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Subject [Apache Geronimo Wiki] Updated: Architecture/Configuration/AsRegistry
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:43:03 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-24T10:43:03
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Apache Geronimo Wiki
   Page: Architecture/Configuration/AsRegistry

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Change Log:

@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
 On the other side, the possibility of editing only one pair in the whole system (the only
one you need, at most) is welcome, stoping that "Hey, I´ve just made a change here and broke
up your whole system. Could you please come here and say where did i forget to put the *#$*$
 In fact, looking at the loose coupling we´re reaching here, I imagine it´s a good idea
to try it, it´s new, it´s cool, I hope it works.
-- Phillip Calçado []
+- Phillip Calçado []

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