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Geronimo 2.1.2 Release Plan

Release Manager: Joe Bohn
Proposed Branch/freeze date: July 21, 2008
Proposed Release Candidate: July 24, 2008
Proposed Release date: July 31, 2008

Required Items:

Reference Person Description Status
GERONIMO-4076   Console runs in unhandled exception when user starts module with unresolved dependencies  
GERONIMO-4082   <hidden-classes> ignored for certain classes that are loaded by system class loader  
GERONIMO-4099 David Jencks Calling isUserInRole wipes out run-as info  
GERONIMO-4124 David Jencks Tomcat jacc usage is messed up  
GERONIMO-4131   Problems with WebSphere MQ RA deployment  
GERONIMO-4155 David Jencks Can use a run-as role without defining it  
GERONIMO-4166 DWoods EAR missing dependency on j2ee-security breaks Server Console  
GERONIMO-4175 linsun dojo v1.0.2 dijit/demos/i18n directory contains wikipedia content Rev673508

Optional Items:

Reference Person Description Status
Selenium 1.0-beta-1 DWoods Upgrade Selenium artifacts to 1.0-beta-1 Rev673552
GERONIMO-3599 Joseph Leong Unable to create new JMS Resource group through console in IE7  
GERONIMO-3665 Jarek Gawor Create ghell commands for wsgen and wsimport tools  
GERONIMO-4145 DWoods Additional Admin Console navigational icons  
GERONIMO-4184   In-doubt transaction Id's could be reused during server startup  
Javamail   Upgrade Javamail to pickup JAMES fixes  

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