Apache Geronimo v2.1.2 - Released has been created by Joe Bohn (Aug 05, 2008).


The Apache Geronimo project is pleased to announce the new v2.1.2 release. This release is primarily a maintenance upgrade that pulls together fixes not only for Geronimo but also other key components included in the server. Improvements have been made in the administrative console, GShell command line processing, messages, and numerous other areas. Details of the fixes included can be seen in the Release Notes. Many issues have also been resolved in newer versions of core components that have been included in this Geronimo release. Geronimo v2.1.2 component upgrades include Tomcat 6.0.16, CXF 2.0.8, JavaMail 1.5, MyFaces 1.2.3, WADI 2.0, and Yoko 1.0 among others.

Visit the Downloads page for details on downloading Apache Geronimo v2.1.2.

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