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Welcome to the Apache Geronimo Development Tools Subproject

The aim of this subproject is to provide a rich set of development tools for Geronimo, focusing on application development, migration, and IDE integration. The tools are:

This page describes how to install the current release of the GEP. For information about installing previous releases, see this page

Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP)

The Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP) provides an integration between Eclipse, its Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project and Geronimo that allows users to utilize WTP features to develop, deploy, debug and run applications for the Apache Geronimo application server.

The current release of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin is v2.1.2, released on August 22, 2008. For details, see the:


Geronimo Eclipse Plugin FAQ's

Using GEP

  1. How to install Geronimo Eclipse Plugin – including getting the GEP.
  2. How to Use Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
  3. 5-minute Tutorial on Enterprise Application Development with Eclipse and Geronimo

Developing GEP and Geronimo

  1. How to Build Geronimo Eclipse Plugin from Source
  2. How to Develop Geronimo Eclipse Plugin in Eclipse
  3. Developing Geronimo in Eclipse


  1. GEP 2.1.2 Release Notes
  2. How to get daily Geronimo Eclipse Plugin builds
  3. How to open a bug for Geronimo Eclipse Plugin

Issues and Questions

GEP issues are tracked in JIRA in the GERONIMODEVTOOLS project.
Questions about GEP can be asked on the Geronimo mailing lists.
Eclipse Platform or WTP issues should be opened under the Eclipse Bugzilla.
Other questions pertaining to Eclipse, WTP, or any Eclipse Project should be asked on the Eclipse Newsgroups.

For more details and information, see How to open a bug for Geronimo Eclipse Plugin.

Previous Releases

JBoss to Geronimo (J2G) Migration Tool

The JBoss to Geronimo Migration Tool (J2G) is an Eclipse plugin designed to assist in migrating the sources of an application written for the JBoss application server or written for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) to the Apache Geronimo platform. More information can be found here.

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