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Subject svn commit: r584040 - /geronimo/server/branches/2.0.2/RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.2.txt
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 04:25:10 GMT
Author: kevan
Date: Thu Oct 11 21:25:03 2007
New Revision: 584040

Add RELEASE-NOTES for 2.0.2 release

    geronimo/server/branches/2.0.2/RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.2.txt   (with props)

Added: geronimo/server/branches/2.0.2/RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.2.txt
--- geronimo/server/branches/2.0.2/RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.2.txt (added)
+++ geronimo/server/branches/2.0.2/RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.2.txt Thu Oct 11 21:25:03 2007
@@ -0,0 +1,280 @@
+Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 2.0.2
+Geronimo URLs
+Home Page:
+Mailing Lists:
+Source Code:
+Bug Tracking:
+Updated Information
+Please see for the 
+latest information on this release.
+System Requirements
+You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+).  Other Java VMs 
+should work as well.
+Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
+Significant Changes in the 2.0.2 Release
+- MEJB security issue fixed
+    * Access to the Maintenance EJB (MEJB) is now controlled by the mejb-read (read access)
+      and mejb-admin (read/write access) groups. 
+- Changes in the default JNDI names for EJB's
+    * The default JNDI names generated for EJB's has been simplified. Environments reliant
+      on the default JNDI names generated by Geronimo 2.0.1 will not work with Geronimo 2.0.2
+      For information on the new format, see
+- Updated CA (Certification Authority) Helper on the Geronimo Administration Console
+    * Certificate requests and downloads are now supported using Internet Explorer
+- Multiple bug fixes
+    * A number of issues are resolved by Geronimo 2.0.2. A summary of issues is provided
+Certification Status
+Apache Geronimo v2.0 have passed 100% SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 
+Certification Test Suite. See "Distributions" for further details.
+Apache Geronimo v2.0 is available in five distributions so you can pick the 
+one that better fits your environment.
+The available distributions are as follows:
+Certified distributions:
+- Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container, AXIS2 for Web Services and OpenJPA
+  for persistence.
+- Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container, CXF for Web Services and OpenJPA 
+  for persistence.
+Non-Certified distributions:
+- Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
+- Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
+- Micro-G, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.
+Note: Non-Certified distributions do not contain a complete JavaEE5 stack and so 
+cannot be certified.  Certified distributions can be reconfigured by the user 
+(such as Tomcat web container with CXF for Web Services). 
+Supported features
+All programming model elements of the Java EE 5.0 Specification are available.  
+Some of the non-specification related elements such as clustering are still 
+being worked on.
+Building Geronimo
+See for information
+about building Geronimo 2.0.2 from source
+Installing & Starting Geronimo
+To install, simply unpack the .zip (Windows) or tar.gz (Unix) file containing
+If you wish to modify the default ports that Geronimo will use, edit the file
+Geronimo comes with batch and script files to control server start and stop
+functions.  To see usage examples simply type geronimo.bat or
+command as appropriate for your platform.  It is necessary to set JAVA_HOME to
+the copy of your Sun 5 JDK/JRE prior to executing the command.
+Here is an example to set JAVA_HOME:
+export JAVA_HOME=<JDK/JRE_home>
+To see the available command options type:
+The command will display help text instructing you as to how to start and stop
+the Geronimo server.
+If you prefer to start the server without a script file you can simply type the 
+following command from <geronimo_home> directory:
+java -Djava.endorsed.dirs=lib/endorsed -javaagent:bin/jpa.jar -jar bin/server.jar
+Once the server has started, you can access the Geronimo Administration Console
+at http://localhost:8080/console/ . The default user name is "system" and the
+default password is "manager".
+Note for Windows platforms:
+Windows users keep in mind the directory path length limitation of 255 characters.
+Defaulting installation to predefined directories such as "My Documents" or 
+"Program Files" may cause the installation or the server start up to fail. Try a 
+<geronimo_home> at a root level instead.
+Security Configuration
+The default administration user/password for the Geronimo Administration Console
+and command line deployment tool is system/manager.  You can change these defaults
+directly from the Geronimo Administration Console by accessing Security -> Console
+Realm and change the user name and password from the Console Realm Users portlet.
