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From Werner Keil <>
Subject Re: Configuration for Java SE and Java EE JSR
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 00:39:38 GMT
Besides from a technical point "Doing this at Geronimo", who would do this
in 2016? shows no release or activity for the past 3
years. While TomEE (though it so far aims at the Web profile only, also not
yet Java EE 7 certified) makes a very active and healthy impression. David
isn't only active in several Java EE JSRs Tomitribe together with others
(several major container providers) launched the "Microprofile" idea and
also got Oracle's attention.

Better speak to some of those guys, maybe when the time is right also to
try form an EG, but not try to push your own rogue standard in a

Otavio who's also in the Tamaya poddling did this slightly more sensitive.
Though the JNOSQL structure contains module skeletons those seem more like
the idea and preparation towards an Apache Incubator proposal than putting
something like "javax.nosql" there now and all by himself;-)

Although he has not even proposed the Apache project others in the EC
sounded open to the idea, but they probably won't suddently throw out their
idea of "javax.nosql" either;-)

JCache took a very long time and was largely influenced by projects like
If you just take the very top level org.apache.tamaya and maybe
org.apache.tamaya.spi, those packages and very small independent modules
feel like something to look into.
Maybe with other projects or proposals, but until a JSR is formally
approved none of that deserves to call itself "javax.config" or whatever;-)



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