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Release Notes – Apache Geronimo – Version 2.1.3

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latest documentation on this release.

System Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+) or greater.

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Geronimo 2.1 Enhancements

Custom server assemblies

  • Lightweight server assemblies may be created that contain only the functional
    components required by your application(s).

Flexible admin console

  • The admin console is now component-based to mirror the server capabilities.
    This allows the admin console to provide flexible administrative capabilities
    that will mirrors the capabilities of a custom server assembly.


  • GShell is a command-line processing environment that can be used for the execution
    of Geronimo commands. GShell is an extensible environment and includes support
    for editing, command history, and tab completion.

Clustering Support

  • WADI can now be used to support clustering of web applications for Geronimo configurations
    which use the Tomcat Web Container (WADI support for Jetty was in previous releases).
  • Applications can be deployed to administratively-defined groups of Geronimo servers

Monitoring Console Plugin

  • The monitoring console plugin provides monitoring support in the Geronimo admin console.
    The monitoring console can gather statistics and performance data from multiple Geronimo
    servers and graphically display this data to users.

Plan Creator

  • Plan Creator is a new portlet added to admin console to simplify the creation of Geronimo
    specific deployment plans. Given a web application archive (war), Plan Creator walks the user
    through a sequence of steps and generates geronimo-web.xml automatically.

Geronimo 2.1.3 Issues Resolved

    • Bug
  • GERONIMO-4285 - The simple mode of server command general option --syserr and --secure is same
  • GERONIMO-4277 - Upgrade to Genesis-1.3.1
  • GERONIMO-4275 - PCEnhancer java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • GERONIMO-4273 - add postgresql-8.2 to the auto driver download list
  • GERONIMO-4266 - Upgrade to DWR 2.0.5 for XSS security fix
  • GERONIMO-4262 - Include patched build of AMQ 4.1.2 to resolve AMQ-1272 security exposure
  • GERONIMO-4253 - Server logging similar exceptions for AxisFaults and for unexpected errors
  • GERONIMO-4245 - Upgrade to Tomcat 6.0.18 to pickup security fixes
  • GERONIMO-4231 - Build exception: no !/ in spec
  • GERONIMO-4227 - Incorrect message is show even if the deployment failed in the web console
  • GERONIMO-4224 - Outofmemory exception throwed by WebAccessLogViewer if the access log file size is too large, such as more than 200M
  • GERONIMO-4218 - NullPointerException in ConnectorModuleBuilder
  • GERONIMO-3793 - "Not Known To This Context" JAXBException when attempting to return complex data type from a @WebMethod
  • GERONIMO-3469 | From console: database pool doesn't work well if the name contains a / like jdbc/EmployeeDataSource |
    • Improvement
  • GERONIMO-4288 | Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.0.3
  • GERONIMO-4272 | Upgrade to geronimo-javamail_1.4_mail-1.6
  • GERONIMO-4271 | Allow plugins with dependencies on older geronimo 2.1.* components to install on Geronimo 2.1.3
  • GERONIMO-4235 | JNDI search should be case-insensitive by default
  • GERONIMO-4228 | install plugin from deploy tool doesn't honor load="false"
  • GERONIMO-4181 | Upgrade derby to
  • GERONIMO-3759 | Geronimo Tomcat Clustering - No GBeans for adding Static Members
    • New Feature

Certification Status
Apache Geronimo v2.1.3 has passed 100% of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 5.0
Certification Test Suite. See "Distributions" for further details.

Apache Geronimo v2.1.3 is available in five distributions so you can pick the
one that best fits your environment.

The available distributions are as follows:

Certified distributions:

  • Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container, AXIS2 for Web Services and OpenJPA
    for persistence.
  • Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container, CXF for Web Services and OpenJPA
    for persistence.

Non-Certified distributions:

  • Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
  • Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
  • Geronimo framework, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.

Note: Non-Certified distributions do not contain a complete JavaEE5 stack and so
cannot be certified. Certified distributions can be reconfigured by the user
(such as Tomcat web container with CXF for Web Services).

Supported features
All programming elements of the Java EE 5.0 Specification are available.