+As an alternative, you can make the same changes by editing the
+<geronimo_home>/var/security/ and
+<geronimo_home>/var/security/ files.
+Access to the var/security directory should be appropriately secured on systems where
+you install Geronimo.
+Passwords in are encrypted by the server. Passwords can be changed 
+using the Geronimo Administration Console. They can also be changed using a text
+editor. While the server is stopped, simply edit the file. The 
+password(s) will be encrypted the next time the server is started. 
+To prevent potential security exposures, we strongly recommend you update the 
+default user names and passwords on your system.
+To enable MEJB access, you will need to configure either an mejb-user or 
+mejb-admin group. To enable read/write MEJB access to the 'system' user,
+add the following to <geronimo_home>/var/security/ file:
+Deploying Applications
+Geronimo comes with deploy scripts and batch files to deploy J2EE modules or
+applications. You can use the scripts or simply invoke the executable jar by
+running the following command (note that you need to start Geronimo first):
+<geronimo_home>/bin/java -jar deployer.jar deploy my-web-app.war [deploy plan]
+You will need to use the username "system" and password "manager" unless you
+customized those as described above.  The deployment plan argument is
+optional -- you can pack a deployment plan into the application module, provide
+it on the command line, or in some cases omit it entirely.
+You can also use the "Login" command to avoid entering a user name and password
+every time you use the deploy tool
+For more information on the commands and options supported by the deploy tool,
+run from within the Geronimo directory <geronimo_home>/bin:
+java -jar deployer.jar help [command]
+You can also graphically deploy applications and resources via the Geronimo
+Administration Console available at http://localhost:8080/console/
+Other Deployment Options
+As an alternative to the command-line deployer, you can copy application
+modules into the <geronimo_home>/deploy/ directory and the
+hot deployer service will deploy them automatically.  The command-line deployer
+has some advantages, as it will output any
+deployment errors to its own console rather than just the server log.
+Additionally, Geronimo provides a Maven plugin that can deploy applications to
+Geronimo as part of a Maven build.
+Most configuration attributes can be updated in the
+<geronimo_home>/var/config/config.xml file.  The attributes most likely to be
+changed are already included in the supplied config.xml file, while others may
+need to be added manually.
+Known Issues and Limitations
+Spring jars packaged within the lib directory of an EAR file will not be accessible
+to web applications packaged within the same EAR file. To workaround this issue
+you must either override Spring class filtering which is automatically configured
+for the web applications or configure the Spring jars via the manifest classpath of
+the web applications.
+Resolved Issues
+[GERONIMO-3461] - Disable MEJB gbean in the default assemblies until G3456 is fixed
+[GERONIMO-1746] - Cannot override default configurationFile value in Log4jService GBean
+[GERONIMO-2188] - When oracle wrapper is used, commits are not immediately committed to oracle
+[GERONIMO-2567] - Remote admin of server using deployer.jar fails to connect
+[GERONIMO-2775] - Enabling web statistics collection for jetty fails from the admin console
+[GERONIMO-2851] - LDAP view in the console
+[GERONIMO-2884] - JNDI Name Not Correct
+[GERONIMO-2925] - Key used for encryption same for all server instances
+[GERONIMO-3208] - In-place deployment fails when renaming file
+[GERONIMO-3248] - Extraneous WARN messages during deployment of resource-env-refs in EJB
+[GERONIMO-3265] - Spring stale version in 2.0-M6-rc1
+[GERONIMO-3310] - Geronimo is not finding message-destination elements in ejb-jar.xmls
+[GERONIMO-3317] - "has not been enhanced" error when invoking an EJB 2.1 Entity Bean
+[GERONIMO-3324] - Could not scan module for TLD files: illegal char (space)
+[GERONIMO-3326] - ClassLoader memory leak caused by OpenJPA
+[GERONIMO-3329] - javaVirtualMachine param for StartServerMojo in geronimo-maven-plugin doesn't
+[GERONIMO-3348] - java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder
+[GERONIMO-3363] - ArrayList thread safe problem in OpenJPA
+[GERONIMO-3376] - can't customize tomcat's session manager behavior per web context
+[GERONIMO-3380] - Derby embedded database pool created from console doesn't work
+[GERONIMO-3383] - "Connect" button on LDAP Viewer portlet just listens on port "1389" ,not
+[GERONIMO-3386] - Nothing returned when clicking on "Save" button at creating Tomcat NIO
HTTPs Connector
+[GERONIMO-3388] - LoginKerberosTest relies on kerberos not being installed... so it can fail
on windows?
