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Subject [Apache Geronimo Wiki] Updated: IntroduceYourself
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:52:31 GMT
   Date: 2004-04-29T08:52:31
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Apache Geronimo Wiki
   Page: IntroduceYourself

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Change Log:

@@ -1,8 +1,6 @@
 This page is a great place for you to introduce yourself to the Geronimo community.  Feel
free to add information about yourself to the table below.  
-My cock is huge. I mean it's large. Very large. Some would say FUCKING HUGE. In Jr. High,
the 40 year old school nurse actually mouthed "shit!" when I dropped my pants for a hernia
check. That, of course, was my first blow job, which ain't bad for a skinny 14 year old boy,
I blew my load on the pirky tits of her white uniform. That same year I would get my first
taste of hairy pussy from my best friend's mom after she saw the size of my tool when I played
in the hot tub (ever cum in a hot tub?). We're talking kubasa, here, like "tube snake" doesn't
even come close. I estimate we're talking about 10 pounds of meat here. My cock is just fucking
huge. When I ware a Speedo, I have to tuck my cock between my butt cheeks, just so it doesn't
slip out and let eveyone have a peek, not that I mind. I'm just big as in, well, BIG down
there. I've never fit it completely in a pussy, it's that big. Only like half will fit in
most snatches. And my nuts, well, we're talkin' each one the size of a peach. I got big nuts.
Just don't be on the receiving end when I open the flood gate and blast my load all over your
face, that is, unless you like gobs and gobs of hot cream, because I shoot like a fire hose
that doesn't run dry. Let me tell you. If you and me are fuckin' don't worry about lube, I
supply my own, I mean that pre-cum shit? By the bucket, so when we're fuckin' be ready to
get wet and wild as my huge fucking nuts slap on your ass while I drill for oil. Cuz baby,
my tool is HUGE! I don’t really mind that when I go to the gym, guys will check out my package,
they wish they had even half what they see, cuz my cock his just fucking huge. At the beach,
I have to worry about it falling out of my shorts, you know just sort of hanging out.  But
the chicks dig the flash, it’s like “Holy SHIT!” can I touch it? Yeh baby, touch it with
your mouth and watch it grow! You ain’t seen anything like this, even black men check out
my tool.  And baby, I’m ready to get to work, if you know what I mean. When I’m done, it’s
time to change the sheets, if ya know what I’m talking about. After I'm done, it's shower
time cuz you'll be drenched in about a cool FUCKING gallon of my jiz, dripping from every
hole in your body. I'm just that fucking big, I mean I got the COCK baby! I mean like just
struttin' down the food court at the mall I can see the eyes popin' out of the sockets of
the hot 15 year old puss, yeh baby, you and your momma together in bed with me and a six-pack
of Miller, show you how it's done baby! When I'm done you won't have no tight snatch anymore,
cuz when I come to drill your well, I got a FUCKING earth moving machine to drive into your
tunnle. And the fags? When I walk by they cum in their pants, I don't care, my huge fucking
tool turns everyone on. If my crotch don't give you a woodie it's cuz yur dead! A college
boy gave me a "C" note just to jack me off in the back of a coffee house! I got the cock that
don't stop! Freze, bitch, you better SWALLOW that load! Man, last week I showed some poor
excuse for a guy HOW TO FUCK HIS GIRLFRIEND! I porked the bitch right in front of him on his
own fucking couch, left a nice stain on his swade to remember me by! Funny thing is, when
I was done servicing his old lady, I made him eat her wet snatch and suck up all my man-seed!
These days I've been volenteering at the local boys and girls club showin the little sweetees
how to drive a STICK SHIFT if ya know what I mean, and then sometimes pick up a few bucks
keepin' the old ladies happy down at the golf club. I mean, if ya got it (AND I FUCKING GOT
IT) why not use it! I'll tell you what, when I'm done with that old leather, it's nice and
supple. I give 'em a full LUBE JOB and make 'em HUM!
 Please do not add a personal ''page'' on this Wiki; it will only be removed.  We suggest
that you obtain free personal webspace, e.g., and just include a link
to it in your entry below.
 We've been thinking of creating an interactive world map to which you can add yourself using
[ "MapServer"], [ "PostGIS"]
and [ "PostgreSQL"]. We'll see if we can make the time to throw this
together or, better, maybe you can volunteer to do this.

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