Known Issues and Limitations

    • Bug
      GERONIMO-4287 geronimo.out and geronimo.log stop logging with application specific loggin is enabled and the app is undeployed
      GERONIMO-4286 Can't configure log4j using log4jResource in ApplicationLog4jConfigurationGBean
      GERONIMO-4276 openejb-jar-2.2.xsd missing from the schema subdirectory of the main Geronimo installation directory
      GERONIMO-4257 Problem with processing and delivery jms messages
      GERONIMO-4251 Class-Path entry in WAR manifest didn't work if entry is a directory
      GERONIMO-4250 Wrong path to access JAR files in EAR from WAR modules with getResourceAsStream
      GERONIMO-4247 Maven Plugin Documentation Shows Outdated Configuration
      GERONIMO-4237 Elements <jndi-name>, <jndi-local-name> and <jndi> ignored in openejb-jar.xml
      GERONIMO-4232 JMSException: Failed to build body from bytes
      GERONIMO-4229 clarify use of GERONIMO_HOME vs. GERONIMO_BASE in shell scripts
      GERONIMO-4226 GShell can not be started in a server assembly which only includes geronimo-boilerplate plugin
      GERONIMO-4223 NPE when accessing Installed application EAR or Installed web application portlet
      GERONIMO-4222 Database pool unusable after database unavailable for awhile
      GERONIMO-4219 Edited GBean properties not reflected on restart
      GERONIMO-4217 Check for all data primitive types when shortcutting to the primordial classloader
      GERONIMO-4210 EJB Injection in JSF Managed Bean
      GERONIMO-4184 In-doubt transaction Id's could be reused during server startup
      GERONIMO-4178 Misleading errors during deployment when missing entries in openejb-jar.xml
      GERONIMO-4165 The deploy command in a assembled server fail to start
      GERONIMO-4155 Can use a run-as role without defining it
      GERONIMO-4153 Messages are not being redelivered correctly
      GERONIMO-4141 The war exported as a geronimo plugin in admin console cannot be installed with install-plugin command of deploy.bat|.sh
      GERONIMO-4124 Tomcat jacc usage is messed up
      GERONIMO-4097 unable to download extensible administration console using Little G
      GERONIMO-4093 gsh scripts are not using setjavaenv or optional setenv script
      GERONIMO-4081 Accessibility issue: Webking scan errors against "Check Web Accessibility(Section 508)" rules
      GERONIMO-4080 Accessibility issue: No input error messages are shown in some forms if anything is unexpected
      GERONIMO-4078 Database Pools page: JNDI name formatting inconsistent
      GERONIMO-4076 Console runs in unhandled exception when user starts module with unresolved dependencies
      GERONIMO-4032 Accessibility issue: descriptions should be shown explicitly for automatic change
      GERONIMO-4030 Accessibility issue: The tree and tabbed content in Debug views is not keyboard navigatable
      GERONIMO-4028 Accessibility issue: no label elements and title attributes defined in all of forms in admin console
      GERONIMO-4026 Accessibility issue: no fieldset and legend elements for groups of radio and checkbox button
      GERONIMO-4025 Accessibility issues: No caption tag or summary property, no column and row scope property for data tables in admin console
      GERONIMO-4011 Need new release of JLine to fix GShell problems on Windows
      GERONIMO-4000 Cannot start magicGball sample's client application thru gshell command
      GERONIMO-3998 @WebFault
      GERONIMO-3997 NPE in console
      GERONIMO-3989 gshell - infinite loop
      GERONIMO-3957 Updating svn:ignore lists
      GERONIMO-3949 Problem creating a DB2 datasource
      GERONIMO-3946 WARN JettyModuleBuilder Web application . does not contain a WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml deployment plan
      GERONIMO-3942 IllegalStateException warning message for Jetty plugin installer
      GERONIMO-3938 Geronimo must add Java2 security to run with security manager
      GERONIMO-3934 geronimo/start-server --timeout option does not work as expected
      GERONIMO-3907 Persistence Exception is not visible/lost for client.
      GERONIMO-3892 Persistence.CreateEntityManagerFactory leads to an JNDI Exception in EJB Container
      GERONIMO-3878 Unable to deploy Postgres Datasource from console dialog "Database Pools" because of missing jar files in jar selection listbox.
      GERONIMO-3875 Enabling authentication for Derby renders DB Viewer portlet unusable for all db's except SystemDatabase
      GERONIMO-3874 Deployment of Spring SpringContextResourceAdapter fails
      GERONIMO-3863 Default TomcatWebConnector maxPostSize setting cannot handle DayTrader application
      GERONIMO-3851 Plan Creator cannot recognize classes inside compressed JARs of WEB-INF/lib
