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From Werner Keil <>
Subject Re: Configuration for Java SE and Java EE JSR
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 17:56:48 GMT
Former DeviceMap comitter and PMC chair Reza was also the original author
of many parts of what he moved to GitHub in a fork, but folks like Bertrand
who's also on the Apache board were pretty clear, he must not continue to
develop that under the "Apache" brand or "org.apache.*" as you did in your
private fork of "something".

I am not even bothering to discuss the "javax.*" mistake further, it's just
wrong at the wrong time in the wrong place.

The only good thing is a discussion in the Tamaya list about design

This could have happened in a much more sensitive and more appropriate way.

People everywhere not just at Oracle look with great scrutiny at Open
Source and as we see from the Java EE 8 discussion and all the resources at
Oracle and elsewhere drawn from Open Source into commercial, Closes Source
proprietary solutions instead of open standards.

However, even if Oracle was to stop working on Java EE you must not simply
go and say "Oh, those lazy bones, I'm going to create my own Java standard
Or what next, "Sorry W3C, you take way too long with HTML5, I now create
HTML6 in my own GitHub repository and everyone will use it"?;-D

You may have done this with the bet intentions, but did great damage to the
impression people have of Open Source, Open Java, the JCP and also Apache.
It helped only those who claim "those Open Source guys are a bunch of
anarchists who can't make up their minds and don't produce anything of

Not sure, if you really intended to do that, but that's how it went, so
please try to be a little more thoughtful and ask people who are involved
in the process (PMO or EC if you plan to file a JSR;-) next time.


On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 10:44 AM, Mark Struberg <> wrote:

> > Am 15.07.2016 um 09:31 schrieb Werner Keil <>:
> >
> > Tamaya will know best, if it tolerates a fork of
> > Geronimo in the way Mark created it.
> Wow! Dude, you got something horribly wrong.
> That stuff is in no way a fork of Tamaya. It’s just the core bits I wrote
> in DeltaSpike configuration.
> In DeltaSpike this exists since 2011.
> And the very core (various config sources ordered by a config_ordinal)
> even dates back to my work in OpenWebBeans as of 2010
> Gerhard Petracek then also helped a great deal later in CODI and in
> DeltaSpike. But that’s pretty much it.
> So who forked whom? …
> To get this straight: I am the original author of this algorithm and API
> design.
> LieGrue,
> strub

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