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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo v2.1 > RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.6.TXT
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 02:59:02 GMT
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Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 2.1.6

Geronimo URLs
Home Page:     http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Downloads:     http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Documentation: http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Mailing Lists: http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Source Code:   http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Bug Tracking:  http:<span class="code-comment">//
</span>Wiki:          http:<span class="code-comment">//

Please see http:<span class="code-comment">//
<span class="code-keyword">for</span> the
</span>latest documentation on <span class="code-keyword">this</span> release.

<span class="code-object">System</span> Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+) or greater.

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Geronimo 2.1 Enhancements

Custom server assemblies
- Lightweight server assemblies may be created that contain only the functional 
  components required by your application(s).

Flexible admin console
- The admin console is now component-based to mirror the server capabilities. 
  This allows the admin console to provide flexible administrative capabilities 
  that will mirrors the capabilities of a custom server assembly.

- GShell is a command-line processing environment that can be used <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
the execution
  of Geronimo commands. GShell is an extensible environment and includes support
  <span class="code-keyword">for</span> editing, command history, and tab completion.

Clustering Support
- WADI can now be used to support clustering of web applications <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
Geronimo configurations 
  which use the Tomcat Web Container (WADI support <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
Jetty was in previous releases). 
- Applications can be deployed to administratively-defined groups of Geronimo servers

Monitoring Console Plugin
- The monitoring console plugin provides monitoring support in the Geronimo admin console.

  The monitoring console can gather statistics and performance data from multiple Geronimo

  servers and graphically display <span class="code-keyword">this</span> data
to users.

Plan Creator (added in Geronimo 2.1.2)
- Plan Creator is a <span class="code-keyword">new</span> portlet added to administration
console to simplify the creation of 
  Geronimo specific deployment plans. Given a web application archive (war), Plan Creator
  the user through a sequence of steps and generates geronimo-web.xml automatically.

Geronimo 2.1.6 Issues Resolved
** Bug
GERONIMO-5383 Update to <span class="code-keyword">new</span> versions of CXF
and Axis2 
GERONIMO-5387 Update the spring framework version used in Geronimo. 

Certification Status
Apache Geronimo v2.1.x has passed 100% of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 
Certification Test Suite. See <span class="code-quote">"Distributions"</span>
<span class="code-keyword">for</span> further details.

Apache Geronimo v2.1.x is available in five distributions so you can pick the 
one that best fits your environment.

The available distributions are as follows:

Certified distributions:
- Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container, AXIS2 <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
Web Services and OpenJPA
  <span class="code-keyword">for</span> persistence.
- Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container, CXF <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
Web Services and OpenJPA 
  <span class="code-keyword">for</span> persistence.

Non-Certified distributions:
- Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
- Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
- Geronimo framework, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.

Note: Non-Certified distributions <span class="code-keyword">do</span> not contain
a complete JavaEE5 stack and so 
cannot be certified.  Certified distributions can be reconfigured by the user 
(such as Tomcat web container with CXF <span class="code-keyword">for</span> Web

Supported features
All programming elements of the Java EE 5.0 Specification are available.  

Known Issues and Limitations
** Bug
GERONIMO-5181 Modification to Database connection pool parameters are not saved when restart
GERONIMO-5160 Fail to create Database Pool <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
DB2(DataDirect) and Informix(DataDirect) 
GERONIMO-5137 EJB security config in ejb-jar.xml does not override the ones defined via security
GERONIMO-4901 Shutting down Geronimo destroys pending Timers 
GERONIMO-4887 java.lang.SecurityException: Invalid login when edit a running jmx server 
GERONIMO-4845 the view is also existed after I delete the server in monitoting portlet 
GERONIMO-4775 Need to convert <span class="code-keyword">static</span> English
images into translatable text in Admin console 
GERONIMO-4757 <span class="code-quote">"java.lang.IllegalStateException"</span>
error when use install-plugin goal 
GERONIMO-4731 Jetty build does not support IPV6 address in browser. 
GERONIMO-4688 hardcode port in plan.xml of plugin farming. 
GERONIMO-4634 PlanCreator does not work <span class="code-keyword">for</span>
some applications
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