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Apache Geronimo Mailing Lists

There are currently three publicly available mailing lists for Geronimo:

User Mailing List

The user mailing list is for users of Geronimo to share their experiences and ask questions. Many of the developers monitor that list as well, to make sure questions don't go unanswered. Currently this list has relatively low traffic, although it is increasing after the release of Geronimo V1.0.


Developer Mailing List

The developer mailing list is used by the developers to discuss plans, make decisions, vote on technical issues, etc. It also gets change notices whenever issues are added to or updated in JIRA. This list has a higher volume, though some conversations take place on IRC as well.


Source Control Mailing List

This list receives notifications (with diffs) every time a change is committed to the Geronimo source tree. It also receives change notices for changes to the Geronimo Wiki.


Other Mailing Lists

The Geronimo PMC has a mailing list to resolve any administrative issues, personal issues, and security issues. This list is limited to Geronimo PMC members (and ASF Members). If you have a security issue to report, Please use our private mailing list:

We also have a TCK mailing list to discuss compliance issues. This list is limited to committers who have signed an NDA to work on the TCK compliance effort.

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