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Subject svn commit: r1188990 [3/3] - in /geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text: LICENSE NOTICE README.txt RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-SNAPSHOT.txt RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 01:26:30 GMT
Modified: geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/NOTICE
--- geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/NOTICE (original)
+++ geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/NOTICE Wed Oct 26 01:26:29 2011
@@ -4,40 +4,60 @@ Copyright 2003-2011 The Apache Software 
 This product includes software developed by
 The Apache Software Foundation (
 Portions of the Web Console were orginally developed by International
 Business Machines Corporation and are licensed to the Apache Software
 Foundation under the "Software Grant and Corporate Contribution
 License Agreement", informally known as the "IBM Console CLA".
 Portions of the ASN1 codec implementation in
 framework/modules/geronimo-crypto/ were developed by the Bouncy Castle
 project (
 Copyright (c) 2000-2005
 The Legion Of The Bouncy Castle (
 ORB Portions of this software were developed at IONA Technologies.
 Object Management Group (OMG) classes used by the orb.
 The original classes are available from
 The RMI over IIOP implementation were developed at Trifork Technologies.
 Copyright 2004-2009 Tranql project committers
 This product includes software developed at
 Tranql (
 This product includes software developed by the Protocol Buffers
 project (
 This product includes also software developed by :
   - the W3C consortium ( ,
   - the SAX project (
 The <sync> task is based on code Copyright (c) 2002, Landmark
 Graphics Corp that has been kindly donated to the Apache Software
 Portions of this software were originally based on the following:
   - software copyright (c) 1999, IBM Corporation.,
   - software copyright (c) 1999, Sun Microsystems.,
@@ -45,22 +65,31 @@ Portions of this software were originall
     Apache Software Foundation that were originally developed at iClick, Inc.,
     software copyright (c) 1999.
 Portions Copyright 2006 International Business Machines Corp.
 Portions Copyright 2005-2007 WSO2, Inc.
 This product also includes schemas and specification developed by:
 - the W3C consortium (
 This product also includes WS-* schemas developed by International
 Business Machines Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, BEA Systems,
 TIBCO Software, SAP AG, Sonic Software, and VeriSign
 This product also includes a WSDL developed by
 - Copyright 1999-2006, inc.
-Portions of the included xmlbeans library were originally based on the following:
-- software copyright (c) 2000-2003, BEA Systems, <>.
 This product also includes schemas and specification developed by:
       - the W3C consortium (
@@ -95,16 +124,22 @@ International Business Machines Corporat
 Software Acknowledgment and Redistribution document at
 * OpenJPA includes software written by Miroslav Nachev.
 * OpenJPA uses test code written by Charles Tillman.
 XMLSec was originally based on software copyright (c) 2001, Institute for
 Data Communications Systems, <>.
 The development of XMLSec was partly funded by the European
 Commission in the <WebSig> project in the ISIS Programme.
 This product also includes software developed by :
   - IBM Corporation (,
@@ -115,6 +150,8 @@ This product also includes software deve
 Portions Copyright 2006 International Business Machines Corp.
 Portions of this software were originally based on the following:
   - software copyright (c) 2000-2003, BEA Systems, <>.
@@ -137,26 +174,38 @@ software also includes:
  - JSR-173 Streaming API for XML from,
    Copyright 2005 BEA under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0
 This product includes software developed by the Simple XML Compiler (SXC)
 project (
 This product includes software developed for the JAXB Reference
 Implementation project. (  Apache Geronimo elects
 to include this software in this distribution under the CDDL license.
 This product includes software developed for SOAP with Attachments
 API for Java (SAAJ). The software is available from the GlassFish project
 (  Apache Geronimo elects to include this
 software in this distribution under the CDDL license.
 This product includes software developed for Java API for XML Web Services
 project (JAX-WS) (  Apache Geronimo elects
 to include this software in this distribution under the CDDL license.
 This product includes software developed for the Java Server Pages Tag
 Library project (   Apache Geronimo elects
 to include this software in this distribution under the CDDL license.
 This product includes schema files developed for the Glassfish Java EE
 reference implementation (
 Apache Geronimo elects to include this software in this distribution
@@ -166,10 +215,8 @@ The source code is available at:
 The following schemas are included:
-  application-client_1_4.xsd
+  application-client_1_4.xsd
@@ -180,8 +227,9 @@ The following schemas are included:
-  application-client_5.xsd
+  application-client_5.xsd
@@ -190,29 +238,37 @@ The following schemas are included:
-  web-facelettaglibrary_2_0.xsd
-  web-facesconfig_2_0.xsd
-  web-partialresponse_2_0.xsd
-  web-jsptaglibrary_2_1.xsd
+  beans_1_0.xsd
+  javaee_web_services_metadata_handler_2_0.xsd
+  web-facelettaglibrary_2_0.xsd
+  web-facesconfig_2_0.xsd
+  web-facesuicomponent_2_0.xsd
+  web-jsptaglibrary_2_1.xsd
+  web-partialresponse_2_0.xsd
 This product includes software developed at
 the OSGi Alliance (
- This product includes software developed at
+This product includes software developed at
  OPS4J (
 The product contains the software developed in ( 
@@ -225,16 +281,46 @@ the Mozilla Public License. 
-The product contains the software developed in which released under the following license.
+Portions Copyright (c) 2004-2010, Woodstox Project (
+All rights reserved.
-Copyright (c) 2002
-Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
-The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
-The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.
+The product contains castor, Copyright 1999-2003 (C) Intalio Inc. All Rights Reserved.
+Redistribution and use of this software and associated documentation
+("Software"), with or without modification, are permitted provided
+that the following conditions are met:
+1. Redistributions of source code must retain copyright statements
+   and notices. Redistributions must also contain a copy of this
+   document.
+2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
+   notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
+   documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
+3. The name "ExoLab" must not be used to endorse or promote products
+   derived from this Software without prior written permission of
+   Intalio Inc. For written permission, please contact
+4. Products derived from this Software may not be called "Castor"
+   nor may "Castor" appear in their names without prior written
+   permission of Intalio Inc. Exolab, Castor and Intalio are
+   trademarks of Intalio Inc.
+5. Due credit should be given to the ExoLab Project
+   (

Modified: geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/README.txt
--- geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/README.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/README.txt Wed Oct 26 01:26:29 2011
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Apache Geronimo v3.0-M1
+Apache Geronimo v3.0-beta-1
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ ______________________
 Release Notes
- Please read the RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-M1.txt for a complete list of new features 
+ Please read the RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt for a complete list of new features 
  available in this release. 
@@ -21,10 +21,6 @@ Documentation
  can be found here:
-   OR
-   -
-   (Geronimo 2.2 documentation until Geronimo 3.0-M1 documentation is created)
 Installing Geronimo
@@ -61,7 +57,7 @@ Application Deployment
  Applications can be deployed to a Geronimo server in several ways:
  1. Administrative command scripts -- "./bin/deploy deploy MyApp.war MyDeploymentPlan.xml"
- 2. Administrative console -- login to the admin console and click "Deployer" under Applications
+ 2. Administrative console -- login to the admin console and click "Deploy New" under Applications
  3. Hot deploy -- copy your archive(s) into the "<geronimo-home>/deploy" directory. The
     hot deploy service will automatically deploy these artifacts.
  4. Maven -- applications can be installed as part of a maven build

Copied: geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt (from r1188986, geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-SNAPSHOT.txt)
--- geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-SNAPSHOT.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/framework/configs/karaf-framework/src/main/distribution/text/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt Wed Oct 26 01:26:29 2011
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version Geronimo @VERSION@
+Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 3.0-beta-1
 Geronimo URLs
@@ -16,221 +16,844 @@ Documentation
 Please see for the
 latest documentation on this release.
-Please see for Geronimo 
-2.2 documentation until Geronimo @VERSION@ documentation is created
-This is a Milestone release, that means that is not the final version of
-Apache Geronimo v3.0 Take a look at "Known Issues and Limitations" section for
-further details.
+This is a Beta release, that means that is not the final version of
+Apache Geronimo v3.0
+Take a look at "Known Issues and Limitations" section for further details.
 System Requirements
 You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 6.0+ (J2SE 1.6.0+) or greater.
 Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
-Geronimo @VERSION@ Enhancements
+Certification Status
+Apache Geronimo v3.0-beta-1 has passed 100% of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 6.0 
+Full Profile Certification Test Suite. See "Distributions" for further details.
-Support for portions of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 6.0 specification:
-  - EJB 3.1 (partial) 
-  - JPA 2.0
-  - Servlet 3.0
-  - JSP 2.2 
-  - EL 2.2 
-  - JSF 2.0 
-  - JSTL 1.2 
-  - JCA 1.6 
-  - JACC 1.4 
-  - JASPIC 1.0 
-  - JAXB-2.2 
-  - Annocations 1.1 
-  - Interceptors 1.1 
-  - OSGi application support 
-  - Apache Aries programming model, including support for 
-       - OSGi Blueprint service
-       - OSGi JNDI extender 
-       - OSGi Web Application Bundle Support 
+Apache Geronimo v3.0-beta-1 is available in 6 distributions so you can pick
+the one that best fits your environment.
-Geronimo @VERSION@ Issues Resolved
+The available distributions are as follows:
-** Sub-task
-    * [GERONIMO-4410] - Update JPA 2.0 spec component
-    * [GERONIMO-4680] - Create a plugin in for OpenJPA 2.0. 
-    * [GERONIMO-4831] - stop building dojo-0.4.3 from ext
-    * [GERONIMO-4832] - Modify EJB portlets to fit the new APIs of Tree and TreeEntry
-    * [GERONIMO-4902] - need license file modifications for imported plexus code in osgi sandbox modules/geronimo-plugin
-    * [GERONIMO-4914] - gogo commands for manipulating g. plugins
-    * [GERONIMO-4917] - Figure out how to use ext and endorsed classpaths under felix/karaf and get our corba spec in there.
-    * [GERONIMO-4919] - The @WebListener annotation needs to be able to accept a value as the description
-    * [GERONIMO-4923] - Remove those classloader plugins
-    * [GERONIMO-4924] - Reenable the client container in Geronimo
-    * [GERONIMO-4933] - Some optimization for loaded bundle checking
-    * [GERONIMO-4948] - To migrate existing geronimo gshell commands to karaf based shell.
