Geronimo Samples v2.1.2 Released has been created by Joe Bohn (Oct 03, 2008).


The Apache Geronimo project is pleased to announce the 2.1.2 release of Geronimo Samples. This release is the first release of the samples independent of a Geronimo Server release. The samples are intended to demonstrate unique aspects of the Apache Geronimo Server and address some of the most common questions in a practical way. With this initial release of samples we are supporting multiple Geronimo Server releases. The samples are intended for Geronimo Server 2.1.2 and higher 2.1.x server releases currently available or coming in the future.

For more information on the samples and how to leverage them reference the Geronimo 2.1 Samples Doc. This documentation will continue to evolve and is intended to be used in conjunction with this release of the sample code.

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