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Subject svn commit: rev 47507 - geronimo/trunk/xdocs
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:56:19 GMT
Author: geirm
Date: Wed Sep 29 14:56:18 2004
New Revision: 47507

remove notice of NOTICE issue, as the problem has been satisfactory resolved.

No NOTICE is required.

Modified: geronimo/trunk/xdocs/download.html
--- geronimo/trunk/xdocs/download.html	(original)
+++ geronimo/trunk/xdocs/download.html	Wed Sep 29 14:56:18 2004
@@ -31,33 +31,6 @@
 Currently, the Apache Geronimo has no certified releases.
-The Apache J2EE license require the ASF to present the following notice from Sun Microsystems
with our certified releases :
-<i>Any redistributed derivative work of the software licensed hereunder must be compatible
and branded with the appropriate compatibility logo specified b
-y Sun and licensed by Sun persuant to a separate Trademark License required to be executed
by you with Sun.
-The ASF is working with Sun to resolve problems with the contents of this notice.  An example
of a proposed alternative wording :
-Any claims of compliance to Java(tm) Technology Specification(s)
-apply only to the original, unmodified Work.  Derivative Works do not
-inherit compliance and may be subject to third-party restrictions on
-claims of compliance and use of related trademarks.
 <h1>Milestone Downloads</h1>

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