-    * [GERONIMO-4962] - prevent jasper from assuming all classloaders are URLClassLoaders
-    * [GERONIMO-4964] - base jetty servletcontext getResource on bundle getEntry
-    * [GERONIMO-4973] - Classpath entrys in karaf-client.jar is ../system/ instead of ../repository/ 
-    * [GERONIMO-4976] - rfc 66 support for jetty and tomcat
-    * [GERONIMO-4989] - Jetty and tomcat need to support ServletContext.getResource from a bundle, not file system location
-    * [GERONIMO-4990] - Add serialVersionUID to serializable spec classes from javadoc
-    * [GERONIMO-4992] - Tomcat StandardContext use of Class.forName(className) doesn't work well in osgi
-    * [GERONIMO-4994] - To support multiple level navigation tree in geronimo web console.
-    * [GERONIMO-5008] - Create util methods for all the Geronimo components
-    * [GERONIMO-5017] - Create geronimo-annotation_1.1_spec jar
-    * [GERONIMO-5018] - Remove -EA- versioning from the JEE6 spec versions. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5029] - Integrate WAR to WAB converter/url handler from Apache Aries
-    * [GERONIMO-5031] - Implement EL spec 2.2 
-    * [GERONIMO-5034] - Integrate JMX (RFC 142) implementation from Apache Aries
-    * [GERONIMO-5037] - Support Servlet 3.0 annotation and fragment web file
-    * [GERONIMO-5038] - Need to URLEncode temp bundle location since felix URLDecodes it
-    * [GERONIMO-5093] - Create JAXB 2.2 spec jar
-    * [GERONIMO-5094] - Integrate the 2.2 version of the jaxb reference implementation. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5098] - Create Servlet 3.0 version of the spec jar. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5099] - Create JSP 2.2 spec jar 
-    * [GERONIMO-5100] - Create connector 1.6 spec jar
-    * [GERONIMO-5104] - Update the jsf spec level to 2.o 
-    * [GERONIMO-5105] - Create JACC 1.4 spec jar 
-    * [GERONIMO-5106] - Create a spec jar for JASPIC 1.0 
-    * [GERONIMO-5107] - Implement JASPIC 1.0 in Geronimo
-    * [GERONIMO-5108] - Create interceptor 1.1 spec jar
-    * [GERONIMO-5111] - Create a bundle version of jstl 1.2 and change dependencies to new version 
-    * [GERONIMO-5112] - Implement the DataSourceDefinition annotation
-    * [GERONIMO-5114] - Implement the ManagedBean annotation
-    * [GERONIMO-5118] - Create an ejb 3.1 spec jar implementation 
-    * [GERONIMO-5133] - Geroinimo versions of the specs should pick up the additions made to the service mix versions of the bundles. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5165] - Discover database drivers in META-INF/services/java.sql.Driver files
-    * [GERONIMO-5169] - Remove GShell
-    * [GERONIMO-5174] - System bundle exports JAX-WS packages with wrong version
-    * [GERONIMO-5178] - Inconsistent handling of META-INF/services files by different Geronmo specs. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5188] - Uplevel the stax spec implementation to the 1.3 maintenance release level. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5201] - Repace service versions of spec bundles with Geronimo latest versions. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5202] - jaxb 2.2 version problem. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5203] - JTA OSGi services & blueprint extensions
-    * [GERONIMO-5218] - The portlets page in iframe height is limited in debug view, so that some content is not visible when expanding the tree in debug view.
-    * [GERONIMO-5234] - JavaEE6 sample - Servlet 3.0 - Web Fragment
-    * [GERONIMO-5235] - JavaEE6 sample - Servlet 3.0 - Part attribute
-    * [GERONIMO-5236] - JavaEE6 sample - Servlet 3.0 - Annotations for servlets, filters and listeners
-    * [GERONIMO-5237] - JavaEE6 sample - Servlet 3.0 - JAR resources support
-    * [GERONIMO-5238] - JavaEE6 sample - Servlet 3.0 - Programmatically register and initialize servlets and filters
-    * [GERONIMO-5239] - Restructure samples layout to categorize samples into Java EE 5, Java EE 6, and OSGi
-    * [GERONIMO-5240] - Add daytrader(JavaEE) into the samples code tree
-    * [GERONIMO-5251] - Support environment entires of type Class or Enum
-    * [GERONIMO-5266] - JavaEE6 sample - JPA 2.0 - Criteria API
-    * [GERONIMO-5272] - JavaEE6 sample - JSF 2.0 - AJAX interaction
-    * [GERONIMO-5273] - JavaEE6 sample - EJB 3.1 - Singleton
-    * [GERONIMO-5275] - JavaEE6 sample - RESTful service
-    * [GERONIMO-5276] - JavaEE6 sample - EJB 3.1 - Timer Service
+Certified distributions:
+- Apache Geronimo server using Tomcat as the Web container and Axis2 as the Web 
+  Services engine. (Java EE 6 Full Profile Certificated)
-** Bug
-    * [GERONIMO-4566] - Need extra servlet mappings for jetty and tomcat for welcome jsps compiled into servlets
-    * [GERONIMO-4859] - Default JMX monitoring MBeans list should include JVM MBean.
-    * [GERONIMO-4886] - Request Time Count attribute does not exist in connector mbean.
-    * [GERONIMO-4928] - In the JPA persistence.xml loading code, exclude-unlisted-classes handling not compliant with JPA3.0 spec
-    * [GERONIMO-5147] - exits with non-zero status because of stty echo
-    * [GERONIMO-5151] - JSTL sql tags do not work
-    * [GERONIMO-5176] - our DependencyManager needs to know about artifact aliases.
-    * [GERONIMO-5211] - geronimo start command is very verbose
-    * [GERONIMO-5213] - Review Geronimo 3.0 commands need a thorough review
-    * [GERONIMO-5246] - Geronimo 3.0 version of activemq still has spring dependencies. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5247] - IllegalStateException during Geronimo build. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5249] - Use karaf jaas boot code to load login modules
-    * [GERONIMO-5259] - Annoying "access denied" security exceptions for oenwebbeans while java2 security is enabled.
-    * [GERONIMO-5260] - Geronimo bundle members need to be released separately 
-    * [GERONIMO-5261] - Fix LICENSE and NOTICE files for the Geronimo bundles subprojects. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5279] - search-plugins, install-library deploy command fails with NoClassDefFoundError
-    * [GERONIMO-5281] - MergeHelper should not load all classes in bundle
-    * [GERONIMO-5285] - deploy, undeploy, deploy of blog sample fails
-    * [GERONIMO-5286] - Many irrelevant build properties end up in the manifest
-    * [GERONIMO-5287] - Felix instance cache is not cleared for client/shutdown/deploy
-    * [GERONIMO-5289] - Test all combinations of heuristic exceptions
-    * [GERONIMO-5291] - Can not get multipart data sent from html form.
-    * [GERONIMO-5301] - DatabaseInitializationGBean class not found.
-    * [GERONIMO-5308] - Use cookie version 0 for Tomcat 7
-    * [GERONIMO-5321] - mvn install -Dstage=bootstrap no longer working. 
-    * [GERONIMO-5330] - env-entry values should not be trimmed
-    * [GERONIMO-5333] - Server start fails, but java process stays active
-    * [GERONIMO-5335] - ClassNotFoundException running 'geronimo stop'
-    * [GERONIMO-5337] - ServerHostName does not control the bind ip address for Tomcat Connectors
+Non-Certified distributions:
+- Apache Geronimo server using Jetty as the Web container and CXF as the Web 
+  Services engine.
+- Apache Geronimo server assembly using Tomcat as the Web container.
+- Apache Geronimo server assembly using Jetty as the Web container. 
+- A minimal Geronimo server (Little-G) assembly using the Jetty web-container.
+- A minimal Geronimo server (Little-G) assembly using the Tomcat web-container.
-** Improvement
-    * [GERONIMO-434] - Connection factories extracted from conceptually wrong gbean
-    * [GERONIMO-4694] - Upgrade to Derby
-    * [GERONIMO-4723] - Replace our dojo repackaging with the released dojo-war
-    * [GERONIMO-4907] - GBeanInstance to Ignore Missing Setters
-    * [GERONIMO-4975] - Simplify integrating new ModuleBuilders with EARConfigBuilder
-    * [GERONIMO-4984] - EjbDaemonGBean can start multiple daemons
-    * [GERONIMO-5149] - More flexibility checking for dependency changes
-** New Feature
-    * [GERONIMO-4918] - EJB 3.1 Singleton Support
-    * [GERONIMO-5263] - Support Servlet 3.0 new features in Tomcat assembly
+Supported features
+Support SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 6.0 Full Profile specification:
+- Servlet 3.0
+- JSP 2.2
+- JSTL 1.2
+- JSF 2.0
+- EL 2.2
+- EJB 3.1
+- JPA 2.0
+- JTA 1.1
+- JTS 1.0
+- JDBC 3.0
+- JNDI 1.2
+- JMS 1.1
+- JMX 1.2
+- JACC 1.4
+- JASS 1.0
+- JASPIC 1.0
+- JAX-WS 2.2
+- JAX-RPC 1.1
+- JAXR 1.0
+- JAXB 2.2
+- JAXP 1.3
+- SAAJ 1.3
+- Java Mail 1.4
+- DI 1.0
+- Bean Validation 1.0
+- Common Annotations 1.0
+- CDI and DI 1.0
+- Debugging support for other languages 1.0
+- Managed Beans 1.0
+- Interceptors 1.1
+For details about Full Profile specifications, please visit Java EE specifications website.