+[GERONIMO-3390] - Server Logs portlet - Web Access Log Viewer is broken
+[GERONIMO-3405] - Generating WSDL files are runtime leaves files in use on Windows
+[GERONIMO-3409] - Several geronimo-web.xml files still use a 2.0-SNAPSHOT depend. Upgrade
to geronimo.components vers=2.0.1
+[GERONIMO-3411] - injection target entries are not added to existing env-entry entries
+[GERONIMO-3412] - Upgrade geronimo.components to released 2.0.1 levels
+[GERONIMO-3414] - servlet.destroy() not called on POJOWebServiceServlet
+[GERONIMO-3420] - Remote deploy of an EAR without an application.xml plan fails
+[GERONIMO-3421] - ClassFinder classloader problems cause deployer to hang
+[GERONIMO-3426] - The Holder object contains duplicated injections
+[GERONIMO-3435] - Axis2: unable to create a service-ref without wsdl using a generic Service
+[GERONIMO-3437] - Axis2: serviceimplClass being null caused NPE at invoke in JavaBeanDispatcher
+[GERONIMO-3439] - geronimo-openejb-2.0.xsd not packaged under schema directory!
+[GERONIMO-3446] - Improperly configured JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variables can cause
server failure
+[GERONIMO-3452] - Stateless Session EJBs cannot contain a remove() method
+[GERONIMO-3456] - Make MEJB security configurable
+[GERONIMO-3458] - include Dojo information in LICENSE and NOTICE files
+[GERONIMO-3459] - Build break due to OpenEJB Rev572863 changes
+[GERONIMO-3464] - A webapp with <init-param> fails deployment
+[GERONIMO-3465] - Default log level needs to be tweaked to provide more useful information
to users
+[GERONIMO-3473] - CA Helper app should support submitting Certificate Requests from Internet
+[GERONIMO-3474] - Use released openjpa 1.0.0
+[GERONIMO-3475] - expose thread pool size in config.xml/
+[GERONIMO-3477] - Transaction recovery broken for resource adapter
+[GERONIMO-3481] - Offline deployer throws BIND Exception when port 1099 is in use
+[GERONIMO-3484] - openejb-deployer should not require openejb to be running
+[GERONIMO-3489] - Deployment problems caused by file deletion failures
+[GERONIMO-3494] - HTTP GET is not handled correctly for JAX-WS services
+[GERONIMO-3499] - Expose ConnectionTimeout configuration in tomcat web connector to the user
+[GERONIMO-3505] - JettyAJP13Connector in geronimo-jetty6-minimal isn't using
+[GERONIMO-3508] - Still cannot build branches/2.0 without building OpenEJB first, due to
XBean depends
+[GERONIMO-3514] - NullPointerException in EjbModuleBuilder.addResourceAdapterMDBInfos
+[GERONIMO-2964] - Cannot specify the Tomcat work directory for a web application
+[GERONIMO-3378] - Enhance debugability of Deployer by logging errors and more data on debug
+[GERONIMO-3391] - Use the for the Deployer remoteDeployAddress
+[GERONIMO-3401] - Stop of module from "System Modules" in console should warn user of destructive
+[GERONIMO-3423] - Ensure that users can change the ejb jndi name format
+[GERONIMO-3507] - Expose all TomcatConnector attributes in config.xml
+[GERONIMO-3511] - Upgrade to TranQL 1.1 released MySQL and PostgresSQL
+[GERONIMO-3513] - Update XBean versions to new 3.2 release
+[GERONIMO-3521] - plugin catalog for 2.0.2

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