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Subject svn commit: r690444 - /geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/trunk/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.3.txt
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2008 02:31:15 GMT
Author: tkirby
Date: Fri Aug 29 19:31:15 2008
New Revision: 690444

update 2.1.3 release notes: update JIRAs included so far


Modified: geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/trunk/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.3.txt
--- geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/trunk/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.3.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/devtools/eclipse-plugin/trunk/PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.3.txt Fri Aug 29 19:31:15
@@ -61,8 +61,24 @@
 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-129 Enhanced Editor Support for specifying GBeans in all the deployment
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-171 Add extension point to remove hard-coded org.apache.geronimo name from
launch console action check
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-414 Provide an option to Add Dependencies from Server
 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-422 Reduce the clutter of open sections in the GEP deployment plan editors.
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-423 Add more options to the Security Section in Geronimo Deployment Plan
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-430 Provide editor support to configure Advanced Security Settings
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-465 Replace depracated Eclipse-LazyStart in plugin manifests
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-499 Only installing Geronimo v2.0 server adapter in GEP 2.1.2 does not work
for Ganymede
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-501 Adding server in eclipse suggests "Apache Geronimo V2.1 is currently
only certified on a 1.5 JVM. Use of any other version is not currently supported."
+GERONIMODEVTOOLS-502 Fix NPE when adding references to naming page of deployment plan editors
 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-503 Read security info from deployment descriptor(s).
 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-505 PLUGIN_RELEASE-NOTES-2.1.2.txt missing from distribution
@@ -70,6 +86,7 @@
 GERONIMODEVTOOLS-507 Ship only one feature that provides v20 and v21 server support
 Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo Eclipse Plugin -- Version ${pom.version} -- ${buildNumber}
 @version $Rev$ $Date$

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