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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo v2.2 > Assembling a server using GEP
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 06:01:01 GMT
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     <h2><a href="">Assembling
a server using GEP</a></h2>
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         <h1><a name="AssemblingaserverusingGEP-Creatingandusingacustomserverassembly"></a>Creating
and using a custom server assembly</h1>

<p>In this section we discuss how to use the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin to create and use
a custom server assembly. Before you begin, you must have <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Installing+Eclipse"
title="Installing Eclipse">Eclipse</a> and <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Installing+Geronimo+Eclipse+Plugin"
title="Installing Geronimo Eclipse Plugin">Geronimo Eclipse Plugin</a> installed,
and define a  <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Defining+Geronimo+server+runtimes+and+servers"
title="Defining Geronimo server runtimes and servers">Geronimo server and server runtime</a>
in Eclipse.</p>

<h2><a name="AssemblingaserverusingGEP-Creatingacustomserverassembly"></a>Creating
a custom server assembly</h2>

<p>In order to create a custom server assembly, you must already have a Geronimo Server
installed and started.  </p>
	<li>Double clicking the Geronimo server will bring up the server editor in the main
	<li>Clicking on the <em>Plugin</em> tab and selecting <b>Create Custom
Assembly</b> will bring up the <em>New Server Custom Assembly</em> dialog
that is shown below.</li>
	<li>Select relevant plugins or plugins group to be extracted from the server. Items
for working with the server can be found on the <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Plugins+Group"
title="Plugins Group">Plugins Group</a> page.</li>
	<li>Enter in the pertinent information and select all the items that you desire to
have in the new server. Press <b>Ctrl</b> key to select multiple items in the
list. Note that <b>Geronimo Assembly :: Boilerplate</b> or <b>Geronimo Plugin
Group :: Framework</b> MUST be selected in order to create a working server.
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The assembled server will be placed under the directory that you specified. A <tt>.tar</tt>
ball or <tt>.zip</tt> file will also be placed under the <tt>&lt;Geronimo_home&gt;/var/temp</tt>
directory of the running server for easy distribution.</li>

<h2><a name="AssemblingaserverusingGEP-Usingtheserverassembly"></a>Using
the server assembly</h2>

<p>Now we have created a customized server assembly, it is time to use it.  Stop the
original server and uninstall it (easiest done by selecting <b>Windows-&gt;Preferences-&gt;Server</b>,
and removing the server runtime environment. See <a href="/confluence/display/GMOxDOC22/Defining+Geronimo+server+runtimes+and+servers"
title="Defining Geronimo server runtimes and servers">Defining Geronimo server runtimes
and servers</a> page for the details). Use the same approach that you used to install
the original server except for one tiny difference. This time, the location of *Application
Server Installation Directory * should be the one where the newly created server was extracted
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(GEP_Extracted_Assembly.png) not found.</span><br clear="all" />
<br clear="all" />
In place of a full stack of Geronimo server that you started with, you should now have a valid
and customized Geronimo Server for development.</p>
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