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Geronimo 2.1.4 Release Status has been edited by Jarek Gawor (Feb 10, 2009).


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Geronimo 2.1.4 Release Plan/Status

Release Manager: Jarek Gawor
SVN Branch: htps:// 3D""
Proposed Branch/freeze date: TBD (1Q2009)
Proposed Release Candidate: TBD (1Q2009)
Proposed Release date: TBD (1Q2009)
Download URL: http= ://""

Planned Item= s:

Required It= ems:

Reference Person Description Status
Upgrade to Javamail spec 1.6 & provider = 1.7 Jarek    
Upgrade to TXManager 2.1.2 Lin requires OpenEJB 3.0.1  
Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.2.1      
Upgrade to OpenEJB 3.0.1      
GERONIMO-44733D"" Joe Validate the artifact fields when adding an arc= hive to the repository  
Samples   Ensure 2.1.2 Samples can run on 2.1.4 (via alia= s entries)  
Update release notes   Add in resolved issues and known issues into re= lease notes - other updates as necessary (also add to 2.1 Docs)  
Update README.txt      
Legal muck   validate license headers, NOTICE and LICENSE fi= les  
TCK   Final assemblies pass JEE5 TCK  

Optional It= ems:

Reference Person Description Status
GERONIMO-44043D"" Jarek ActiveMQ connectors default to when Ser= verHostname is set to localhost or actual IP 3D""
GERONIMO-44853D"" Jarek Port the GERONIMO-4474 patch for V2.1 3D""
GERONIMO-45253D"" Jarek No effective exit code for all Windows commands= 3D""

Inclu= ded Server JIRAs:

36 as of 20081119 @ 10:15 EST


JIRA Description
GERONIMO-44113D"" Tools.jar expected but not found on Mac OS 10.5= .5
GERONIMO-44053D"" Postgresql new drives would not be listed in Dr= ive Jars list and download driver list
GERONIMO-44043D"" ActiveMQ connectors default to when Ser= verHostname is set to localhost
GERONIMO-43893D"" Can't start server when install it in a directo= ry containing space
GERONIMO-43803D"" dom4j InvalidXPathException on the Tomcat Javae= e5 assembly when deploying a Grails application
GERONIMO-43773D"" Fail to indicate datasource create unsuccessful= ly in admin console "database pool" porlet when choosing wrong database dr= iver
GERONIMO-43753D"" rebind of "auto-bound" stuff in jca: context do= esn't work
GERONIMO-43613D"" Resource injection of simple env. entry types <= /td>
GERONIMO-43563D"" search-plugins, list-targets, and list-modules = commands fail using framework assembly
GERONIMO-43173D"" SQL jdbc driver class name is wrong in db pool = creation wizard
GERONIMO-43123D"" Starting using Java command failed with ClassNo= tFound exception
GERONIMO-43113D"" Deployment of service-refs with wsdl with exter= nal wsdl/xsd imports fails
GERONIMO-43083D"" Web service address caching in WSDL
GERONIMO-43063D"" Plugin list won't be updated after installing a= new server plugin
GERONIMO-42993D"" Session invalidation problem - WADI Tomcat Clus= tering
GERONIMO-42863D"" Can't configure log4j using log4jResource in Ap= plicationLog4jConfigurationGBean
GERONIMO-42763D"" openejb-jar-2.2.xsd missing from the schema sub= directory of the main Geronimo installation directory
GERONIMO-42753D"" PCEnhancer java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java hea= p space
GERONIMO-42103D"" EJB Injection in JSF Managed Bean
GERONIMO-41413D"" The war exported as a geronimo plugin in admin = console cannot be installed with install-plugin command of deployer
GERONIMO-40933D"" gsh scripts are not using setjavaenv or optiona= l setenv script
GERONIMO-40713D"" car-maven-plugin should be able to download pro= vided dependencies

JIRA Description
GERONIMO-44133D"" Improve usability of client.bat/sh
GERONIMO-44063D"" when client.bat/sh a non-exist project, return= a error msg instead of a Exception stack log to user
GERONIMO-43973D"" change log4j ConversionPattern to ISO8601
GERONIMO-43913D"" Upgrade to ANT v1.7.1
GERONIMO-43863D"" rmi-naming should use ServerHostname from confi=
GERONIMO-43703D"" improve usage of default-repository in plugin c= atalog
GERONIMO-42783D"" Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.2.0
GERONIMO-42743D"" Automate version numbers in README and RELASE_N= OTES files
GERONIMO-42253D"" Allow Run SQL portlet run sql against any confi= gured data source
GERONIMO-42123D"" Upgrade Ant to 1.7.1 version
GERONIMO-41703D"" Upgrade Selenium version for Firefox 3
GERONIMO-41623D"" Using Eclipse XML tools in Apache Geronimo 2.1 =
GERONIMO-39593D"" Freeze during deploying OrderEAR sample from GM= OxDOC21
GERONIMO-33163D"" warn but don't prevent deployment if an ear's m= anifest cps are messed up, and provide more info on where.