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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Running" by AnitaKulshreshtha
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 22:08:02 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by AnitaKulshreshtha:

      ||'''Config ID'''||'''Purpose'''||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!DeployerSystem||Starts ServerInfo, ConfigurationManager, AttributeManager,
LocalConfigurationStore, ReadOnlyRepository and Logger GBeans||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!OfflineDeployer|| Used for Offline Deployment||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer|| Starts Server configuration and many other Builder
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!RuntimeDeployer|| Starts Server configuration and many other
Builder GBeans||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/System||Critical services for all server configurations||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/Server||Normal server configuration (run by default if no configuration
is specified)||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!DefaultDatabase||FIXME - it was proposed that this would be removed||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!SystemDatabase||Starts the ["DerbySystem GBean"], ["DerbyNetwork
GBean"], ["JDBCTransactionalThreadPooledTimer GBean"], ["JDBCNonTransactionalThreadPooledTimer
GBean"], and defines the ["SystemDatasource"] that is intended for use by Geronimo and associated
components.  The SystemDatasource is not intended for direct use by J2EE applications. See
["Database Configuration"] for information on how to define your own Datasource.  This configuration
is a parent of the `org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQServer` configuration. ||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS||start up an ActiveMQ Broker and deploy a resource adapter
for it||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/Security||Starts properties-realm and other security services.||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!ClientSecurity||FIXME||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!ClientSystem||Starts same Gbeans as DeployerSystem||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/Client||Starts NamingPreperties, DefaultThreadPool, ConnectionTracker,DefaultWorkManager,
TransactionManager, TransactionContextManager, eis/JAXR||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!DebugConsole||JmxDebuggingTool web application ||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/Tomcat/Console||This should be started to access the Geronimo
Console, when Geronimo has been configured to run only [wiki:Tomcat Tomcat] as its web container.
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!ClientCorba||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!SampleSecurityRealm||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/Directory||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!SpringRuntime||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!SpringDeployer||FIXME||
+ The plans for these configurations are available at GERONIMO_HOME/plan. For more information
about the Gbeans running in each configurations, look at these plans.

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