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The following items are being worked for a Samples 2.1.2 release.

This is the first release of samples. Therefore, there are several issues/questions that must be addressed. Below there is a list of questions/issues and actions/statements regarding how we are proceeding and why.

General Sample work items:

item person status
Upgrade to genesis 1.4 Joe Bohn
Update legal files - validate headers Joe Bohn
Remove async-http Joe Bohn
Remove snapshot references Joe Bohn
Make archetype work for plugins Joe Bohn
match version dependencies (specs, etc..) to those in Geronimo 2.1 Joe Bohn
Plugins for all samples Jarek Gawor
Common datasource plugin David Jencks
standardize naming conventions David Jencks
eliminate unneeded ears David Jencks
reformat code David Jencks
eliminate table collision in samples Joe Bohn
validate archetype Joe Bohn  
document archetype    
make samples functional for multiple 2.1* versions Joe Bohn a compatibility plugin can be used to map 2.1 cars to later versions. However this required a fix so can only work for future Geronimo releases (2.1.2+ & 2.2+). However, we have decided to release samples for the Geronimo 2.1.2 server release and not support these samples on prior 2.1* releases.
consistent/standard doc template for all samples    
Document all-samples plugin Joe Bohn  

Individual Sample Status (please initial each status item):

Several folks have worked on various samples. The initial results below (JAB-init) reflect an initial, point in time status by Joe Bohn on 6/11. At that point in time a indicated that the sample deployed and was functional while a indicated that there were either errors during deploy or running the sample. If you worked on one or more of these samples and validated them please update the respective fields indicating that you updated the sample/doc and that you verified it on the tomcat and jetty (removing my initials below where appropriate).

Sample Update Sample Validated in Jetty Validated in Tomcat Updated Doc issues/concerns
all-samples - Installs all samples with one plugin Joe Bohn Joe Bohn Joe Bohn needs doc  
app-per-port - Running multiple web apps on different ports Joe Bohn n/a JAB-init    
bank - EJB sample application   JAB-init JAB-init    
calculator - Using EJB 3.0 functions   JAB-init JAB-init    
dbtester - DB Pool Testing Sample application   JAB-init JAB-init    
inventory - Simple Database Access Application   JAB-init JAB-init    
jaxws-calculator - Simple Web Service 2. JAX-WS Lin Lin Lin Lin documented that command line client is not working
jms-mdb - JMS and MDB Sample Application Lin JAB-init JAB-init    
ldap-sample-app - LDAP Sample Application   JAB-init JAB-init    
myphonebook - Very Simple Entity EJB Example Joe Bohn Joe Bohn Joe Bohn Joe Bohn  
mytime - Very Simple Session EJB Example Joe Bohn Joe Bohn Joe Bohn Joe Bohn  
sendmail - Using Geronimo Default JavaMail Session Joe Bohn JAB-init JAB-init    
timereport - Web Application Security Sample   JAB-init JAB-init    
customer - Simple EJB application with JPA entity Lin        
jsp-examples Lin Lin Lin needs doc  
servlet-examples Lin Lin Lin needs doc  

Misc questions/issues

How often will samples be released?

We will release samples for each major Geronimo release. If possible, we will work to ensure that samples released for a major release (such as 2.1) will continue to work with subsequent minor releases (such as 2.1.1). However, if this cannot be achieved then we will release samples for each minor release as well.

How will samples be versioned?

The version of the released samples will match the intended major Geronimo release version.

Will all samples follow the archetype?

No. While the archetype is convenient to create new samples the structure of the samples that are created can be confusing at times if it is a web only application. This is because the archetype assumes it will create an enterprise application and always creates an ear structure. Where appropriate the archetype ear structure will be followed but for web only applications only a web structure will be released.

Should Jetty samples pre-req Jetty and Tomcat samples pre-req Tomcat?

This was initially the case. However, this was changed so that the plugins could be installed in a framework server without the jetty or tomcat prereq being present (the integration tests in trunk currently require this). There was opposition to restoring the defaults because it was thought a common mechnism to run the samples would be in the *-jetty/target directories.

Should we move the samples back into the server to ensure that they are released concurrently?

There was opposition to this suggestion. The primary argument seemed to be that the samples can be released independently and therefore should be released independently to demonstrate the plugin nature of Geronimo and avoid huge releases.

Will there be a manual description of how to create the sample datasource rather than using the plugin?

We may attempt to provide some description for those interested. However, the creation of the datasource is generally not particularly relevant to the samples we currently have. Therefore, it is considered adequate to have a note about installing the datasource plugin prior to manually installing the samples.

Will we be providing a source zip for the samples?

The user can obtain the source for the samples using svn. This is the recommended approach. If necessary we can consider also delivering a zip of the source along with the distribution of the release (much as we currently do for the Geronimo server source).

What additional software is required to build the samples?

  • maven (version 2.0.9).
  • svn

Can a user build an individual sample or must all samples be built?

This is still an open question. While it should be possible to build just a particular sample it is recommended to build all samples from the root. In the future we may require that the samples be built collectively to make the process of managing dependencies manageable.

Must a user understand Geronimo plugins to gain value from the samples?

No. While it is true that plugins have been integrated with the samples and a user can gain an understanding of the plugin structure from most samples a detailed knowledge of plugins is not necessary to utilize and benefit from the samples. The fundamental ear/war structure is unchanged and the appropriate Geronimo deployment descriptors are generated and can be utilized without understanding Geronimo plugins.

So just how do the plugins influence the samples then?

  • The datasource is implemented as a plugin and must be installed for certain samples to function.
  • The Geronimo deployment plans are not included in the source and are generated as a result of building the plugins. We will direct the user to look at the build results to view the final deployment plan and include the content of the deployment plan in the wiki for each sample for cases where the user just wants to view and not build the samples.

Duplication in Samples

It is the consensus that is it acceptable to have some duplication between samples if the purpose of the duplication is to provide some samples that are very simple (for basic topic introduction) and some that are more complex (to more closely mirror a real life example).

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