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From "John D. Ament" <>
Subject How the Geronimo Site is built (currently)
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 22:38:19 GMT
Posting this in email, so we don't lose track of the info gathered today.

The Geronimo site is built via buildbot against an SVN directory.

The buildbot config:
The SVN dir:

It's a regular build_cms script.  That script points to another shell
script, update-site, which points to a maven pom.xml with dependencies and
java execution.

The conf directory includes a set of config files per confluence space that
we export.
The template directory includes a set of template files, also one per
confluence space we export (there's a 1:1 between space, template and
config file, all three must exist)

On the buildbot slave, the settings.xml file includes a profile called
"confluence" (anyone can use this profile locally).  It expects two
properties, a confluence username and password.  You just need read access
to the space to run it.  The bulk of the work is executed by


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