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Subject [Apache Geronimo Wiki] Updated: EWSGeronimoIntegeration
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:55:25 GMT
   Date: 2004-09-27T03:55:25
   Editor: SrinathPerera <>
   Wiki: Apache Geronimo Wiki
   Page: EWSGeronimoIntegeration

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Change Log:

@@ -26,3 +26,44 @@
 == TODO  ==
+This list the TODO's for the Geronimo Axis Module. Let me compile this Again to cover most
+===  Get the Complex Type Web Services working ===
+There is a failure of the Complex typed Web Services due to Security failure. The problem
is reproduced by a test case (which is excluded for the time been) in the axis module. 
+=== Propagation to use the EWS provider ===
+This is use a Axis provider to invoke the Web Service rather than than doing it in the XXBindingImpl
java class which would be more cleaner. This will fix the build problem arise due to the dependency
class does not find when the maven repository is rebuilding. 
+=== Integration of Axis module into Geronimo assembly ===
+TBD.. Any pointers how this should be done. When the AxisGBean is started the Web Services
will be started. Have to sort out the way to find the Web Container and J2EE Container is
already started and start them if they are not already started. 
+=== Support web-service deployment through the JSR88 deployer ===
+TBD.. The Geronimo deployment module should call the AxisGBean.deploy(..) method at some
point. Got to find out finer details. 
+=== Support deployment-time generation of Java Handlers ===
+Am not sure about the what does actually mean, are they Axis Handlers and if what is the
use case that it is needed?
+=== Auto-deployment of exported EJB ===
+	The EWS will accept a Web Service module as explained the JSR 109 specification and generate
a implementation jar. This implementation jar created by the EWS can be deployed in to the
Geronimo using the AxisGBean.deploy(....). 
+	The code generation with EWS can be put in to the AxisGBean.deploy(....) and the deployment
is really nice. But it was not done due to the reason that the JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar is
not avalible at the Geronimo test calsspath. 
+=== Define API for EJB invocation integration and impl for OpenEJB ===
+	The EJB invocation is done via one of the three ways. 
+ 1. Using the Remote interfaces
+ 1. Using the local interfaces
+ 1. Using the ContainerIndex
+if we can set up a common interface to make the invocation styles hidden it would be a nice
+=== Integrate with Security, specifically JACC ===
+Chatura, Priyanaga Works on the EWS security part and Web service part of the Security is
done. They use the JASS to propagate the security contexts. We had tested the security with
the Jboss and JoAs at the application layer. We should be able to do a much closer integration
with the Geronimo. Did Geronimo uses the JASS as well?
+=== Setup up Geronimo TransactionContext for invocation ===
+Dasarath work on the transaction parts of the EWS and he had a WS-AT implementation for transaction
support. I think the Web Service side is done. We have to figure out how the transaction context
set to the thread before the invocation. 
+=== JNDI support for outbound service-refs (war,ejb,app-client) ===
+=== Ongoing resolution of Jira issues ===

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