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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "ApacheGeronimo" by jayed
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 13:43:17 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by jayed:

The comment on the change is:
Orphaned Page from 2003 about project name

+ deleted
- '''Contents'''
- [[TableOfContents]]
- = The offical name name is Apache Geronimo =
- My word is by no means official around here, but the name is and should remain Apache Geronimo.
 I'll tell you five good reasons why. ''-- n. alex rupp <>''
-  1. It's got amazing traction in the press. Brand recognition is an IMMENSELY important
advantage in this market.  If you can get 100,000 people to whisper your name that's a big
deal.  When people remember it, that's even bigger.  I spent years in the media industry and
I can tell you what's happened in the first two weeks of Geronimo is very special.  Throwing
that traction away would be stupid.
-  1. This project and this server will be a place of public accomodation used by people from
all around the world.  Everyone from members of powerful corporations and governments to tiny
villages in Honduras will be able to use it to build web applications for FREE.  Naming it
in honor of Geronimo is the equivalent of naming an international airport after John F. Kennedy,
Ronald Reagan or Cesar Vallejo.  It is a mark of our highest respect.
-  1. I don't associate his name with jumping out of an airplane or suicide. Anyone who does
might consider spending less time in front of the television and take up gardening, yoga or
base jumping.
-  1. Pointy-haired bosses who don't see the business sense in Open Source are most likely
not the future business leaders of the software industry, and we're not sycophantic toadies
who live to serve them.  If they're concerned about the name of their software because of
it rings of a bad war movie or because it might impact on the appearance of their business,
we probably can't help them anyway.  If they're looking for the Vole, they know where to find
-  1. The name is reported to have been democratically chosen by a majority of the initial
project members after 2 weeks of discussion.
- Those are all the reasons I need.
- So please, take all of your names and save them.  Most of them are fantastic.  There will
be other projects for them and if not, you can always adopt.  I'm not a committing member
of this project and I can't speak officially but I know a good thing when I see one, so I
give Geronimo a big warm fat +1.
- = 'Apache Geronimo' could be offensive to Native Americans =
- Suggest alternatives here (not that there are any plans to change the name at this time
mind ya):
-  * Apache Jeens
-  * Apache Application Server
-  * Apache Freedom
-  * Apache Cheetah
-  * Apache Excalibur
-  * Apache Bliss
-  * Apache Juice
-  * Apache Ehcapa
-  * Apache Axe
-  * Apache J2EE Server
- = Comments =
- Please '''DO NOT''' litter your comments throughout the original posting. If you have constructive
comments please post them below.
- ----
- ''Comment on point 1:'' -1 I don't think that the j2ee server will lose any momentum.  I
 can't see anyone saying, I don't think I want to contribute to this project because it isn't
called Geronimo anymore.  Besides this is an ethical decision.
- ''Comment on point 1:'' We didn't almost completely Genocide most JFK's people, and take
there land though.
- ''Comment on point 3:'' This is a perception some will have regardless.
- ''Comment on point 4:'' I don't see this helping your argument.  It could just be named
Shit to deter businesses from using it.
- ''Comment on point 5:'' So you like and don't want to give it up, even though it maybe unethical
and offensive... hrm.  The only argument here that is somewhat convincing is #1.  But since
the project was only announced weeks ago, I don't think it will be a big deal to change it.
 Siting an example the mozilla Phoenix browser change it's name to Firebird long after conception,
and this did no damage to it's reputation.
- = Related Links =
-  * Some interesting reading about [ Geronimo].

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