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Subject svn commit: r432401 - /geronimo/trunk/BUILDING.txt
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:46:56 GMT
Author: jdillon
Date: Thu Aug 17 14:46:55 2006
New Revision: 432401

Updating build instructions to briefly describe the m2 build & bootstrap


Modified: geronimo/trunk/BUILDING.txt
--- geronimo/trunk/BUILDING.txt (original)
+++ geronimo/trunk/BUILDING.txt Thu Aug 17 14:46:55 2006
@@ -1,67 +1,52 @@
-Welcome to Geronimo
-To build me please install Maven from here - version 1.0.2 or later.
-In addition you should have JDK 1.4.x installed with JAVA_HOME
-environment defined to point to this JDK.
-* NOTE * Currently Geronimo requires the Sun 1.4 JDK for building.  Newer JDK 
-         Versions may not work.  Use at your own risk.
-In the following examples, '$>' is your prompt, so if you see 
-'$> maven', at your prompt, type in 'maven' (without the quotes) 
-and then press [enter].
-To build Geronimo running all of the unit test cases, compiling 
-all the Geronimo sources and installing them in your local maven
-repository, simply type "maven" in the root of the Geronimo
-source tree:
-        $> maven 
+Welcome to Apache Geronimo
+To build you will need:
+ * J2SE SDK 1.4.2+ (
+ * Maven 2.0.4+ (
+NOTE: If you use JDK 1.5 you may run into unexpected errors, so stick to 1.4.
+For detail instructions please see:
-That command will run the default "new" target and compile 
-Geronimo, using recent binary builds of OpenEJB and TranQL.  In 
-some cases synchronized changes are made to several of the 
-projects at once, and you may have trouble building the HEAD code 
-of Geronimo against the older binaries of OpenEJB of TranQL.  
-In that case, you can run:
-	$> maven m:co
-	$> maven m:clean m:clean-repo new
-The first command checks out the latest OpenEJB and TranQL code,
-while the second cleans and previous build output and rebuilds
-Geronimo, OpenEJB, and TranQL from scratch.
+Building for the first time
-To run the server, change into one of the assemblies directory
-and start the server using a command like this:
-        $> cd assemblies/j2ee-jetty-server
-        $> cd target/geronimo-1.0
-        $> java -jar bin/server.jar
+Currently to ensure that your build works you should bootstrap, which will
+clean your local Maven 2 repository, download some sources and build them
+and kick off the Geronimo build.
-To stop the server use ctrl-C or use the shutdown JAR.
-(See for more information).
+To start the bootstrap build simply:
-To do a clean rebuild of Geronimo type
+    ./bootstrap
-        $> maven m:clean m:clean-repo new
+NOTE: Windows users will need Cygwin to execute this script.
-To only build select modules (assumes that depends are installed
+The end result will be a set of functional distributions in m2-assemblies/*/target
+which you can unpack and startup, as in:
-        $> maven -Dmodules=common,core
+    gunzip -c m2-assemblies/geronimo-jetty-j2ee/target/geronimo-jetty-j2ee*-bin.tar.gz |
tar xf -
+    ./geronimo-jetty-j2ee*/bin/
+    ...
+    ./geronimo-jetty-j2ee*/bin/
-To clean your workspace:
-        $> maven clean
-NOTE: You need to build the server first for this to work due to 
-      a problem with dependencies & the reactor.
+Subsequent builds
+After the initial bootstrap build, the `mvn` command can be used.
+To build all changes incrementally:
+    mvn install
+To perform clean builds, which are sometimes needed after some changes to the 
+source tree:
-To removal all build generated files:
+    mvn clean install
-        $> maven clobber

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