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Subject svn commit: r536973 - /geronimo/daytrader/branches/1.2/README.Geronimo
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 19:26:30 GMT
Author: cjblythe
Date: Thu May 10 12:26:30 2007
New Revision: 536973

DAYTRADER-4 Added updated README file for Geronimo and removed old file


Added: geronimo/daytrader/branches/1.2/README.Geronimo
--- geronimo/daytrader/branches/1.2/README.Geronimo (added)
+++ geronimo/daytrader/branches/1.2/README.Geronimo Thu May 10 12:26:30 2007
@@ -0,0 +1,125 @@
+These are instructions for building and deploying DayTrader 1.2 on Apache
+Geronimo 1.1.X and 1.2. All of the necessary vendor specific deployment
+artifacts are provided by the deployment plans located in the plans
+System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0. All of the necessary Sun
+vendor specific deployment descriptors and artifacts are included in the
+source tree.
+PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the web services components (web services
+proxy and ws appclient), all components of the application function.
+Building the EAR with Maven 2
+Build the EAR by changing directories to the top-level project directory and
+issue the following command...
+mvn install
+Assuming the build is successful, the ear will be located under the following
+Creating the DayTrader database (optional)
+Typically, the provided plan files are configured to create the DayTrader
+database (DaytraderDatabase) on Apache Derby during deployment. However, 
+scripts are provided within the bin/dbscripts/derby directory, if you choose 
+to create the database manually.
+NOTE: These scripts assume that the JAVA_HOME and GERONIMO_HOME environment
+variables have been defined.
+Installing the EAR
+The easist way to install the DayTrader ear is through the Apache Geronimo
+Administration Console. 
+1) Open the Apache Geronimo Administration Console via a browser and follow
+   the "Deploy New" link under the Applications sub-section of the Console
+   Navigation pane.
+2) Provide the location of the archive file and the Geronimo deployment
+   plan file.
+3) Accept the defaults and click on the "Install" button.
+If you choose not to use the Administration Console, you may deploy the
+DayTrade application archive using the Geronimo deployer utility. The
+following command line demonstrates how the deployer utility can be used
+to install DayTrader.
+${GERONIMO_HOME}/bin/ deploy daytrader-ear-1.2-SNAPSHOT.ear dayTrader-1.2-plan.xml
+Running DayTrader
+Once installed and started, the DayTrader application can be accessed at the
+following URL.
+Before accessing any of the trading application functions, the required
+database tables must be created and populated with an initial set of accounts,
+stock quotes, and holdings. Follow the simple steps outlined below to 
+configure the database tables and populate them with data.
+1) Follow the "Configuration" tab and click on the "(Re)-create  DayTrader 
+   Database Tables and Indexes" link.
+2) Upon completion, return to the "Configuration" tab and click on the 
+   "(Re)-populate  DayTrader Database" link.
+At this point, you should be able to log into DayTrader and begin trading!
+NOTE: The initial population size consists of 200 accounts and 400 stock
+quotes. These values can be updated via the "Configure DayTrader run-time 
+parameters" link on the "Configuration" tab.
+Launching the DayTrader Application Clients
+DayTrader provides two J2EE application clients, the DayTrader Streamer app
+client and a web services app. The Streamer app client uses a JMS topic to
+subscribe to quote price updates as stocks are bought and sold. These updates
+are tracked and used to determine if database collisions occur while updating
+the quote prices in the database. The web services app client simply provides
+a thick client for accessing DayTrader services using a web services interface.
+The following commands can be used to launch the application clients.
+Streamer app client:
+java -jar bin/client.jar geronimo/daytrader-streamer-client/1.2-SNAPSHOT/car
+NOTE: In order for the quote price updates to published to the JMS topic, the
+"Publish Quote Updates" flag on the configuration page must be enabled.
+Web Services app client:
+java -jar bin/client.jar geronimo/daytrader-wsapp-client/1.2-SNAPSHOT/car
+DayTrader Logging/Tracing
+To enable logging of the DayTrader components in Geronimo, you must edit the file located in the var/log directory. The required
+changes are listed below. If necessary, please restart the server in order
+for these changes to take affect.
+Uncomment the following line:
+Append the following line:
+If you would like the trace statements to show up in the geronimo.log as well, 
+modify the FILE threshold with the following line:
\ No newline at end of file

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