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Subject svn commit: r934267 - /geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/branches/2.1.5/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.5.txt
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2010 02:33:18 GMT
Author: delos
Date: Thu Apr 15 02:33:18 2010
New Revision: 934267

update release notes for 2.1.5


Modified: geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/branches/2.1.5/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.5.txt
--- geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/branches/2.1.5/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.5.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/branches/2.1.5/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.5.txt Thu Apr
15 02:33:18 2010
@@ -48,11 +48,11 @@ Geronimo Eclipse Plugin Version ${
 1. Numerous enhancements to the Geronimo deployment plan editors
-2. Custom Geronimo server assembly support 
+2. Add Database pool wizard  
-3. Geronimo server plugin support 
+3. Add Security Realm Wizard
-4. GEP is packaged as a single feature that provides v20 and v21 server support
+4. Support Eclipse Galileo
 Installation Instructions
@@ -63,69 +63,38 @@ See
 Bug Fixes and New Features
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-350 Update "Source" view with unsaved changes in Deployment Plan Editor,
or prompt user to save before switching to "Source" view
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-455] - Add Database pool wizard in GEP to enable application specific pools
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-456] - Add Security Realm Wizard to GEP to deploy security realm directly
from GEP
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-504] - advanced security section does not allow setting of credential store
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-255] - Can deploy and EAR file from the admin console without an application.xml
file, but fails from the Eclipse plugin
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-289] - Unable to deploy EJB application on AG 2.1 through Eclipse
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-361] - GEP DependencyHelper not interrogating all contents of EAR files
for dependencies
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-362] - GEP DependencyHelper not interrogating server for already-deployed
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-510] - Deployment plan editor warning message when opening source tab for
openejb-jar.xml file
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-567] - EJB projected created by WTP without openejb-jar.xml cannot be published
to Geronimo 2.1.4 server via GEP 2.1.4
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-571] - "Next" or "Finish" Button displays when required fields are not
selected or checked during convert plugin
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-574] - WAR deploy requires a geronimo-web.xml
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-575] - GEP errors that are logged to the Eclipse error log are not always
seen by end-user
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-577] - Appclient server and client environment module ID are the same resulting
in deployment error.
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-579] - java specs are not included into G server runtime by default
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-581] - GEP 2.2 can't be installed on WTP 3.1 used by Eclipse 3.5 Galileo
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-582] - Plugin list contains non-car modules when create plugin
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-586] - Index.jsp can not find servlet in the same project when use <jsp:include
page="/ConverterHandler" />
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-587] - Using GEP to convert an application to a plugin, if add prerequisite
module,will encouter an error when install the plugin
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-590] - org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring added in Require-Bundle must be
set visibility:=reexport,
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-591] - "Next" can go to next step without application chosen after click
"back" button.
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-593] - " " download URL is incorrect in build.xml
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-594] - Geronimo server can't be deleted when it has been stopped in GEP
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-604] - Upgrade to eclipse 3.5.2
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-453] - JAXB Classes support for schema geronimo-login-config-2.0.xsd
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-563] - Start geronimo server in profiling mode
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-580] - Servlet/JSP update forces a complete redeploy of a WAR
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-585] - Make GEP generate standard JEE deployment descriptor by default
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-598] - Support builds on Linux x86_64 based systems
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-320] - Provide facility to change id/pw associated with server instance
(withing creating a new instance of the server)
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-283] - Refactoring a Dynamic Web Project's name doesn't refactor it's artifact
id & context root
+[GERONIMODEVTOOLS-592] - Extend "rename" for ejb/connector/ear project,too, meanwhile rename
artifactId in these deployment plans.
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-365 Application deployment plan editor improvements
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-377 Need way to manage the adminobject list
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-384 Unable to set relationships
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-385 Web application deployment plan editor improvements
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-521 Sign features so the eclipse update manager recognizes them as signed
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-522 has a trailing backslash in it
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-524 Need ability to perform Custom Server Assembly
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-526 st.v21.ui plugin.xml needs internationalization
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-528 Refactor common testsuite plugin to reduce duplicate code
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-530 Faile to show EJB Security Role in security UI
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-532 Surface the publish timeout time in the server properties tab like all
the other publishing attributes (e.g., publishing interval)
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-535 Add support for installing from update site for IBM RAD v7.5
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-536 Fail to launch browser when run a dynamic web application on server
via GEP
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-539 Run as --> Run on Server testcase for dynamic web application
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-543 Investigate and determine if the JVM arguments that are used for Eclipse
should be the same ones used for the Geronimo server
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-544 Add wizard for converting applications into Geronimo plugins
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-545 Initial version of the Server Plugin Manager code
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-546 Add summary page to Server Plugin Manager
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-547 Code cleanup on Server Plugin Manager
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-548 Combine Custom Server Assembly and the Plugin Server Manager into one
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-549 Write documentation for the Plugin Server Manager
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-550 Sharedlib problems when root directory of the project in the Eclipse
workspace is different than project name
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-551 Update copyright years for 2009
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-554 Warning message about supported JDK version is wrong
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-555 Generated  geronimo-plugin.xml file is empy after converting application
to plugin
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-556 Applications List Refresh during create geronimo plugin in GEP
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-558 Testsuite not able to find DefaultSelenium class
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-559 GEP signed feature jar(s) should not display nulls when asking the user
if they "trust" the certificate(s)
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-560 Can't Add or Remove AppClient Project via GEP
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-562 Can't install plugin via GEP
-GERONIMODEVTOOLS-564 Fail to create plugin via GEP
 Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo Eclipse Plugin -- Version ${pom.version} -- ${buildNumber}

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