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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Geronimo Wiki] Update of "Building an Installer" by AaronMulder
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 14:31:39 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by AaronMulder:

     * For CVS version, use {{{ant dist}}} to create a proper IzPack install (then see `izpack-src/_dist`)
   * Get a current source tree of Geronimo
     * Build it, at least as far as the assembly module
-    * Work off the content in {{{geronimo/modules/assembly/target/installer}}}.  This includes
modified plans in `installer/plan-src`.  These plans have substitution variables for the following
+    * Work off the content in {{{geronimo/modules/assembly/target/installer}}}.  This includes
modified plans in `installer/plan-src` (and WARs in `installer/wars`).  These plans have substitution
variables for the following items:
       * {{{client-system-plan.xml}}} -- naming host (localhost) and port (1099) [`PlanServerHostname`
and `PlanNamingPort`]
       * {{{interop-server-plan.xml}}} -- IIOP listen host (localhost) and port (9000), ORB
port (2001), naming host name (localhost), naming port (1050), allowed client addresses (
[`PlanServerHostname`, `PlanIIOPPort`, `PlanORBPort`, `PlanServerHostname`, `PlanCOSNamingPort`,
       * {{{j2ee-server-plan.xml}}} -- port for Jetty HTTP (8080) and HTTPS (8443), EJB server
port (4201), EJB server host name (localhost), allowed EJB client addresses (, JMX
remoting host name (localhost) [`PlanJettyHTTPPort`, `PlanJettyHTTPSPort`, `PlanOpenEJBPort`,
`PlanServerHostname`, `PlanClientAddresses`, `PlanServerHostname`]
@@ -25, +25 @@

       * {{{system-jms-plan.xml}}} -- hostname, port for ActiveMQ (localhost:61616) [`PlanServerHostname`,`PlanActiveMQPort`]
       * {{{system-plan.xml}}} -- port for RMIRegistry (1099), server host name (localhost)
[`PlanServerHostname` and `PlanNamingPort`]
     * substitute variables for username and password in {{{var/security/}}}
and {{{var/security/}}} (e.g. overwrite with `${SecurityDefaultUser}=${SecurityDefaultPassword}`
and `admin=${SecurityDefaultUser}`)
-    * Copy the Geronimo WARs from the Maven repository to the place where you keep the plans
   * The IzPack installer config files are copied into the `assembly/target/installer` directory
during the assembly build, with certain variable substitution performed.
     * You may want to update maven.xml to have the correct version number for the most recent
release notes file.  There's probably a better place to store this.
-    * The installer configuration does not yet process all the current plans, and the resulting
installer still seems a bit buggy.  Working on it...
+    * The installer configuration is not really optimal
+      * The settings need to be split into 3 screens -- as is if you install everything both
of the current screens overflow and some fields are just invisible
+      * The same default configurations are always marked to be started (fortunately I think
all of them are in required packages)
+      * It's not clear what would happen in the event of a port collision since the installer
attempts to run the server in order to install to it
+      * It individually deploys each of the up to 17 possible configurations (using the slow
one-off deployer), which takes a pretty long time -- compare to the assembly module which
starts the server after 3 or 4 steps, does everything else against the running server, then
shuts it down.
  == Building ==
   * Use the IzPack compile tool to build the installer: {{{compile geronimo-izpack.xml -o
geronimo-installar.jar}}} from the `assembly/target/installer` directory.

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