      GERONIMO-3844 Errors on shutdown from admin console (Jetty only) - java.lang.InterruptedException
      GERONIMO-3838 memory (probably related to sessions) leak
      GERONIMO-3832 Timers created using the Timer Services are not dropeed when the associated ejb module is stopped or undeployed.
      GERONIMO-3815 ContextManager.getCurrentContext() throws NullPointerException
      GERONIMO-3768 deployment failure is not logged in either geronimo.log or deployer.log
      GERONIMO-3762 Web Applications displayed during server startup include "system" console plugins
      GERONIMO-3685 Monitoring Console should display TimeStatistics and BoundedRangeStatistics correctly
      GERONIMO-3664 JNDIView Portlet should list ResourceAdaptors and its JCAManagedConnectionFactories for RAR Modules
      GERONIMO-3602 SEI specified in webservices.xml does not overwrite annotation
      GERONIMO-3581 Default security relam name in ContextManager
      GERONIMO-3483 Redeploy should start any dependent configurations it stops.
      GERONIMO-3466 car-maven-plugin can not generate server plugin which includes EJB
      GERONIMO-3442 Tomcat exception reports reference non-existent log files
      GERONIMO-3419 Console displays wrong database pool type when derby embed local is used.
      GERONIMO-3392 CA Helper App - Unable to find HTTPS Connector configured for ClientAuth
      GERONIMO-3233 Local EJB references cannot be resolved when <inverse-classloading> is set in web application
      GERONIMO-2622 Implement PolicyContextHandlerSOAPMessage
      GERONIMO-2340 Network Listener state not persisted across server startups
      GERONIMO-2246 Why resource-env-ref:admin-object-module?
    • Improvement
      GERONIMO-4282 Enhance deploy/assemble gshell command usability
      GERONIMO-4280 EARConfigBuilder should show names of zip files not found
      GERONIMO-4265 Enhance Custom server assembly portlet usability
      GERONIMO-4238 JMX over SSL improvements
      GERONIMO-4230 When installing a plugin that is already existed, we still give people confusing missingDependency message
      GERONIMO-4225 Allow Run SQL portlet run sql against any configured data source
      GERONIMO-4221 car file for daytrader module is not generated correctly via c-m-p
      GERONIMO-4170 Upgrade Selenium version for Firefox 3
      GERONIMO-4023 Provide Column Names in the Database Table View of the Admin Console
      GERONIMO-3969 maven2 module goals should use standard server definitions.
      GERONIMO-3958 No web-app element when geronimo-web.xml contains other root element
      GERONIMO-3948 Allow multiple containers to be created for different types of ejbs
      GERONIMO-3940 A easy way to create a new server instance via command/gsh/console
      GERONIMO-3929 Load server implementation classes and it's libraries using a private classloader
      GERONIMO-3925 Monitoring agent should use JAXB to do XML manipulation
      GERONIMO-3915 Upgrade Monitoring and Debugview plugins to use Dojo instead of Dojolegacy
      GERONIMO-3905 Geronimo Database pool wizard
      GERONIMO-3870 Expose JSR77 stats in OpenEJB
      GERONIMO-3849 When display-name in web.xml contains the dot the remaining part's printed out in geronimo.log
      GERONIMO-3774 monitoring agent should separate any constant assignment inside one class
      GERONIMO-3770 Error reporting of undeclared data-sources from persistence.xml with the file path and such
      GERONIMO-3682 The Monitoring Console should keep information about Stats available from a managed object
      GERONIMO-3681 The Monitoring Console should allow the type of graph to be chosen
      GERONIMO-3680 The Monitoring agent should optimize DB activity
      GERONIMO-3661 Optimize GShell libs for G server assemblies
      GERONIMO-3530 provide activemq destination and connector stats
      GERONIMO-3448 New threads launched from an EJB do not run as the same Subject as the launching thread
      GERONIMO-3402 Remove depricated DeployUtils with FileUtils
      GERONIMO-3399 Need JSR88 DConfigBeans for GerSecurityType
      GERONIMO-3389 console: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError is thrown when create a Tomcat APR HTTP Connector
    • New Feature
      GERONIMO-4279 Pull in TranQL SQLServer 2000 and 2005 XA connector
      GERONIMO-4140 Update quartz plugin to geronimo 2.1+
      GERONIMO-4089 Investigate building and running Geronimo on JSE 6
      GERONIMO-3662 Provide JCA Resource statistics
      GERONIMO-3619 Allow context-param's to be overridden in geronimo-web.xml
      GERONIMO-3572 Disable access log by default and provide an easy way for the user to enable/disable logging at will.

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