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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "EpiqTech" by Epiq Team
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 22:55:24 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Geronimo Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by Epiq Team:

New page:
= Company Overview =

[ Epiq Technologies] provides J2EE software applications that automate
 [ purchasing] and 
[ supply chain] in the enterprise.

== Open Source Technologies ==

Due to Epiq's support of the open source movement, Epiq's software is compatible with both
commercial and open source web server software.  Epiq recommends Apache HTTP Server on Linux
for its enterprise installs.  Database options include PostgreSQL and MySQL along with commercial
packages.  These technologies allow Epiq's customers to implement efficient business applications
that run on a cost effective and reliable technology platform.

== Geronimo Project ==

Epiq is excited about the Geronimo project because Geronimo will offer an 100% Apache J2EE
Server that it can recommend to its enterprise customers.  This will simplify the decision
making process for its customers and make compatibility maintenance much easier.

== Logo Contest ==

We are grateful to the brillant team working on Geronimo.  It is our desire that the Geronimo
project have a professional, memorable logo that evokes images of speed and stregnth and also
reflects the values of the Apache Geronimo project.  A strong logo can aid in the overall
adoption of Geronimo and can serve to represent the expertise and skill of the contributers
behind Geronimo project. 

= 10-12-2005 Inverted Logos =

We are posting this to help people visualize that these might look like on another medium.
 Based on the mailing list discussions, here are the what the logos we have submitted to the
contest might look like inverted (ie on a darker background):

|| ENTRY 18 ||

|| ENTRY 19 ||

|| ENTRY 20 ||

|| ENTRY 21 ||

|| ENTRY 22 ||

= New Fonts for 19 =

Here are what 19 might look like with a different type of font:


|| ||

= 10-10-2005 Designer's Concepts =

Here are the designer's concepts for the logos submitted for the contest:

== Entry 18 ==

This logo uses the “G” from “Geronimo” in a square with strong lines, corners, and
solid colors. This logo design evokes characteristics like strength and reliability, bedrock
adjectives for the Geronimo Project. The Apache Feather is subtly positioned diagonally in
the blue field behind the white “G” letter.

== Entry 19 ==

This is a new twist on Entry 18. It uses a more unique font and features a vertical, rather
than horizontal, layout.

== Entry 20 ==

This logo is very bold and identifiable with strong, all-caps lettering and a monochromatic
scheme. The 'I' in Geronimo has been replaced by a colorful Apache feather, to incorporate
the origins of the Geronimo Project.

== Entry 21 ==

A very unique, brush stroke type face sets this logo apart. With a punchy color palate (taken
from the original Apache feather), this logo really would give the project a distinctive look.
Also, the 'I' in Geronimo has been replaced by the colorful Apache feather, to incorporate
the origins of the Geronimo Project.

== Entry 22 ==

This bold and timeless logo takes the Geronimo “G” and an exclamation point and places
them in a white box. The sharp lines and strong shapes provide an instant impact. It can incorporate
a signature color or can easily be monochromatic.

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