+Support Apache Aries programming model, including support for 
+- Enterprise Bundle Application (EBA)
+- OSGi Web Application Bundle (WAB)
+- OSGi Blueprint Container service
+Geronimo v3.0-beta-1 Issues Resolved
+** Bug
+GERONIMO-6168 Got IllegalArgumentException when redirect undeploy output to a file on windows if server folder name is very long
+GERONIMO-6163 The changed values on EJB portlet are not persistent to config.xml
+GERONIMO-6159 bundle-classPath setting in the deployment plan of EAR doesn't work
+GERONIMO-6154 Add monitoring to basic console view
+GERONIMO-6151 Geronimo does not start with JRockit JVM
+GERONIMO-6146 Got ClassCastException when creating Oracle RAC datasource
+GERONIMO-6145 Factory info should not be shared among those web jsf applications in one EAR package
+GERONIMO-6144 NPE in DependencyManager if configurations/bundles are uninstalled
+GERONIMO-6143 Create a fragment context for each sub modules in the EAR package
+GERONIMO-6136 Portlet WARModules is unavailable if any war with errors is deployed
+GERONIMO-6133 The name of NamedXAResourceFactory is not configured while working with DataSource
+GERONIMO-6126 deploy of the Spring petclinic.war sample app fails
+GERONIMO-6125 The dojo tree should consider a tree entry which has no child as a leaf node.
+GERONIMO-6120 Could not connect to karaf shell by SSH
+GERONIMO-6118 Unable to create plan by Plan Creator
+GERONIMO-6116 differentiate the two "OpenEJB ORB Adapter" displayed in "Linstening on Ports" after server startup.
+GERONIMO-6110 On 3.0 we don't register the 61616 port and the IP address for the server socket is not correct.
+GERONIMO-6109 Derby connection failure in uddi when PortOffset is not 0
+GERONIMO-6108 Some labels could not display correctly in admin console's DBWizard page
+GERONIMO-6107 Quick lauch doesn't support searching twice
+GERONIMO-6104 @HandlerChain
+GERONIMO-6103 EJB Server and JNDI Viewer are not displayed correctly on Chrome
+GERONIMO-6102 Convert downloaded jdbc driver to OSGi bundle
+GERONIMO-6101 Server can't be shutdown via admin console
+GERONIMO-6099 Can't connect to Jconsole via secure JMX Connector
+GERONIMO-6096 OpenJPA related error pops up when add two servers which just protocol different in Monitoring porlet on admin console
+GERONIMO-6095 Info displayed incomplete of Default Server in Monitoring on admin console
+GERONIMO-6094 Some issues of confirm msg tld in admin console.
+GERONIMO-6093 Hot-deploy scenarios
+GERONIMO-6092 Unwanted application client entry is added in config.xml file
+GERONIMO-6091 Links of Common Console Actions are incorrect
+GERONIMO-6090 Don't scan for EE Injections in a CDI application in metadata complete web module
+GERONIMO-6088 Cross browser incompatibility of admin console
+GERONIMO-6086 geronimo commands to not configure the directory properly
+GERONIMO-6081 Some admin console UI issues
+GERONIMO-6079 NPE in MyFacesWebAppContext.doStart() if jsf web application is packaged into an EAR
+GERONIMO-6076 Graphics cannot be displayed on monitoring porlet
+GERONIMO-6074 Do not bind/unbind the empty global/env context on the openejb root context
+GERONIMO-6057 HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole() returns wrong value
+GERONIMO-6054 Bundle null error happened when refresh an inactive bundle
+GERONIMO-6050 openejb-jar-2.2.xsd is out-of-date
+GERONIMO-6048 Move geronimo-naming.xsd and geronimo-application.xsd file to j2ee/geronimo-j2ee-schema module 
+GERONIMO-6047 Support to access app scope persistent reference configured in other modules of the ear package
+GERONIMO-6045 Support artifact alias for ResourceReference
+GERONIMO-6042 Deadlock in WAB extender
+GERONIMO-6041 Exception thrown when delete a connector via admin console
+GERONIMO-6040 Update DatabaseInitializationGBean, mailGBean in samples deployment plan
+GERONIMO-6030 Server can not shutdown using shutdown script
+GERONIMO-6028 Nothing prompted when hotdeploy a re-named eba application
+GERONIMO-6027 fail to create BIO HTTPS connector for Tomcat using admin console
+GERONIMO-6025 Validate that servlet and filter mapping url-patterns don't have internal line breaks
+GERONIMO-6023 Fail to lookup EJB LoadBeanRemote in EJB Mulicast Cluster
+GERONIMO-6022 Support use the @Resource(name="java:global/env/abc") for environment entry injection
+GERONIMO-6021 International characters in groupId/artifactId names
+GERONIMO-6019 EJB application is not uninstalled cleanly
+GERONIMO-6018 Geronimo does not support @ManagedBean defined in app client module.
+GERONIMO-6015 JACC PolicyContextID conflicts
+GERONIMO-6014 Got "javax.ejb.EJBException" when running javaee 6 sample jpa20demo-javaee6
+GERONIMO-6013 Got "javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException" when running javaee6 sample singletonejb-javaee6/
+GERONIMO-6012 Fail to build restfulorder-javaee6 sample
+GERONIMO-6011 Update geronimo-tomcat-config.1.0.xsd to include <context> element
+GERONIMO-6010 NPE when creating keystore from console
+GERONIMO-6004 Geronimo 3.0 trunk does not build unless you manually download and install geronimo-jaxws_2.2_spec-1.0.jar into your local maven repo
+GERONIMO-6001 EL spec did not handle the method of non-parameter correctly
+GERONIMO-6000 GBeanInstanceState related error happened and server can't be started
+GERONIMO-5999 Incorrect default value is used for the partName in the RequestWrapper/ResponseWrapper
+GERONIMO-5994 Hot deployer has a couple of issues
+GERONIMO-5993 MyFaces WebApplicationContext might not work if multiple JSF web applications in the same EAR package
+GERONIMO-5986 Error "Unable to create configuration for deployment" appeared when deploy a new JMS resource group for Active MQ 
+GERONIMO-5985 "export-package": unexpected elements
+GERONIMO-5984 Deployment failed when java ee application module has reference to another util lib which is packaged in the EAR as well
+GERONIMO-5983 The error " error setting options: error setting options" happened when start server offline
+GERONIMO-5982 Server can't start after secured the default RMI port of the Geronimo server
+GERONIMO-5973 jmx-security module start failure
+GERONIMO-5969 Geronimo 3.0 does not support <lookup-name> tag in <ejb-ref> of application client module.
+GERONIMO-5966 Geronimo start failure: Error while starting; GBean is now in the FAILED state: abstractName="org.apache.geronimo.configs/transaction-1_6/3.0-SNAPSHOT/car
+GERONIMO-5965 car-maven-plugin cannot generate plugin for DataCDInfo sample, deployment exception like "A container of type STATELESS must be declared in the configuration file for bean: ejb/DataCDInfoJTAImpl"
+GERONIMO-5958 Repeated hot deployment of EBA fails
+GERONIMO-5957 does not work
+GERONIMO-5954 font type and size between abbreviate and detail error messages in portlet are different
+GERONIMO-5953 Can't deploy WAB application via "deployer" in admin console porlet
+GERONIMO-5952 Error when i start the server Apache Geronimo v3.0
+GERONIMO-5946 error when starting server with -noverify option
+GERONIMO-5944 remove use of sxc from jaxb component, separate model and functionality
+GERONIMO-5942 "JspModuleBuilderExtension" and "TomcatModuleBuilder" warning message displayed when start eba application
+GERONIMO-5941 JSR-299 Policy Available test failure
+GERONIMO-5940 JSR-299 PersistenceContextInjectionTests are failing
+GERONIMO-5937 Currently, connector will call ContextManager.unresigterSubject in the after callback method even when the current subject is the default ContextManager.EMPTY subject. 
+GERONIMO-5932 javax.faces.FACELETS_LIBRARIES is not searched in the web.xml
+GERONIMO-5930 deployed an ejb web application then "unable to clear Sun JarFileFactory cache" error message appeared in geronimo.log file after shutdown the server 
+GERONIMO-5929 org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.LiefcycleException when starting Hudson.war on G3.0
+GERONIMO-5923 geronimo 2.1/2.2 applicatoin that depend on openjpa config can't be deployed to geornimo 3.0 due to MissingDependencyException
+GERONIMO-5921 Cannot deploy WAB that uses JSF
+GERONIMO-5919 WAB does not support jsp.
+GERONIMO-5918 Aries application installer tries to re-resolve already resolved application
+GERONIMO-5916 GeronimoOpenWebbeans plugin is not loaded while the target application is of WAB type
+GERONIMO-5915 IOException reading directory monitor state from .DirectoryMonitor appear in geronimo.log file as info
+GERONIMO-5912 jms-mdb: Could not add resource adapter module gbean to context
+GERONIMO-5911 Deploy bug on Geronimo v3.0 server: java.lang.ClassCastException
+GERONIMO-5910 jaxws-calculator: Unable to resolve reference "Axis2ModuleRegistry"
+GERONIMO-5909 daytrader: java.lang.NullPointerException
+GERONIMO-5902 Ignore web service from web application side if it is also an EJB web service
+GERONIMO-5901 Merge the web service configurations from annotation and webservices.xml
+GERONIMO-5899 osgi sample "showmethemoney" 's running failure
+GERONIMO-5898 ClassCastException during deployment of some JCDI TCK
+GERONIMO-5897 LinkageError running JCDI TCK
+GERONIMO-5896 ContextNotActiveException running JCDI TCK
+GERONIMO-5894 deploy, undeploy, deploy of an app using hot-deploy directory fails on the second deploy
+GERONIMO-5893 faces configuration from.openwebbeans-jsf is always included
+GERONIMO-5890 DBInitialization did not start because SQL resource file not found
+GERONIMO-5887 NPE in WebBeansContext init process when starting geronimo jetty bulid
+GERONIMO-5885 Upgrade karaf from 2.1.2 to 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT 
+GERONIMO-5881 Support path containing parenthesis like c:\Programme File (x86)\ when start server
+GERONIMO-5880 NPE during installation of blog EBA
+GERONIMO-5878 NoClassDefFoundError: while running web service
+GERONIMO-5875 Add a standalone WAB Sample
+GERONIMO-5874 Merge global context(jca) in KernelContextGbean into blueprint service jcaContextProvider
+GERONIMO-5871 Blueprint application still not be differentiated in OSGI Bundles porlet
+GERONIMO-5869 No error messge display when reinstall a bundle without uninstall it after first install
+GERONIMO-5867 ejb corba call does not work
+GERONIMO-5863 Web access log of Tomcat is not generated
+GERONIMO-5862 mail/MaiSession is bound to a wrong jca global context
+GERONIMO-5854 DeploymentException "JACC manager gbean already present" when running "testsuite\javaee6-testsuite\servlet3.0-security-test"
+GERONIMO-5850 org.apache.commons.discovery.DiscoveryException: Unable to instantiate implementation class for org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory
+GERONIMO-5849 Application client can't be undeployed clearly.
