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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Running" by AnitaKulshreshtha
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:37:16 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by AnitaKulshreshtha:

  The first time this is run, the default configurations will be started. When the server
is shut down cleanly, the list of running configurations is saved. These will be reloaded
automatically the next time the server is started.
+ Geronimo Console is available at http://localhost:8080/console. The user name is 'system'
and the password is 'manager'. 
  === For Advanced Users Only ===
  It is possible to override this automatic restart mechanism by specifying one or more configuration
names on the command line. For example, to start just the default configuration without any
user applications use:
@@ -182, +184 @@

  = Available configurations =
- Geronimo contains several pre-built configurations:
+ Geronimo contains several pre-built configurations. They can be started from the command
line by:
+     {{{
+ $ java -jar bin/deployer.jar start config/from/this/list
+ }}}
+      The username is 'system' and the password is 'manager'.
      ||'''Config ID'''||'''Purpose'''||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/!DeployerSystem||FIXME||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/J2EEDeployer||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!DeployerSystem||Starts ServerInfo, ConfigurationManager, AttributeManager,
LocalConfigurationStore, ReadOnlyRepository and Logger GBeans||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer|| Starts Server configuration and many other Builder
      ||org/apache/geronimo/System||Critical services for all server configurations||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/Server||Normal server configuration (run by default if no configuration
is specified)||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!DefaultDatabase||FIXME - it was proposed that this would be removed||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!SystemDatabase||Starts the ["DerbySystem GBean"], ["DerbyNetwork
GBean"], ["JDBCTransactionalThreadPooledTimer GBean"], ["JDBCNonTransactionalThreadPooledTimer
GBean"], and defines the ["SystemDatasource"] that is intended for use by Geronimo and associated
components.  The SystemDatasource is not intended for direct use by J2EE applications. See
["Database Configuration"] for information on how to define your own Datasource.  This configuration
is a parent of the `org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQServer` configuration. ||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/SystemJMS||start up an ActiveMQ Broker and deploy a resource adapter
for it||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/Secure||FIXME||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/!ClientSystem||FIXME||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/Client||FIXME||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/Security||Starts properties-realm and other security services.||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/!ClientSystem||Starts same Gbeans as DeployerSystem||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/Client||Starts NamingPreperties, DefaultThreadPool, ConnectionTracker,DefaultWorkManager,
TransactionManager, TransactionContextManager, eis/JAXR||
      ||org/apache/geronimo/!DebugConsole||JmxDebuggingTool web application ||
-     ||org/apache/geronimo/Tomcat||[wiki:Tomcat Apache Tomcat] embedded ||
+     ||org/apache/geronimo/Tomcat/Console||This should be used to access the Geronimo Console,
when Geronimo has been configured to run only [wiki:Tomcat Tomcat] as its web container. ||

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