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The following items are being worked for a 2.1.1 release.

Proposed Branch date: 04/14/08
Proposed Release Candidate date: 04/21/08

Required Items:

Reference Person Description Status
GERONIMO-3354 David Jencks Exception thrown by MDB involved in XA transaction
GERONIMO-3781 Joe Leong PluginInstaller CRSF when installing a new plugin. - There are patches integrated for this. Is there more to be done
GERONIMO-3833 Viet monitoring hard coded gbean names. - Viet has integrated a fix - outstanding question by Jarek
GERONIMO-3837 Vamsi configure allowLinking attribute - Vamsi has integrated this
GERONIMO-3843 Shiva Plan creator fails to create plan and to deploy
GERONIMO-3850 Shiva Plan Creator suppresses exceptions rather than showing it to user
GERONIMO-3871 David Jencks archetypes for plugin and assembly.
GERONIMO-3898 David Jencks log4j app config gbean.
GERONIMO-3902 Jason Warner start-server overrides
GERONIMO-3906 Jarek start-server uses hard-coded credentials. This seems important.
GERONIMO-3918 Donald Woods upgrade to WADI 2.0-M9.
OpenEJB 3.0 David Blevins OpenEJB 3.0 up for vote
JavaMail 1.4 Spec v1.3 Joe Bohn Release geronimo-javamail_1.4-1.3 spec
JavaMail v1.4 Joe Bohn Release geronimo-javamail-1.4
ActiveMQ 4.1.2 David Jencks New ActiveMQ release required to pick up fixes for GERONIMO-3783 & GERONIMO-3354 up for vote
ActiveIO 3.0.1 David Jencks must accompany new ActiveMQ release up for vote
tranql-connector-db2-xa 1.2 ? David Jencks needed to fix error setting trace file  
yoko 1.1 pinned version Rick McGuire Needed to resolve some tck issues on Windows  

Optional Items:

Reference Person Description Status
Genesis 1.4   leverage genesis 1.4  
GERONIMO-3442   Tomcat exception reports reference non-existent log files  
GERONIMO-3503   db pool wizard creates plans only for local-transactions  
GERONIMO-3651 Jason Dillon gshell should make it dead simple to run geronimo with remote debugging  
GERONIMO-3661 Jason Dillon Optimize GShell libs for G server assemblies  
GERONIMO-3687 Kevan classloader deadlock during server startup
GERONIMO-3700 Jason Dillon alias command fails  
GERONIMO-3719 Erik/Viet monitoring agent uses sun classes
GERONIMO-3759   tomcat clustering, no gbeans for adding static members  
GERONIMO-3762   Web Applications displayed during server startup include "system" console plugins  
GERONIMO-3768   deployment failure is not logged in either geronimo.log or deployer.log  
GERONIMO-3783 David Jencks mdb delivery problem - DJ isn't sure this is a G bug ... may be fixed with AMQ-1618  
GERONIMO-3806 Manu extraneous warning messages for ejb resource-env-def deploy
GERONIMO-3814 Jarek NPE in GBeanOverride
GERONIMO-3815   ContextManager.getCurrentContext() throws NullPointerException  
GERONIMO-3819 Anish updates to JMS resource portlet  
GERONIMO-3823   document the SystemPropertyGBean  
GERONIMO-3851 Shiva Plan Creator cannot recognize classes inside compressed JARs of WEB-INF/lib  
GERONIMO-3858   start-server.bat fails if space in dir  
GERONIMO-3875 Vamsi Derby authentication breaks DB viewer portlet. Creating new databases is pending. This shouldn't block 2.1.1
GERONIMO-3879 Vamsi webaccess log viewer with multiple server instances has issues.
GERONIMO-3887 Joe Leong bad config install for plugin causes new installs to fail.
GERONIMO-3896 David Jencks error processing HEAD method by default HttpServlet.
GERONIMO-3900 Donald Woods runtime support for non-Sun JVMs.  
GERONIMO-3901 Vamsi security realms portlet missing encoding option

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