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From Łukasz Dywicki <>
Subject Re: Major updates to XBean
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 20:16:19 GMT
Sadly not only updates to blueprint are necessary. Currently ActoveMQ shades and does not re-export
xbean-spring packages. Embedding is done in order to get ActiveMQ working with Spring 4.
This prevents others from adding additional namespace handlers with custom elements.

To solve this in proper way, we need to bump spring version in xbean and move it a bit ahead.

Blueprint support on other hand refer internal classes from aries which are no longer exported.
Some of features which were implemented in xbean are available in aries directly (ie nested
placeholders). I didn’t track aries lately, but maybe there is a way to inject own placeholder
processor or something.
The xbean blueprint cm namespace integrates jexl for expression processing, however I haven't
seen anyone using it yet.

Łukasz Dywicki

> On 2 Aug 2018, at 16:49, Romain Manni-Bucau <> wrote:
> Hi Lukasz,
> As mentionned on IRC i'd just make the current blueprint module working (and avoid to
create a blueprint-cm) module and I think it is ok to stay on xbean 4 in terms of versioning
since this is for a single consumer (compared to other parts of the project). Now more technically
ensure to not use the built maven plugin in the same reactor cause it doesn't work reliably
with maven (this is why it was using ant).
> Anyway, kudo to make this part living! Very impatient to upgrade.
> Romain Manni-Bucau
> @rmannibucau |  Blog | Old Blog | Github | LinkedIn | Book
>> Le jeu. 2 août 2018 à 16:26, Guillaume Nodet <> a écrit
>> Over the last years, I have hardly seen anyone using the xbean-spring stuff anymore.
 I think most of custom namespaces have been implemented using JAXB instead.  
>> I think one of the problem is that the xml tends to be ugly, so starting from the
xml and using JAXB usually makes more sense.
>> I guess if you plan to use it in ActiveMQ, the generated schema has to be compatible
with the previous ones, right ? Is that the case with your changes ?
>> Guillaume 
>>> Le jeu. 2 août 2018 à 16:17, <> a écrit :
>>> Ladies and gentlemen,
>>> I started messing around XBean as its codebase is in moderate form. I’ve run
into multiple issues while trying to get it running under Karaf 4.1 together with ActiveMQ
and decided to push it forward. I spent last couple of days cleaning up duplicated code and
refactoring maven plugin so it does not depend on any specific generator. There is still lots
of things to do as there are several Spring tests which are failing. Due to stronger schema
validation around 15 spring tests currently fails. This is because generated schema works
only for basic elements and fails with embedded collections. I already started to reform that
part and I should be able to update XsdGenerator.
>>> I would like to submit PR once I solve all the issues and test it with ActiveMQ
would you accept my work? Due to amount of breaking changes I started 5.0.x branch (which
might be good to start support Spring 4 or 5).
>>> There is one big commit so far in my GitHub fork:,
which I can chunk into smaller (yet non compilable) commits in order to make history a bit
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Łukasz
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>> Guillaume Nodet

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