+GERONIMO-5845 java.lang.RuntimeException when using bin/deploy command to deploy an eba
+GERONIMO-5843 User should not operate any Java ee artifacts on the OSGi portlets in admin console.
+GERONIMO-5841 Unable to start web application for EBA bundle ""
+GERONIMO-5840 Property in Require-Bundle "resolution:=optional" cannot start successfully in EBA
+GERONIMO-5837 NPE during second deploy using hot-deploy directory 
+GERONIMO-5832 Error message repeatedly show on server console when deployed web application twice 
+GERONIMO-5830 SQL statements failed to be executed in 'Datasources' in admin console
+GERONIMO-5829 Endless loop in
+GERONIMO-5828 javax.naming.NotContextException: jndiname when running a tck case
+GERONIMO-5827 Extracted jline32.dll is not deleted after the deploy command
+GERONIMO-5823 Database Pools of Derby Can't Be Created
+GERONIMO-5821 after method in Tomcat 7 is not always called if any RuntimeException is thrown in the chain
+GERONIMO-5820 The application file still exists in <geronimo_home>/hotbundles directory after the application was uninstalled via "OSGI Bundles" porlet
+GERONIMO-5819 Admin console exceptions when install app via deploy command and uninstall it via karaf shell command
+GERONIMO-5818 Message repeatedly shows in geronimo.log file when put WAB applicaton in <Geronimo_home>/deploy directory
+GERONIMO-5817 server CANNOT find annotation'@ManagedBean' when the classes are in the WEB-INF\lib\*.jar package
+GERONIMO-5816 javax.ejb.CreateException when creating corba stub call based on an EJB object.
+GERONIMO-5815 Classloader issue in geronimo corba module
+GERONIMO-5814 hotbundles is also enabled in the deployer process
+GERONIMO-5810 Limit tld scanning scope in BundleTldScanner
+GERONIMO-5803 EBA cannot work after server restart
+GERONIMO-5801 jaxb-impl bundle should export com.sun.* packages with a version
+GERONIMO-5798 obr:addurl/removeurl generate incorrect "obr.repository.url" property
+GERONIMO-5797 Add defaultEnvironment support for eba config builder
+GERONIMO-5796 jsf2.0-test is failed
+GERONIMO-5795 test-2.5-servlets has failure caused by unexpected IPv6 address
+GERONIMO-5793 OSGI Bundle "Stop" doesn't work according to Hot deployed "HelloWorld" osgi bundle sample
+GERONIMO-5787 Console testsuite failures are caused by the new DOJO navigation tree in G3.0
+GERONIMO-5786 The double refresh problem with EBAs
+GERONIMO-5783 WAB is lost when geronimo restart after a hard stop.
+GERONIMO-5781 Error shows when hot deploy "CounterApp_1.0.0.eba" sample
+GERONIMO-5777 Installed Bundles are not found if cache is cleared
+GERONIMO-5775 JCDI tck failures
+GERONIMO-5773 Referenced resource cannot be generated by plan creator
+GERONIMO-5771 CounterApp_1.0.0.eba hot deployment has exceptions
+GERONIMO-5769 Web Application Bundles (WABs) do not show up in admin console
+GERONIMO-5765 Display a warning message when web application is deployed with WAB manifest
+GERONIMO-5763 [StandardService] Failed to stop connector error happened when stopping geronimo server
+GERONIMO-5759 New Thread is used for context initialization in Tomcat 7.0.6
+GERONIMO-5757 javaee6-testsuite\jsf2.0-test testing failed since myfaces exception
+GERONIMO-5755 Cannot serialize when called webfragment in servlet3.0-test testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5751 LinkageError running CDI TCK
+GERONIMO-5748 Defects in ThreadSingletonServiceAdapter
+GERONIMO-5747 Unable to find FailOverService When start and run the server
+GERONIMO-5746 geronimo-activemq-rar is missing when deploy daytrader sample
+GERONIMO-5741 java.lang.ClassCastException at JCAConnectionFactoryImpl.getManagedConnectionFactoryInstance() line: 64
+GERONIMO-5740 Use filtrable DeploymentLoader in openejb plugin
+GERONIMO-5738 The value of HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser()&getUserPrincipal() should be null after HttpServletRequest.logout() invokes
+GERONIMO-5734 Enable sharelib in osgi based geronimo
+GERONIMO-5731 car-maven-plugin pollutes system properties
+GERONIMO-5726 Support old DTD style tld files
+GERONIMO-5719 Add slight delay during async startup of ActiveMQ
+GERONIMO-5718 Shutdown of server with asyncStartup of ActiveMQ can hang
+GERONIMO-5714 JPA-cannot insert record relates with Foreign key writes with "mappedBy".
+GERONIMO-5712 Geronimo should remember the monitoring server enablement status.
+GERONIMO-5711 Do not start bundles with ImportType.classes
+GERONIMO-5708 Track: Unlock keystore command line utility does not work with Configured Encryption 
+GERONIMO-5705 Track: Encryption logic for connectionPassword attribute in ldap realm
+GERONIMO-5704 Track: Farming module provision of utilizing encrypted password instead of plain text
+GERONIMO-5702 Upgrade karaf from 1.6.0 to 2.1.2
+GERONIMO-5701 [Doc]Update doc about running hudson sample on Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-5688 ContextNotActiveException while accessing a JSF application without using web beans components
+GERONIMO-5685 No initialized web beans context is attached while creating servlet instance
+GERONIMO-5684 Some txmanager Timers are not being created as daemon threads
+GERONIMO-5682 Allow to configure gbeans provided by the applications themselves
+GERONIMO-5680 Find a way to slove the wired bundle cache
+GERONIMO-5677 Can not restart Geronimo3.0 in eclipse
+GERONIMO-5673 ModuleMojoSupport ignores stopOnFailure
+GERONIMO-5672 Overriding an env-entry in geronimo-web.xml fails with a DeploymentException
+GERONIMO-5670 Webapp can not start because server said "couldn't start owb context" although the app don't contain openwebbean context.
+GERONIMO-5669 Exceptions occurs when executing "deploy encrypt secret" on Win2008
+GERONIMO-5667 Tomcat utils module needs to load MBean classes from catalina module
+GERONIMO-5665 destoryInternal method is called twice while destorying the children directly
+GERONIMO-5662 j_security_check 404 not found against security realm authentication
+GERONIMO-5661 Geronimo fails to start when there is a whitespace in Geronimo_HOME
+GERONIMO-5658 deploy --inPlace broken for quick start sample
+GERONIMO-5656 JASPI implementation not using ProviderLocator correctly. 
+GERONIMO-5649 txmanager could try to replace dead XAResources in commit and rollback tasks
+GERONIMO-5648 txmanager rollback needs retry scheduler too
+GERONIMO-5647 Avoid an NPE if no securiy realm is specified anywhere
+GERONIMO-5646 jetty web app can fail to start but not fail deployment
+GERONIMO-5643 fail to edit NIOHTTPConnector directly through console
+GERONIMO-5640 Qualified web resource permission for each role should be calculated based its own url set
+GERONIMO-5639 org.osgi.service.blueprint.container.ServiceUnavailableException when shutdown the server
+GERONIMO-5638 Remove the encrypt(String) method in ConfiguredEncryption
+GERONIMO-5635 corrupt JobSchedulerStore can cause server restart to fail 
+GERONIMO-5633 Failed to replicate session
+GERONIMO-5632 Failed to visit Geronimo Admin Console
+GERONIMO-5629 We need to add the new LegacyProcessor in our Openejb ConfigurationFactory chain
+GERONIMO-5628 OpenEJB Discovery protocol only works with an explicit IP address
+GERONIMO-5625 Incorrect default value for the javax.ejb.TimerConfig persistent attribute. 
+GERONIMO-5622 (tomcat Bug 49937) What to do with AsyncListeners is contradictory in the spec
+GERONIMO-5621 (tomcat Bug 49916) use an init param to jsp servlet for explicit jsps.
+GERONIMO-5620 (tomcat Bug 49952) Listeners added by ServletContainerInitializer are wiped out
+GERONIMO-5616 Tomcat native cluster not working because of ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.catalina.ha.session.SessionMessageImpl
+GERONIMO-5615 Failed to deploy war files after putting server directory under "C:\Documents and Settings\myDir"
+GERONIMO-5614 problem with "deploy:assemble-server" gogo command
+GERONIMO-5613 problem with "login" gogo command
+GERONIMO-5612 Filter no permission functions for built-in user "monitor"
+GERONIMO-5611 Problem with "deploy:install-plugin" command 
+GERONIMO-5608 Update connector attribute list for Tomcat 7
+GERONIMO-5607 geronimo-default keystore file not displayed on the administration console
+GERONIMO-5606 Bad persistenceUnitRoot for PUs in jars embedded in WARs
+GERONIMO-5604 Failed to expand deploy failed information in "Deployer" porlet if fail to deploy an application with Firefox and IE 6.0
+GERONIMO-5603 NPE error after deploy OpenEJB injection-of-env-entry sample
+GERONIMO-5602 SPNEGO support in Geronimo failed.
+GERONIMO-5601 Problem with "deploy:list-plugins" gogo command
+GERONIMO-5590 startup script does not consume --help option
+GERONIMO-5588 Web-ContextPath is not set as Web Application Bundle context-root if it's defined
+GERONIMO-5585 OpenJPA Fatal Error when access blog-jpa-eba
+GERONIMO-5583 Same Web Context-Paths in two EBA don't conflict after deployment
+GERONIMO-5579 Problem with "deploy:connect" gogo command
+GERONIMO-5578 incorrect behaviour of security-constraint configuration in web.xml 
+GERONIMO-5572 fail to show DOJO script in welcome page of AdminConsole , when use an external Apache HTTP server through AdminConsole
+GERONIMO-5570 fail to edit NIOHTTPConnector through console
+GERONIMO-5569 fail to log in with the encoding options based on another properties file in login modular
+GERONIMO-5568 fail to asembly custom server via admin console
+GERONIMO-5566 hot undeploy when server is offline
+GERONIMO-5563 Clicking on application URL in console opens app in the console frame with controls truncated. 
