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Overall +1 (and a big thank you for doing that)

The small (not blocking at all) "?" I have is if we should wait for the website or not to be there. Depends the energy we have to do it I guess

I'm a few weeks out from finishing the website.  I do plan to get config up and running in the next few days, but need help with things like skinning.  Maybe you could apply some of the magic from the TomEE website here? :-)


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2017-09-14 12:54 GMT+02:00 John D. Ament <johndament@apache.org>:
Hi All,

I think it'll be good if we send an announcement to dev@, user@ as well as announce@a.o indicating we release Geronimo Config 1.0.  I've drafted something below.  Thoughts?


The Apache Geronimo community is happy to announce the first release of Apache Geronimo Config, 1.0!  This is the first release of the MicroProfile Config compatible library here at Apache, as well as being the first release of a MicroProfile specification implementation here at Apache!

Geronimo Config adds support for basic configuration nomenclatures based on the MicroProfile Config specification.  Out of the box, it allows you to work with system properties, classpath property files, as well as environment variables within your Java based applications.  In addition to the specification, Geronimo Config provides a few extension points to ease integration into your application stack:

 - SPI for reading additional property files
 - Automatic conversion of environment variables into Java property standard syntax
 - Support for Java 8 Supplier types

We're still working on some website details, but you can still get the code a few ways:

Since it's built using Maven, you can directly add it to your existing project to get started,



John D. Ament
On behalf of the Geronimo PMC