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Subject svn commit: r428054 - /geronimo/trunk/STATUS
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 17:03:06 GMT
Author: coar
Date: Wed Aug  2 10:03:05 2006
New Revision: 428054

Let's start using this, maybe


Modified: geronimo/trunk/STATUS
--- geronimo/trunk/STATUS (original)
+++ geronimo/trunk/STATUS Wed Aug  2 10:03:05 2006
@@ -1,120 +1,25 @@
-## $Rev$ $Date$
+APACHE GERONIMO STATUS:                                         -*-text-*-
+Last modified at [$Date$]
-Exit Criteria
-(put an X next to item when it is complete):
+The current version of this file can be found at:
-Copyrights & Licensing
+  *
-X -- Do all the software in the codebase has its copyright assigned to The
-     Apache Software Foundation?
-     Yes
+Current version in trunk:
-X -- Do All the software in the codebase, are licensed (or multi-licensed) under the
-     Apache licence?
-     Yes - code converted to ASL2.0 on 2004/02/25 (thanks Gianny)
-X -- Do all the software in the codebase,are compliant with the
-     Specifications set by Java Community Process?(Wherever applicable)
-     * This criteria has been superceded by the Exit Milestone below
-Distribution rights
-X -- For all code included with the distribution that is not under the
-     Apache license, do we have the right to combine with Apache-licensed
-     code and redistribute?
-     Yes
+Outstanding patches awaiting votes:
-X -- Is all source code distributed by the project covered by one or more
-     of the following approved licenses:  Apache, BSD, Artistic, MIT/X,
-     MIT/W3C, MPL 1.1, or something with essentially the same terms?
-     Yes
+Release history:
-X -- Has the final name for the project decided?
-2003/12/21 vote on keeping the name Geronimo
-      +1 jboynes, dblevins, adc, gstein, jdillon, djencks, dims, chirino, dain, janb, gregwilkins,
bsnyder, rmonson, jules, geir
-      -1 jstrachan
-      Decision made on 2003/12/24 to keep the name Geronimo
-X -- Does the codebase,mailing list,bug tracker contain the right name of the project?
-     (In case,if the name geronimo is changed)
-     Yes
+If you're a contributor looking for something to do:
-X -- CVS modules created and committers added to avail file?
-     Yes:
-X -- Are the developer,commit and user mailing lists set up and archived?
-     Developer:
-     CVS:
-     User:      to be set up when a distribution is made
-X -- Bug tracking system enabled?
-     Yes:
-X -- wiki based documentation site enabled?
-     Yes:
-X -- Has the project migrated to our infrastructure?
-     Yes
-X -- Have all of the active long-term volunteers been identified
-     and acknowledged as committers on the project?
-     Yes
-X -- Have all the commiters signed the CLA?
-     Yes, with the exception of Simone Bordet. He is listed as a committer
-     but does not have commit access.
-X -- Do they have accounts on
-     Yes
-X -- Are there three or more independent committers?
-     Yes
-     2/10/04 voted to add Jacek Laskowski as committer
-             +1 jboynes djencks dims ammulder adc dain janb geir gdamour bsynder dblevins
-Collaborative Development:
-X -- Are project decisions being made in public by the committers?
-     Yes
-X -- Are the decision-making guidelines published and agreed to by
-     all of the committers?
-     Yes
-  -- Does the documentation site has enough information on the architecure,design decisions
-     modules?
-  -- Has the community decided on a policy for the composition of its 'steering committee'?
-X -- Has the community,the graduation/new PMC of the project to which the codebase and community
-     will move at the end of incubation (if any), and the Incubator PMC, decided the
-     expected time frame of stay in incubator?
-     Yes - when the Exit Milestone below has been achieved
-X -- Has the community adopted the Apache voting rules and is otherwise following the Apache
-     guidelines?
-     Yes
-Exit Milestone:
-  -- "Run Petstore from a distribution (on a machine with Zero Source code) by following
-     easy instruction steps" - a little fuzzy, but whether this is met is to be decided by
-organisational acceptance:
-X  -- Has the board accepted moving to a existing/new PMC?
-Incubator sign-off:
-X -- Has the Incubator decided that the project has accomplished all
-    of the above tasks?
+  * Review the documentation and suggest improvements
+  * Review the bug list and suggest fixes or report reproducibility
+  * Report bugs yourself

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