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Subject svn commit: r1187165 - /geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 01:54:03 GMT
Author: rwonly
Date: Fri Oct 21 01:54:02 2011
New Revision: 1187165

continue fix RELEASE NOTES of 3.0-beta-1


Modified: geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt
--- geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/server/branches/3.0-beta-1/RELEASE_NOTES-3.0-beta-1.txt Fri Oct 21 01:54:02 2011
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Certified distributions:
 - Apache Geronimo server using Tomcat as the Web container and Axis2 as the Web 
   Services engine. (Java EE 6 Full Profile Certificated)
 - Apache Geronimo server assembly using Tomcat as the Web container. (Java EE 6
-  Web Profile Cerfitficated)
+  Web Profile Certificated)
 Non-Certified distributions:
 - Apache Geronimo server using Jetty as the Web container and CXF as the Web 
@@ -96,8 +96,8 @@ For details about Full Profile specifica
 Support Apache Aries programming model, including support for 
 - Enterprise Bundle Application (EBA)
+- OSGi Web Application Bundle (WAB)
 - OSGi Blueprint Container service
-- OSGi Web Application Bundle Support 
 Geronimo v3.0-beta-1 Issues Resolved
@@ -584,6 +584,7 @@ GERONIMO-2593 Document Javamail Session 
 ** New Feature
 GERONIMO-6139 Support Java 1.7 Runtime
 GERONIMO-6084 Option to deploy WABs synchronously
+GERONIMO-6059 New look and feel of Geronimo 3.0 admin console
 GERONIMO-5998 Use the implementation configured in system property as the preference while
searching the provider in the OSGi registy
 GERONIMO-5996 Development mode for Aries applications
 GERONIMO-5978 View bundle packages in Geronimo admin console
@@ -624,6 +625,7 @@ GERONIMO-4619 JSR-303 Bean Validation Sp
 GERONIMO-4493 Could not browser messages for Topic
 ** Task
+GERONIMO-6061 Geronimo 3.0 trunk SNAPSHOT dependencies
 GERONIMO-6008 use openejb remote jndi system in client container to do global jndi lookup.
 GERONIMO-6007 Upgrade woodstox version to 4.1.1
 GERONIMO-6006 Upgrade MyFaces to 2.0.7
@@ -667,9 +669,11 @@ GERONIMO-4176 Documentation - Security -
 GERONIMO-6075 Support bundle installation and uninstallation via Karaf shell
 GERONIMO-6072 Geronimo TxManager 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT
 GERONIMO-6071 woodstox-core-asl 4.1.1_1, jaxb-impl 2.2.3-1_1 , scout 1.2.3_1, saaj-impl 1.3.8_1,
axis 1.4_2, axiom-all 1.2.12_1
+GERONIMO-6070 Axis2 1.6.1_1-SNAPSHOT
 GERONIMO-6069 JavaMail 1.8.3-SNAPSHOT
 GERONIMO-6068 Tomcat
 GERONIMO-6067 MyFaces 2.0.8-SNAPSHOT
 GERONIMO-6064 OpenWebBeans 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
@@ -779,10 +783,6 @@ GERONIMO-6114 Avoid ServiceLoader lookup
 GERONIMO-6089 Support for CDI beans in ear lib directory
 GERONIMO-6087 See if we can improve "Main not found" errors (and other startup issues)
 GERONIMO-6085 stop setting java.ext.dirs in geronimo scripts
-GERONIMO-6070 Axis2 1.6.1_1-SNAPSHOT
-GERONIMO-6061 Geronimo 3.0 trunk SNAPSHOT dependencies
-GERONIMO-6059 New look and feel of Geronimo 3.0 admin console
 GERONIMO-6043 module init order doesn't always work due to gbean dependencies
 GERONIMO-6020 built-in ee beans
 GERONIMO-6005 Unclear how big a cdi context is for an ear
@@ -790,6 +790,7 @@ GERONIMO-6002 Can't configure defaultJsp
 GERONIMO-5990 Output a compound WSDL file for the queries from the clients
 GERONIMO-5956 issues when deploy a standalone ejb web services
 GERONIMO-5955 should not generate wsdl into an ejb archive
+GERONIMO-5939 Support OBR resolution during bundle install
 GERONIMO-5864 ServletContext.log doesn't log
 GERONIMO-5848 Don't version javax.xml.namespace coming from jre
 GERONIMO-5839 Workaround for WSDL path in EAR package

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