+GERONIMO-5561 Scan ManagedBean in the application to support EJB injection
+GERONIMO-5559 "javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL" server startup error exists after change default PortOffset value
+GERONIMO-5558 Transaction Commit status is not configured correctly
+GERONIMO-5557 Add more context level configurations for Tomcat
+GERONIMO-5556 Geronimo admin console seems to be missing the System Modules portlet page
+GERONIMO-5555 The version of the application when deploying an EBA is set incorrectly
+GERONIMO-5551 Failing to start the server with the error "Main not found" 
+GERONIMO-5549 Remove command-testsuite/gshell
+GERONIMO-5548 Default user "monitor" can't login admin console in Geronimo_3.0_trunk 
+GERONIMO-5547 Geronimo_3.0_trunk can't change the password for all users and register new user
+GERONIMO-5546 Geronimo 3.0 console testsuite failed because of dojo navigation tree.
+GERONIMO-5545 Geronimo 3.0 console-testsuite/advanced WebServerTest fail. XSSXSRFFilter blocked HttpServletRequest due to invalid FORM content.
+GERONIMO-5544 Geronimo 3.0 console-testsuite/advanced WebServerTest testEditConnector fail. The Network Listeners can not edit.
+GERONIMO-5541 web module cannot see the PU defined in ejb module when deploying a EAR
+GERONIMO-5540 Enable connecting to a ldap server anonymously on console on Geronimo 2.1 and 3.0
+GERONIMO-5539 NPE error when visiting a defined http connector
+GERONIMO-5536 application configuration resources located in lib/*.jar can not be accessed by myfaces in OSGi enviroment
+GERONIMO-5531 Run server as windows service update
+GERONIMO-5529 javax.annotation.processing.AnnotationProcessing inappropriately throwing UnsupportedOperationException errors. 
+GERONIMO-5521 NoClassDefFoundError when deploying a datasource with non-OSGi jdbc lib dependencies
+GERONIMO-5520 Geronimo 3.0 testsuite testsuite/javaee6-testsuite/managedbean1.0-test can not run correctly:can not find managedbean created by javax.annotation.ManagedBean
+GERONIMO-5519 Transaction recovery might commit the wrong branch on an XAResource
+GERONIMO-5518 Support injection of primitive types using @Resource annotation
+GERONIMO-5515 Geronimo 3.0 testsuite testsuite/security-testsuite/test-security-annotation-ejb cannot run correctly:No LoginModules configured for the realm
+GERONIMO-5514 EJBContainer.PROVIDER value is supposed to be the EJBContainer subclass name, not the EJBContainerProvider like the description says
+GERONIMO-5513 The server can not deploy a app with JSF 2.0 features
+GERONIMO-5511 context-priority-classloader is not allowed in geronimo-web.xml for backwards compatibility
+GERONIMO-5508 Servlet 3.0 new features:accessing resource from jar files and ServletContainerInitializer fails on jetty-assembly trunk
+GERONIMO-5507 Fail to scan javax.servlet.ServletContainerInitializer
+GERONIMO-5505 Fail to scan web-fragment.xml files
+GERONIMO-5503 Run geronimo as Linux service update
+GERONIMO-5500 Problems using JAXB RI with Geronimo JAXB API
+GERONIMO-5493 Rename files' name in singletonejb-javaee6 Sample
+GERONIMO-5492 Can login Geronimo without any authentication
+GERONIMO-5491 Implement org.apache.catalina.Executor interface in TomcatExecutorWrapper
+GERONIMO-5483 jetty needs to give jasper the merged metadata complete web.xml
+GERONIMO-5479 EL 2.2 new feature: method invocation with parameters works incorrectly when the parameter is Integer.
+GERONIMO-5478 JSP 2.2 new configuration element <default-content-type> under <jsp-property-group> works incorrectly on tomcat-assembly server.
+GERONIMO-5477 Daytrader web assembly plugins cannot be compiled caused by NoClassDefFoundError
+GERONIMO-5476 @EJB does not injected in servlet class
+GERONIMO-5472 Java EE 6 sample: fileupload run incorrectly on tomcat-assembly.
+GERONIMO-5468 Support authenticate/login/logout methods in the HttpServletRequest interface
+GERONIMO-5467 Can't find EJB object through @EJB annotation
+GERONIMO-5447 Fix the testsuite
+GERONIMO-5438 latest geronimo-3 trunk doesn't compile against latest OpenEJB trunk
+GERONIMO-5436 ClassCastException in Deployer
+GERONIMO-5435 Could not package plugin when build sample javaee5\bank
+GERONIMO-5432 Encrypt password values in server.xml for geronimo 2.2 onwards
+GERONIMO-5424 Encrypt truststore pass for tomcat web ssl connector
+GERONIMO-5423 persistence units in ear's lib need to be global
+GERONIMO-5422 Warn don't fail if ra.xml lists nonexistent classes
+GERONIMO-5420 gogo comand deploy:install-plugin not working properly
+GERONIMO-5411 G 3.0-M1 jetty assembly does not support jar resource feature in servlet 3.0
+GERONIMO-5410 app-per-port sample does not run on G 3.0-M1 caused by an NPE
+GERONIMO-5408 bundle classpath, ear lib classpath, and module manifest classpaths are all mixed up
+GERONIMO-5407 XSSXSRFFilter error in G 3.0-M1 jetty build when trying to list plugins in admin console
+GERONIMO-5403 G 3.0-M1 car-maven-plugin generated plugin dependecies do not have version, that causes plugin installation are panic
+GERONIMO-5401 Geronimo encrypts empty passwords
+GERONIMO-5400 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when making plugins for samples with EJB module/classes
+GERONIMO-5398 CCE when making plugin for webfragment-javaee6 sample
+GERONIMO-5397 No new line after deploy commands finish
+GERONIMO-5396 java.util.logging resources doesn't get picked up
+GERONIMO-5395 G 3.0-M1 does not support EJB components packaged in the web app module(.war), refer to EJB 3.1 section 20.4
+GERONIMO-5392 invalid OSGi bundle number causes geronimo to blow up
+GERONIMO-5384 Geronimo console doesn't seem to handle % in sql statements right.
+GERONIMO-5381 Monitoring can not open graphs
+GERONIMO-5374 @ParameterReference and @Reference have different default namingType than GBeanInfoBuilder
+GERONIMO-5368 Search failed when find text in debug views
+GERONIMO-5361 Some samples require adding DatabaseInitializationGBean back to G trunk
+GERONIMO-5346 infer jndi type from injection target; check type consistency
+GERONIMO-5338 ActiveMQ port is not listed as a listening port and is always bound to localhost
+GERONIMO-5336 ServerHostName should default to not localhost
+GERONIMO-5334 ClassNotFoundException during server startup 
+GERONIMO-5325 iframe causes some portlets display incorrectly
+GERONIMO-5324 the "Console navigation" is always displayed in Chinese although the browser language has been set to English-US
+GERONIMO-5322 Start ejb gbeans before servlet gbeans so injection can have a target
+GERONIMO-5311 Add support for configuration of multipoint server addresses
+GERONIMO-5310 Better ordering for
+GERONIMO-5303 Improve metadata of encrypt command
+GERONIMO-5302 A successfully deployed war package(contained in a ear package) is not listed on admin console.
+GERONIMO-5300 Class not found:org/apache/axis2/jaxws/ClientConfigurationFactory
+GERONIMO-5299 Deploy plan for a web application with login-module attribute faiiled to be parsed.
+GERONIMO-5298 Bad version information in deployment plan will result in deploy failure
+GERONIMO-5295 Deployer unlockKeystore command cannot be utilized if keystore is created through Java provided KeyTool
+GERONIMO-5294 Remove the dependency of clustering over JMXConnector for 3.x
+GERONIMO-5292 Resources inside WEB-INF/lib/ [*.jar]/META-INF/resources directory can not be recognized
+GERONIMO-5290 Upgrade to maven 3
+GERONIMO-5288 Cannot use @EJB in java ee component(servlet, JSF) to inject ejb object
+GERONIMO-5284 Redeploy of Blog sample fails
+GERONIMO-5283 Server restart fails after a hard stop
+GERONIMO-5254 The ActiveMQ XML configuration is incorrect regarding memoryUsage limit 
+GERONIMO-5250 Make the EarContext shared data map type safe
+GERONIMO-5248 GBeanNotFoundException and NullPointerException while building the geronimo console. 
+GERONIMO-5243 /activemq-console does not require admin authentication
+GERONIMO-5214 connector builder should export interfaces that need to be used by users of the connector
+GERONIMO-5212 Do we need Karaf when starting Geronimo?
+GERONIMO-5210 Openejb under osgi in geronimo
+GERONIMO-5186 EJB spec EJBContainer.createEJBContainer() does not implement spec-defined search algorithm. 
+GERONIMO-5182 Fix compile errors caused by Jetty 8.0.0.M0 release
+GERONIMO-5173 activation spec unit tests fail when compiled with java 6. 
+GERONIMO-5168 Enable GShell Wrapper in Geronimo 3.0 
+GERONIMO-5167 " ERROR [JNDIReferenceFactory] null" when I deploy new JMS Resource Group for Active MQ
+GERONIMO-5155 Locking a keystore under "Available" results in exception
+GERONIMO-5152 Transaction manager doesn't retry stuff that might work later
+GERONIMO-5150 Connection pool idleReleaser should not expand the number of permits
+GERONIMO-5146 Geronimo should provide a default encrypted password for trustStore and keyStore
+GERONIMO-5135 Blueprint and gbeans need synchronization
+GERONIMO-5055 Informix tranql XA 1.2 snapshot leads to weird admin console
+GERONIMO-5032 Procrun issue: windows service is stoped when user log off console session
+GERONIMO-4997 Can not connect to a ldap server in an anonymous way
+GERONIMO-4968 Problemastic OS check in Windows startup command
+GERONIMO-4953 No way to set Tomcat native cluster on engine and host level
+GERONIMO-4941 JMS connector ports are not listed on the console after the server started
+GERONIMO-4930 Support wildcards in @ParamReference collection valued parameter types in gbeans
+GERONIMO-4903 Jetty Advanced Integration Test Failure
+GERONIMO-4896 Commands to a Secure JMX Connector require the SSL keyStorePassword to be specified on command line
+GERONIMO-4891 Null destination error when browsing a new created jms resource group.
