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Subject [CONF] Apache Geronimo v2.2 > Add new HTTPS listener
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 08:55:00 GMT
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<p>To add a new HTTPS listener click on the link <b>Tomcat|Jetty BIO|NIO|APR HTTPS
Connector</b>. The following figure illustrates some of the parameters possible for
creating a new Tomcat BIO HTTPS listener. Each parameter has a default value and an explanatory
text. Fill in with your values and click on <b>Save</b>.</p>

<p><img src="/confluence/download/attachments/93387/consoleHTTPSListener.png" align="absmiddle"
border="0" /></p>

<p>The required attributes are explained as followed:</p>
	<li><b>uniqueName</b> A name that is different than the name for any other
web connectors in the server (no spaces in the name please).</li>
	<li><b>host</b> The host name or IP to bind to. The normal values are
(all interfaces) or localhost (local connections only)</li>
	<li><b>keystoreFile</b> The file that holds the keystore (relative to the
Geronimo install dir)</li>
	<li><b>port</b> The TCP port number on which this Connector will create
a server socket and await incoming connections. Your operating system will allow only one
server application to listen to a particular port number on a particular IP address.</li>

<p>Refer to <a href="" title="SSL
Configuration HOW-TO" rel="nofollow">Tomcat SSL Support</a> for more information
about other attributes.</p>
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