor process
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 16:57:00 GMT
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        <b>comment added</b> by              <a href="">alenahairston</a>
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       <p>To All Geronimo-ers:  Please note that I am simply seeking out best utility
for Project Managment software for (em) or (out)beddedness use re: discussion below.<br/>
I've got a pretty good mock up page for potential issues to share.  Please respond to group:</p>



<p>Forwarding Alena's wonderful note, since Rainmaker is not subscribed<br/>
to the mailing list.</p>


<p>---------- Forwarded message ----------<br/>
From: Alena Hairston &lt;;<br/>
Date: Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 11:23 AM<br/>
Subject: Please read soon &#8211; this took quite a bit of time that I<br/>
simply don't have and will have wasted if no one hears me/us on this:<br/>
What about "International Pan-African Language Dictionary" ? fomerly<br/>
Rainmaker's post; Luo Language = DhoLuo<br/>

<p>Rainmaker (lovely moniker!):  Yes &#8211; I share in your important query and<br/>
the profound work to be done.  I am of Eritrean/Ethiopian and<br/>
American(izes) Welsh/Scott and Native American Cherokee, and finally W.<br/>
African likely Ghana.  As I live in Oakland, CA &#8211; very populous with<br/>
Eritrean, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Somalian, Djiboutian, Tanzanian and more &#8211;<br/>
thelanguages immediately accessible to me and to others around the larger<br/>
metro areas in the US such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicacago,<br/>
Arizona, Texas, Florida, and virtually evey state up and down the Eastern<br/>
Seaboard, including the influx of Somali refugees in a suburb outside<br/>
Atlanta and in Lewiston, Maine (my own birthstate &#8211; Limestone, Loring AFB).</p>

<p>Ethically &#8211; really humanely and civilly &#8211; I shall never refer
to any<br/>
peoples as "third world" or "developing" moniker conveniently compressing<br/>
the ravages and continual by products of such into present day ravages that<br/>
are still dismissed by both mainstream and progressive/ethical outlets.</p>

<p>Language is key &#8211; particularly the degree of depth, degree of syntax,<br/>
punnery, figuration, etc.  Given the inverse of perversion in this world &#8211;<br/>
where that which is complex, dark, beautiful, female, South, East,<br/>
non-Latin based, non-Western based (how could it be)?, etc. and etc.</p>

<p>Thus, I ecstatically offer my meticulous linguistic, organizational,<br/>
networking, collective skills and ideas to this effort as long as such<br/>
effort will NEVER allow its ghettoization or silencing.  Europe, S.America,<br/>
Canda, Russia, ect. are continents featuring myriad languages.</p>

<p>The technology is there/her as are we?</p>

<p>Shall we get started?</p>

<p>1. Insert excel matrix or access database or somesuch to correlated ideas,<br/>
sub ideas, areas, and personnel.  Something dynamic that is connected to<br/>
the pag  IIdea is to for all interested parties to meet via web<br/>
conferencing (email and wikipages are subsuming my life) and I am working<br/>
on a dissertation, law school, and trying to be a wife (help!)</p>

<p>Ok &#8211; let me inventory what I have &#8211; thoughts anyone!</p>

<p>Oakland CA 94610<br/>

<p>*<b>A L E N A    H A I R S T O N</b>*<br/>
    w / <a href="" class="external-link" rel="nofollow"></a><br/>
    e /<br/>
    p / 510.457.1677<br/>
    f / 800.650.9313<br/>
    skype / alenahairston</p>

<p>On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 5:26 AM, rain &lt;; wrote:</p>

<p>&gt;  Good Morning to all of and supporters. You are<br/>
&gt; great!!<br/>
&gt; Congratulations for your successful works on behalf of culture, knowledge,<br/>
&gt; improvement.<br/>
&gt; My name is George Odhiambo<br/>
&gt; I am very happy to find so many South African Languages<br/>
&gt; available in Open Office Dictionaries.<br/>
&gt; It makes me wishing I could help with plenty of effort,<br/>
&gt; through joining a group of people with similar interest,<br/>
&gt; and create a DHOLUO Dictionary<br/>
&gt; for the many who later could benefit<br/>
&gt; by downloading and running it<br/>
&gt; when word needs a spelling control, etc.<br/>
&gt; I would like to receive indications on what data-base, query, form...<br/>
&gt; should I start using<br/>
&gt; to begin filling with words<br/>
&gt; of same meaning<br/>
&gt; in two different Languages (i.e.: English AND DhoLuo)<br/>
&gt; To me it would become a long lasting process.<br/>
&gt; Would you do help me to make it shorter<br/>
&gt; by creating a group of people, with structured plans,<br/>
&gt; well organised,<br/>
&gt; that later you could offer DHOLUO dictionary<br/>
&gt; to users of OpenOffice, Android, Linux, Apache,<br/>
&gt; and many of future applications, OS, ...<br/>
&gt; through your superb Apache Open Office organization.<br/>
&gt; These my today Prayer to Ancestors. Amen<br/>
&gt; Odhiambo<br/>
&gt; I would had a big problem if someone would ask me to trace the areas where<br/>
&gt; Tsonga or Veda people have their homesteads, the area where their ancestors<br/>
&gt; kept their grazing fields, or the are where Tsonga and Veda languages are<br/>
&gt; spoken.<br/>
&gt; <span class="error">&#91;image: Where\?&#93;</span><br/>
&gt; I am to learn many many things yet.<br/>
&gt; In case you would like it,<br/>
&gt; I insert here a small drawing with the area<br/>
&gt; where people do talk one another in markets,<br/>
&gt; in homesteads, in school yards...<br/>
&gt; by using beautiful DhoLuo Language words.<br/>
&gt; <span class="error">&#91;image: LuoLand&#93;</span><br/>
&gt; Thanks for your time.<br/>
&gt; Have a nice day.<br/>

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