+GERONIMO-4890 The graphs still can be seen under the view when I disable the server
+GERONIMO-4885 Configure default max heap and max permsize
+GERONIMO-4884 Using the default port number may cause unexpected build failure
+GERONIMO-4882 some doc update in G22 might be caused by bugs in code.
+GERONIMO-4876 "" when I shutdown the server
+GERONIMO-4875 "edit" button shows under "Created time" column in monitoring portlet.
+GERONIMO-4873 Unable creating a new JMS Resource Group via "For another JMS provider... " under IE
+GERONIMO-4868 cglib ThreadLocal causing ClassLoader memory leak
+GERONIMO-4864 Unselecting graph(s) doesn't work when editing an existed view
+GERONIMO-4863 no other graphs can be chosen when I click "Modify this view" of a view
+GERONIMO-4862 it tells "" when i shutdown the server after i change the log level
+GERONIMO-4844 There is an error after undeploy the application and deploy the application again when configure WADI clustering,
+GERONIMO-4825 can not config geronimo as a service in ubuntu
+GERONIMO-4822 Monitoring server via JMX cannot be restarted.
+GERONIMO-4798 can't start server because of an error of Http11AprProtocol
+GERONIMO-4757 "java.lang.IllegalStateException" error when use install-plugin goal
+GERONIMO-4688 hardcode port in plan.xml of plugin farming.
+GERONIMO-4625 JMS statistics does not work correctly while the server url is of vm protocol
+GERONIMO-4603 PropertiesLoginManager is hardwired to properties-login login module
+** Improvement
+GERONIMO-6187 Keystore files filter under var/security/keystores
+GERONIMO-6181 Better error messages when OSGi application fails to start
+GERONIMO-6179 Better logging when updating a bundle in OSGi applicationa
+GERONIMO-6157 Generate fixed version number for the import packages
+GERONIMO-6147 Cache the jaxb classes searching result in Axis2 BundleClassFinder
+GERONIMO-6132 Not search wired bundles in bundle classloader by default
+GERONIMO-6119 upgrade geronimo-system to use commons-jexl 2.0
+GERONIMO-6106 Clean up temp files created in the deployment process
+GERONIMO-6100 Limit the recorded dependency and reference number info for stateReason
+GERONIMO-6097 Use temp directory directly with reference:// to avoid zip the deployed application in the deployment process
+GERONIMO-6058 Replace StringBuffer usage with StringBuilder
+GERONIMO-6049 Upgrade tranql version in 3.0 trunk
+GERONIMO-6046 Add getBundleId API to geronimo-bundle-recorder so that GEP don't need use the SLOW listBundles method of OSGi JMX API
+GERONIMO-6024 support dd schema validation when deploy web app
+GERONIMO-5968 To support module priority so that we could control the sub-modules handling sequence during the deployment process.
+GERONIMO-5963 Keep bundles around if EBA start failed
+GERONIMO-5933 Extend geronimo server self-signed certificate validity period
+GERONIMO-5891 support application delete in hot-deploy when server is stopped
+GERONIMO-5888 Delete temp directories on exit
+GERONIMO-5884 Support wsdl-file override for web service client
+GERONIMO-5883 Use a system property to make Provider style web service more user-friendly
+GERONIMO-5855 Simplify EJB Deployment
+GERONIMO-5825 Provide a option to prevent tar assemblies from generating.
+GERONIMO-5788 Expose BundleContext in ServletContext under Spring-named attribute
+GERONIMO-5780 JUL output is lost after application resets logging
+GERONIMO-5779 Provide a tool for diagnosing OSGi resolver problems
+GERONIMO-5774 some osgi portlet improvements
+GERONIMO-5761 map the bundle resolved state to configuration load status
+GERONIMO-5713 MyFaces 2.0.3 Integration
+GERONIMO-5674 Dojo related improvement.
+GERONIMO-5609 Improve web application deployment time
+GERONIMO-5586 Provide a way to transform traditional jar to OSGi bundle when user install the jar into G repository.
+GERONIMO-5582 No Web Access URL Displayed next to applications after depploy an EBA
+GERONIMO-5537 Serialize WebApp in some form to improvie the server startup time
+GERONIMO-5527 Support -c/--clean option in the server startup script to clean cache for OSGi/tomcat
+GERONIMO-5496 Move the sort algorithm from the geronimo-web-builder to geronimo-j2ee-builder
+GERONIMO-5474 Improve efficiency of embbed jar resources handlering
+GERONIMO-5445 Use links to osgi jndi (that look up osgi services) rather than looking up gbeans
+GERONIMO-5444 Add slight delay during async startup of ActiveMQ
+GERONIMO-5433 improve geronimo openwebbeans plugin
+GERONIMO-5367 Some page should be improved into dojo style
+GERONIMO-5354 Support configuration from openejb portlet for added attributes of stateless ejb container.
+GERONIMO-5353 To support idleTimeout configuration for stateless ejb conainter.
+GERONIMO-5270 Enforce Java1.6 for Geronimo 3.0 build in maven and perhaps enforce the required maven version as well (2.2.1?).
+GERONIMO-5265 Modify the redeploy behavior to start all the running childs along with the parent
+GERONIMO-5194 Patch for geronimo-jcdi spec
+GERONIMO-5193 Upgrade DOJO from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2 in 22 branch and trunk.
+GERONIMO-5121 Update geronimo-jcdi and geronimo-atinject to pass TCK Signature Tests
+GERONIMO-5110 Upgrade to JSTL 1.2 version 
+GERONIMO-5101 geronimo-jcdi_1_0_spec Update for Releasing
+GERONIMO-5089 Reorganize the Geronimo console and rebase on Pluto 2. 
+GERONIMO-5088 Support OSGi as a Geronimo programming model
+GERONIMO-5085 CORBA/Yoko OSGi enhancements
+GERONIMO-5084 JAXB 2.2 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5083 JAX-RS 1.1 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5082 JAX-WS 2.2 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5081 Web Services for EE 1.3-MR2 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5080 Contexts and Dependency Injection 1.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5079 Dependency Injection 1.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5078 Managed Bean 1.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5077 Bean Validation 1.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5076 Interceptor 1.1 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5075 Convert the minimal assembly into a Java EE 6 Web Profile assembly
+GERONIMO-5074 EJB 3.1 Lite enhancements
+GERONIMO-5073 EJB 3.1 Enhancements
+GERONIMO-5072 Common Annotations 1.1 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5071 JASPIC 1.0 Enhancement 
+GERONIMO-5070 JACC 1.4 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5069 Java Connector Architecture 1.6 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5068 JPA 2.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5067 Java ee 6 datasource resource definition enhancements. 
+GERONIMO-5066 Java EE 6 Global JNDI enhancments
+GERONIMO-5065 EJBs in WAR files enhancement
+GERONIMO-5064 Java Server Faces 2.0 enhancement
+GERONIMO-5063 Expression Language 2.2 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5062 JSP 2.2 Enhancements
+GERONIMO-5061 Servlet 3.0 enhancements
+GERONIMO-5060 Many hard-code cluster names in code.
+GERONIMO-4987 Use ConcurrentHashMap instead of Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap())
+GERONIMO-4977 EN/Simp.Chinese UI information improvement for Console
+GERONIMO-4969 Remove Maven Repository Entries from project-config POM
+GERONIMO-4950 Improve usability of Geronimo Console
+GERONIMO-4929 Upgrade to latest tranql wrappers
+GERONIMO-4922 Use OSGI's way to manage the server repository
+GERONIMO-4883 ship agent-car-jmx and make it default agent, mark ejb agent as "load=false".
+GERONIMO-4874 Improve the console filter performance
+GERONIMO-4824 the created graphs can't be listed under view which is created before these graphs
+GERONIMO-4790 Migrate debug-views code to base on the up-to-date dojo
+GERONIMO-4761 MBean not found exception: agent-car-jmx 
+GERONIMO-4658 Console should let you add/edit artifact-aliases. When installing a jar, you should be able to add an artifact alias so it replaces something else.
+GERONIMO-4583 Remove obsolete plugins from plugins group
+GERONIMO-4540 Improve windows startup batch scripts to redirect stdout and stderr messages to GERONIMO_HOME/var/log/geronimo.out
+GERONIMO-3003 Encrypt password strings in deployment plans
+GERONIMO-2593 Document Javamail Session creation and usage
+** New Feature
+GERONIMO-6139 Support Java 1.7 Runtime
+GERONIMO-6084 Option to deploy WABs synchronously
+GERONIMO-6059 New look and feel of Geronimo 3.0 admin console
+GERONIMO-5998 Use the implementation configured in system property as the preference while searching the provider in the OSGi registy
+GERONIMO-5996 Development mode for Aries applications
+GERONIMO-5978 View bundle packages in Geronimo admin console
+GERONIMO-5976 Load JSP tag libraries from bundles
+GERONIMO-5935 Expose a configuration option to control whether optional bundles should be provisioned during EBA install
+GERONIMO-5926 Provide shell command to resolve Aries applications
+GERONIMO-5908 Updated @WebServiceRef with features, and lookup functionality 
+GERONIMO-5907 Added respect binding feature support
+GERONIMO-5906 Support MTOM feature support
+GERONIMO-5905 Addressing support with webservice/webserviceprovider/webserviceref
+GERONIMO-5861 Update a bundle within an EBA
+GERONIMO-5847 Create pure html OSGi portlet
+GERONIMO-5838 Support EBA module type in DeploymentManager.getAvailableModules(ModuleType, Target[])
+GERONIMO-5835 Support web service deployment in car-maven-plugin
+GERONIMO-5791 Add the function to show wired relations of bundes deployed in geronimo
+GERONIMO-5764 Support Bundles Deployment in deployment command line
+GERONIMO-5716 Add a function to view wired bundles in OSGi portlet
+GERONIMO-5715 [Sample] Add one sample of demonstrating Geronimo 3.0 Specific feature: JavaEE app interacts with OSGI 
+GERONIMO-5659 Inject Bundle or BundleContext via @Resource
+GERONIMO-5577 Support ServeltSecurity annotation when the servlets are added by ServletContext.addServlet methods
+GERONIMO-5517 Make Tomcat assembly accepts those new configurations on context level
+GERONIMO-5516 Add isAdvanced properties to AdminConsoleExtensionGBean
+GERONIMO-5502 Add OSGI management portlets.
