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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo v2.1 > Using Spengo in geronimo
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 11:53:00 GMT
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     <h2><a href="">Using
Spengo in geronimo</a></h2>
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<p>Spnego with geronimo requires 3 machines namely a Client machine, a server machine
and a  Microsoft active directory domain controller. Client and server machine should be part
of the active directory domain.</p>

    <li><a href='#UsingSpengoingeronimo-SettinguptheActiveDirectoryDomainController'>Setting
up the Active Directory Domain Controller</a></li>
    <li><a href='#UsingSpengoingeronimo-Settinguptheclientmachine'>Setting up
the client machine</a></li>
<h1><a name="UsingSpengoingeronimo-SettinguptheActiveDirectoryDomainController"></a>Setting
up the Active Directory Domain Controller</h1>
	<li>Create a user in the active directory. Make sure that user you create is unique
and not listed in Computers or domain controllers. In our case we have created a user called
testuser with the password testuser123.</li>
	<li>Map the service principal name to the user account you created in the previous
step. A service principal name(SPN) is HTTP/&lt;Fully_Qualified_Host_Name&gt;.  In
our case SPN is HTTP/ You can run the following command to map the SPN to user
C:\Program Files\Support Tools&gt;setspn -A HTTP/ testuser.</li>
	<li>Next step is to create a keytab file. Run the following command<br/>
C:\Program Files\Support Tools&gt;ktpass -out c:\winnt\krb5.keytab -princ HTTP/
-mapUser testuser-mapOp set -pass testuser123 -crypto RC4-HMAC-NT -pType KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL</li>

<p>With this step we are done with setting up the Active Directory domain controller

<h1><a name="UsingSpengoingeronimo-Settinguptheclientmachine"></a>Setting
up the client machine</h1>

<p>On the client machine we need to configure the browser for spnego. Internet Explorer
can be configured as follows:</p>

	<li>Go to Tools-&gt;Internet Options-&gt; Security-&gt; Local Intranet-&gt;Sites.
Check all the 3 boxes.</li>
	<li>Go to Tools-&gt;Internet Options-&gt; Security-&gt; Local Intranet-&gt;Sites-&gt;
Advanced. Add the name of the server host machine. In our case we have added it as follows
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Select Ok.</li>
	<li>Go to Tools-&gt;Internet Options-&gt; Security-&gt; Local Intranet.
Select Custom Level. Browse down to the bottom to see if Logon is set as "Automatic Logon
in Intranet zone".</li>
	<li>Tools-&gt;Internet Options-&gt;Advanced. Check that "Enable Integrated
Windows Authentication(requires restart) is selected.</li>

<p>Mozilla Firefox can be configured as follows:</p>

	<li>In the url address bar type about:config and press enter.</li>
	<li>In the filter enter network.nego. This lists 5 properties. Modify<br/>
network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris and add <a href="http://,https://" rel="nofollow">http://,https://</a><br/>
network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris and add <a href="http://,https://" rel="nofollow">http://,https://</a></li>
	<li>Once done restart the browser.</li>

<p>This sets up your client machine make sure you login to the client machine within
the active directory domain.</p>

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