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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "FrequentlyAskedQuestions" by GregWilkins
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:24:05 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by GregWilkins:

The comment on the change is:
Jetty vs Tomcat question

  You can either build from source, or download a pre-built distribution; instructions for
both approaches are on the FrontPage.  Assuming you've downloaded the pre-built distribution,
unpack it and read `README.txt` for more instructions.
+ == Jetty or Tomcat ? ==
+ Geronimo support two web containers: [ Jetty] and [
Apache Tomcat] .   While Jetty is not an apache project, it was initially selected for Geronimo
as it is simpler to embed and Jetty developers are involved with the Geronimo project. As
some users have specific requirements for Tomcat, an integration of tomcat is now also available.
 The ability to switch servlet containers is a demonstration of the flexibility of the geronimo
+ For users that stay within the J2EE specification, it is not important which web container
is selected and the default will be suitable.
+ For users with specific requirements or preferences for Jetty or Tomcat, Geronimo supports
that choice.
  == How to use Geronimo with the J2EE Tutorial version 1.4 from Sun Microsystems ==
     Visit the HowToTutorial link
  == How do I add additional services such as Tomcat/OpenEJB/OpenJMS etc. ==
  The basic component of Geronimo is a GBean. Every service in Geronimo is a set of GBeans,
be it Tomcat or OpenEJB. No OpenJMS GBeans exist.
@@ -42, +50 @@

    Misleading at the moment I know. Any thoughts on what will be included
  eventually to provide Servlet/EJB/JMS/OtherAPIHere? And can we/are we
  distributing them?
  == How can I implement Security constaints/roles/authorization ==
  == Are there any steps I need to do to make Geronimo more secure? ==
- == Akin to disable access to 8080 in Tomcat, but for Geronimo stuff ==
+ Akin to disable access to 8080 in Tomcat, but for Geronimo stuff
  == What kind of Management Console Geronimo will have ==
@@ -72, +82 @@

  == Starting org/apache/geronimo/Server and nothing more - is only ^C the rescue? ==
  This is the same issue as described at [
Assembly Hangs] of the Building. Internally, building and running a Geronimo configuration
is almost the same process (with some minor file management like copying and jar'ing, they're
alike). During the build a configuration is deployed to a Geronimo instance. If there're problems
along the way, e.g. a stale, defunct Geronimo instance running, Apache Geronimo's build and
startup won't succeed. It won't be able to bind to a port or will notice the Runtime``Deployer
works, but other Deployers will not (a partially working Geronimo instance).
  == How to deploy a webapp on Tomcat ==

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