+GERONIMO-5495 Upgrade the geronimo-openejb-2.0.xsd file for new persistence schema
+GERONIMO-5437 Make jetty integration more osgi friendly.... expose ContextHandlerCollection as a service.
+GERONIMO-5421 create new gogo command deploy:unlockKeystore 
+GERONIMO-5380 Optionally expose gbeans in the osgi serviice registry
+GERONIMO-5352 Bundlize jaxb-xjc and align its version with jaxb-impl
+GERONIMO-5233 Geronimo 3.0 Samples
+GERONIMO-5209 Geronimo support for tranql XA JDBC adapter for DB2 on ISeries
+GERONIMO-5197 Generic Header based authentication support in geronimo
+GERONIMO-5156 Command line utility to unlock a keystore and private key
+GERONIMO-5027 Redeploy option for farming
+GERONIMO-4865 Login module to enable Kerberos authentication
+GERONIMO-4823 role-based administration capabilities
+GERONIMO-4810 Predefine a "localhost" server with some predefined graphs and views
+GERONIMO-4619 JSR-303 Bean Validation Spec API
+GERONIMO-4493 Could not browser messages for Topic
 ** Task
-    * [GERONIMO-4888] - Update the version of dojo-war dependency to 1.3.2
-    * [GERONIMO-4916] - move osgi framework in to replace pre-osgi framwork
-    * [GERONIMO-5171] - Upgrade WADI from 2.1.1. to 2.1.2  in 22 branch and trunk.
-Certification Status
-Apache Geronimo vGeronimo @VERSION@, being a MILESTONE release is not yet certified.
+GERONIMO-6061 Geronimo 3.0 trunk SNAPSHOT dependencies
+GERONIMO-6008 use openejb remote jndi system in client container to do global jndi lookup.
+GERONIMO-6007 Upgrade woodstox version to 4.1.1
+GERONIMO-6006 Upgrade MyFaces to 2.0.7
+GERONIMO-6003 Enable jaxws script files in the bin directory
+GERONIMO-5992 Remove the old webservice parsing codes of castor
+GERONIMO-5934 Use Axis2 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT version
+GERONIMO-5913 Use a patched axiom-all Geronimo bundle for TCK testing now
+GERONIMO-5895 Clear web accessibility violations in console portlets
+GERONIMO-5851 Add url-binding into testsuite
+GERONIMO-5846 Add some testsuite for Require-Bundle usage in OSGi EE programming model
+GERONIMO-5758 Add a short tutorial on how to create/build a blueprint bundle and deploy it to the server (using GEP)
+GERONIMO-5720 Add testsuite for JPA 2.0
+GERONIMO-5666 Add test cases for Restful Web Service new features into the testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5641 add ejb3.1-test in testsuite
+GERONIMO-5631 Can NOT find meta class & can NOT insert record in the table
+GERONIMO-5581 Add test case for programmatic access control on servlet
+GERONIMO-5571 Console support for EBA modules:list EBA modules,start EBA modules,stop EBA modules and uninstall EBA moules.
+GERONIMO-5552 Geronimo 3.0 testsuite testsuite/security-testsuite/test-security-basic-authentication for BASIC auth-method authentication.It passed on G3.0
+GERONIMO-5542 Add tests about new security methods in HttpServletRequest interfaces
+GERONIMO-5528 Add test cases for JSF2.0 new features into the Geronimo testsuite
+GERONIMO-5524 Security annotation on EJB RolesAllowed PermitAll DenyAll DeclareRoles
+GERONIMO-5523 Add testsuite for JTA 1.1
+GERONIMO-5498 Geronimo 3.0 testsuite for Managed Beans 1.0
+GERONIMO-5497 Geronimo 3.0 trunk testsuite for commonannotation1.1 new features:javax.annotation.sql.DataSourceDefinition and javax.annotation.sql.DataSourceDefinitions
+GERONIMO-5489 Add test cases for dependency injection for java 1.0 features into the testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5486 Add testsuite for Interceptors 1.1 in Java EE 6
+GERONIMO-5484 Create a document for JavaEE 6 sample application - EJBTimer 
+GERONIMO-5482 Add test cases for el 2.2 new features into the testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5481 Add test cases for jsp 2.2 new features into the testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5473 Add testing about EJB-3.1-Lite's new features into Testsuite
+GERONIMO-5471 Add test cases for servlet 3.0 new features into the testsuite.
+GERONIMO-5470 Add testsuite for BeanValidation feature in Java EE 6
+GERONIMO-5453 Add testing about Servlet-3.0's new secuirty features into Testsuite
+GERONIMO-5050 Integrate OpenWebBeans into Geronimo 3.0. 
+GERONIMO-5049 Add bean validation (JSR 303) to Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-5048 Create an EJB Lite plugin for 3.0 Web Profile usage. 
+GERONIMO-4176 Documentation - Security - pluggable encryption system/custom keys
-Apache Geronimo vGeronimo @VERSION@ is available in five distributions so you can pick
-the one that best fits your environment.
-The available distributions are as follows:
-Non-Certified distributions:
-- Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container and OpenJPA for persistence.
-- Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container and OpenJPA for persistence.
-- Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
-- Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
-- Geronimo framework, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.
+** Sub-task
+GERONIMO-6075 Support bundle installation and uninstallation via Karaf shell
+GERONIMO-6072 Geronimo TxManager 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT
+GERONIMO-6071 woodstox-core-asl 4.1.1_1, jaxb-impl 2.2.3-1_1 , scout 1.2.3_1, saaj-impl 1.3.8_1, axis 1.4_2, axiom-all 1.2.12_1
+GERONIMO-6070 Axis2 1.6.1_1-SNAPSHOT
+GERONIMO-6069 JavaMail 1.8.3-SNAPSHOT
+GERONIMO-6068 Tomcat
+GERONIMO-6067 MyFaces 2.0.8-SNAPSHOT
+GERONIMO-6064 OpenWebBeans 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
+GERONIMO-6039 testInjectionIntoWebServiceEndpoint(
+GERONIMO-5876 Drop jca context
+GERONIMO-5860 Reenable Log related portlets
+GERONIMO-5859 Reenable JMS related portlets
+GERONIMO-5699 Upgrade org.eclipse.osgi from 3.5.1.v20090827 to 3.6.0
+GERONIMO-5698 Add db2 for iSeries tranql xa connector to server 3.0 when it's ready
+GERONIMO-5600 Reenable EJB server admin console portlets
+GERONIMO-5598 Reenable debug views admin console portlets
+GERONIMO-5597 Reenable database-related admin console portlets
+GERONIMO-5596 Reenable plan creator admin console portlet
+GERONIMO-5595 Reenable clustering function
+GERONIMO-5594 Reenable hot deploy on G 3.0
+GERONIMO-5589 Display basic set of navigation items in a list instead of a tree
+GERONIMO-5584 identify basic set of navigation items
+GERONIMO-5574 Update console related docs for geronimo-4950 change
+GERONIMO-5466 Add javaee6-testsuite to include new tests about java ee 6 new features
+GERONIMO-5465 Update aries-testsuite
+GERONIMO-5462 Update secuirty-testsuite
+GERONIMO-5459 Update enterprise-testsuite to fix test failures
+GERONIMO-5458 Update corba-testsuite
+GERONIMO-5457 Update commands-testsuite to fix failures and remove dropped feature test
+GERONIMO-5264 Support Servlet 3.0 new features in Tomcat assembly
+GERONIMO-5253 Expose java:app/AppName and java:module/ModuleName in JNDI
+GERONIMO-5252 Update samples archetype for java ee 6
+GERONIMO-5232 Add support for @Resource.lookup based injection
+GERONIMO-5228 Add classes for parsing a validation.xml descriptor
+GERONIMO-5227 Add ValidatorFactory to servlet context for JSF usage. 
+GERONIMO-5226 Pass container ValidationFactory to the persistance manager when creating an entity manager. 
+GERONIMO-5225 Implement Bean Manager References (Java EE 6 spec section EE.5.19)
+GERONIMO-5224 Add JNDI integration of Managed Beans. 
+GERONIMO-5223 Integrate the Bean Validation RI into Geronimo. 
+GERONIMO-5222 Add support for application validation descriptor support for deployed applications. 
+GERONIMO-5221 Add naming support for Validator and ValidatorFactory. 
+GERONIMO-5219 Java EE Injection annotation scanning for 299 beans
+GERONIMO-5217 History.back and History.forward is not working correctly after change the console navigation to ajax.
+GERONIMO-5207 Replace jaxws api version from JRE with Geronimo jaxws 2.2 API bundle. 
+GERONIMO-5205 Integrate Aries JPA OSGi component and blueprint extensions
+GERONIMO-5141 Add Dependency Injection spec jar. 
+GERONIMO-5140 Build EJB 3.1 Lite plugin
+GERONIMO-5132 In debug mode Properties file login module reurns loginsucceeded as true for non existent users and null password GERONIMO-4983
+GERONIMO-5131 Retrieving group information from Active Directory server for authorization in Spnego
+GERONIMO-5128 login module for spnego support in geronimo
+GERONIMO-5120 Integrate new EJB features into geronimo
+GERONIMO-5119 Allow more granular selection of configured EJB features. 
+GERONIMO-5117 Implement builder support for war embedded EJBs. 
+GERONIMO-5116 Integrate the OpenEJB ManagedBean container support within Geronimo. 
+GERONIMO-5115 Integrate ManagedBean support with the JSF implementation. 
+GERONIMO-5113 Add naming builder support for processing DataSourceDefinition annotations. 
+GERONIMO-5109 Create a bean validation 2.0 spec jar
+GERONIMO-5103 Upgrade to JAX-WS compliant Axis2 implementation. 
