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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Geronimo Management API" by AaronMulder
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 05:33:52 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by AaronMulder:

  However, the API would also include non-JSR-77 components.  For example, there's no "WebContainer"
object in JSR-77, that would let you inspect and alter the listen port of Tomcat/Jetty, or
configure the number of threads used, or which compiler is used for JSPs, and so on.  The
reason I want to extend beyond JSR-77 is that I want to give direct API access to all the
things that something like the web console would need to do its job.
+ If we don't actually want the API to include references to other objects in the API, then
we can have some kind of master to bootstrap the process and manage relationships.  Something
+ {{{
+ public interface Manager {
+     // root properties
+     J2EEDomain[] getDomains();
+     // domain properties
+     J2EEServer[] getServers(String domainName);
+     SecurityRealm[] getSecurityRealms(String domainName);
+     // server properties
+     J2EEDeployedObject[] getDeployedObjects(String serverName);
+     J2EEApplication[] getApplications(String serverName);
+     J2EEAppClientModule[] getAppClients(String serverName);
+     WebModule[] getWebModules(String serverName);
+     EJBModule[] getEJBModules(String serverName);
+     ResourceAdapterModule[] getRAModules(String serverName);
+     J2EEResource[] getResources(String serverName);
+     JCAResource[] getJCAResources(String serverName);
+     JDBCResource[] getJDBCResources(String serverName);
+     JMSResource[] getJMSResources(String serverName);
+     JVM[] getJavaVMs(String serverName);
+     //application properties, resource properties, etc.
+     ...
+ }}}
+ This would give you an entry into the domain and related objects, and also let you navigate
between objects without needing to manually do things based on the ObjectNames that all the
JSR-77 classes return when you ask about their children.
  == How could this be implemented? ==
  We have GBeans that expose all the necessary properties and functions already.  The only
issue is providing an implementation of this API that accesses them.  In many cases, we might
supply interfaces that the GBeans could implement.  Still, here might be some glue code between
the interfaces defined above and the actual GBeans.

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