+GERONIMO-5102 Create JAX-WS 2.2 spec jar 
+GERONIMO-5096 Integrate Wink JAX-RS implementation into Geronimo. 
+GERONIMO-5095 Create JAX-RS spec jar 
+GERONIMO-5092 Update the CORBA plugins for the OSGi classloading model. 
+GERONIMO-5091 Bundlize the yoko jar files. 
+GERONIMO-5057 Use those xmlbeans generated by JAVA EE 6 schema files
+GERONIMO-5056 Make jsr88 work in trunk
+GERONIMO-5047 Create javaee 6 Tomcat assemblies and plugin groups. 
+GERONIMO-5025 New module/app/global jndi contexts in javaee 6 spec
+GERONIMO-5019 geronimo-cdi-1.0 spec needs to be using the JEE6 dependencies, not the JEE5 versions. 
+GERONIMO-5009 Enable Java EE package deployment in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-5005 uddi osgi integration
+GERONIMO-5004 axis 1 osgi integration
+GERONIMO-5003 axis 1 bundle
+GERONIMO-4996 myfaces 2 osgi integration
+GERONIMO-4995 Jetty8 under osgi
+GERONIMO-4985 Adding JSR-330 and JSR-299 Spec. APIs
+GERONIMO-4982 ccpp (jsr 188) spec bundle
+GERONIMO-4980 Use Tomcat 7 in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-4971 Recognize Aries applications in Geronimo
+GERONIMO-4970 Remove those specs and impl which are shipped by JRE 1.6
+GERONIMO-4967 Enable Axis2 plugin in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-4965 bundleize pluto support and base console
+GERONIMO-4952 Figure out how to use User Admin service in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-4939 MultipartConfig changes needed
+GERONIMO-4938 Move geronimo-schema-j2ee and geronimo-schema-jee_5
+GERONIMO-4936 OpenJPA2 plugin needs to replace use of Configuration.getConfigurationClassLoader()
+GERONIMO-4935 WsdlGenerator needs to replace use of Configuration.addClassPath()
+GERONIMO-4934 Make application client container work under osgi
+GERONIMO-4931 Enable ActiveMQ plugin in the OSGI environment
+GERONIMO-4926 Fix ConfigurationMonitorGBean management of PCRegistry class. 
+GERONIMO-4925 Figure out whether we still need EditableConfigurationManager
+GERONIMO-4920 Convert Tomcat plugin to bundlized version. 
+GERONIMO-4912 Should plugins be packed jar files or exploded?
+GERONIMO-4830 Commit new debug-view portlets codes
+GERONIMO-4815 Update myfaces' version to 2.0
+GERONIMO-4681 Create a plugin group that mirrors the JEE6 web profile. 
+GERONIMO-4360 Connector 1.6 implementation
-Note: Non-Certified distributions do not contain a complete Java EE 6 stack and
-so cannot be certified.  
-Supported features
-- Web applications using servlet 3.0, jsf 2.0, and jsp 2.2.
-- Web Application Bundles in the OSGi style .
-- The OSGi/Aries EBA programming model with support for blueprint, 
-- JPA, transactions, and JNDI. 
-- Traditional Java EE apps, including support for JPA 2.0, EJB 3.0, 
-  ActiveMQ 5.3.2, and JCA 1.6 
 Known Issues and Limitations
-Geronimo @VERSION@ is a milestone release and should only
-be used for learning about the upcoming Geronimo 3.0 release with Java
-EE 6 and OSGi/Aries support and not for any type of production usage...
-In particular, the following limitations need to be noted:                
-   - This release does not include support for Web Services.  Web Services 
-   support is not a required component for the Java EE 6 Web Profile, which is 
-   the focus of the Geronimo 3.0 release. 
-   - The OpenEJB version used in this milestone is still largely at the EJB 3.0 
-   support level.  
-   - The following components required by the Java EE 6 Web Profile are not yet 
-   included in this release:
-       - Java Context and Dependency Injection (JSRs 299 and 330).   
-       - Bean Validation (JSR 302) 
-       - Managed Beans (JSR 318) 
+GERONIMO-6194 Sort gbeans while stopping the configuration
+GERONIMO-6191 can not query the persistence unit gbean when ejb is in a war
+GERONIMO-6190 Improve the summary list in the web console login page
+GERONIMO-6180 Persistence ref info should not processed by EJBBuilder
+GERONIMO-6169 Recursive lookup while the default comp entry is configured
+GERONIMO-6138 JDBC 4 API is not supported 
+GERONIMO-6137 Support to deploy web applications with other JSF vendors
+GERONIMO-6117 OpenWebBeansPlugin load optimization
+GERONIMO-6114 Avoid ServiceLoader lookup during OpenWebBeansInitializer
+GERONIMO-6089 Support for CDI beans in ear lib directory
+GERONIMO-6087 See if we can improve "Main not found" errors (and other startup issues)
+GERONIMO-6085 stop setting java.ext.dirs in geronimo scripts
+GERONIMO-6043 module init order doesn't always work due to gbean dependencies
+GERONIMO-6020 built-in ee beans
+GERONIMO-6005 Unclear how big a cdi context is for an ear
+GERONIMO-6002 Can't configure defaultJspServlet parameters
+GERONIMO-5990 Output a compound WSDL file for the queries from the clients
+GERONIMO-5956 issues when deploy a standalone ejb web services
+GERONIMO-5955 should not generate wsdl into an ejb archive
+GERONIMO-5939 Support OBR resolution during bundle install
+GERONIMO-5864 ServletContext.log doesn't log
+GERONIMO-5848 Don't version javax.xml.namespace coming from jre
+GERONIMO-5839 Workaround for WSDL path in EAR package
+GERONIMO-5834 add a do not fail option for server startup
+GERONIMO-5789 OWB always loads all app classes, even if its not a jcdi app.
+GERONIMO-5762 Some dirty files in the root of server code tree after built, they cannot be cleaned by mvn clean
+GERONIMO-5752 Updates needed to TemporaryClassLoader?
+GERONIMO-5750 override rat plugin to exclude the files we won't need to scan to make the rat:check result cleaner.
+GERONIMO-5743 ServletContext.getRealPath() returns null
+GERONIMO-5703 Track:Clustering module fails to start on disabling JMXService gbean
+GERONIMO-5681 Figure out how urlContextFactory works in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-5675 Add role based navigation customization support.
+GERONIMO-5655 switch to tomcat standard taglibs
+GERONIMO-5651 Add a own authenticator for Spnego login
+GERONIMO-5644 Share global annotation finder among different components
+GERONIMO-5626 Improvements in tomcat security contracts
+GERONIMO-5624 use info tree for tomcat web app deployment
+GERONIMO-5623 include all usable web.xml info in our info tree
+GERONIMO-5619 CertificatePropertiesFileLoginModule only works with tomcat, not jetty
+GERONIMO-5567 jetty servlet/filter gbeans but direct listener creation not compatible with servlet 3 startup order
+GERONIMO-5565 geronimo.out can grow unbounded
+GERONIMO-5564 No wait-for-server command in trunk
+GERONIMO-5554 blueprint deadlock during server start
+GERONIMO-5553 Fail to enchance entities on Geronimo
+GERONIMO-5506 jetty8 creates objects through the ServletContext's spec methods. We need to be sure to use them.
+GERONIMO-5487 myfaces listener installed in every web app from the tld
+GERONIMO-5480 Web security does not work on Equinox
+GERONIMO-5414 Remove references to corba in connector deployer
+GERONIMO-5360 Support resource-env-refs that are References to an ObjectFactory
+GERONIMO-5344 Hook env-entries and servlet init-params up to config admin
+GERONIMO-5343 Replace by use of config admin
+GERONIMO-5280 geronimo-jaspi jaspic provider won't work well under osgi
+GERONIMO-5262 Make testsuites run again
+GERONIMO-5259 Annoying "access denied" security exceptions for oenwebbeans while java2 security is enabled.
+GERONIMO-5257 Convert persistence.xml version to 2.0 when embedded in geronimo plans
+GERONIMO-5245 Version property variables should be used for all configuration versions in the framework file. 
+GERONIMO-5231 Override JVM libraries with newer versions
+GERONIMO-5229 PropertyEditors is too willing to pull in editors we don'e necessarly want
+GERONIMO-5220 mini-servers profile for plugin specific test servers
+GERONIMO-5195 change txmanager component version(s) to larger major version
+GERONIMO-5190 Use jaxb for plans instead of xmlbeans
+GERONIMO-5187 Isolation for Apache Aries applications
+GERONIMO-5170 Register connection factories in osgi service registry
+GERONIMO-5166 Enable car-maven-plugin to use Equinox
+GERONIMO-5164 Incomplete feature for deploy:new-instance command in geronimo3.0
+GERONIMO-5158 servlet 3.0 ServletSecurityElement has problems
+GERONIMO-5097 Integrate CXF JAX-RS implementation into Geronimo.
+GERONIMO-5090 Upgrade from java ee 5 to java ee 6 support
+GERONIMO-5087 Use OSGi for the Geronimo classloading model. 
+GERONIMO-5086 Apache Aries enhancements
+GERONIMO-5058 Move the term "j2ee" to "javaee" refered by plugin names and package names
+GERONIMO-5051 Taglib discovery does not work
+GERONIMO-5046 Remove need for system property <>true</> to get car-maven-plugin to work
+GERONIMO-5041 Use Aries InitialContextFactoryBuilder
+GERONIMO-5026 Class and resource discovery in OSGi
+GERONIMO-5021 Allow gbean classes to be loaded from another plugin
+GERONIMO-5016 Enable cxf in Geronimo 3.0
+GERONIMO-4988 add jms Axis2 transport
+GERONIMO-4974 ee apps or other plugins can't contain gbeans
+GERONIMO-4972 Nested child configurations from ears don't work well with osgi
+GERONIMO-4956 Tomcat should use Keystore GBean for access to Geronimo keystore
+GERONIMO-4921 Figure out how to handle OSGI cache in Geronimo
+GERONIMO-4913 Use pax mvn urls everywhere possible.
+GERONIMO-4911 osgi manifest for plugins is created in the car-maven-plugin, not the deployer
+GERONIMO-4909 How should we shut down plugin under osgi?
+GERONIMO-4908 RMIClassLoader is not compatible with osgi  

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