Hi Kevan,

Thanks!  The JIRA IDs that I am interested in are:

6450 - Concurrency Utils
6452 - JAX-RS 2.0
6453 - Servlet 3.1 APIs - I've submitted a patch for this one.
6461 - JSON-P
6462 - WebSockets

Can you add me to the contributor list?  At that point should I be able to assign JIRAs to myself, or will I need a committer to assign them to me?

Thanks again,


From:        Kevan Miller <kevan.miller@gmail.com>
To:        dev@geronimo.apache.org,
Date:        06/09/2013 05:35 AM
Subject:        Re: Would like to contribute

On Jun 7, 2013, at 3:16 PM, Deepal Jayasinghe <deepal@opensource.lk> wrote:

> A JIRA cannot be assigned to you unless you are a developer (committer), but you should be able to contribute to the issue such as submit patches etc…

Not quite. There is a JIRA category of 'contributor'. We allow JIRA's to be assigned to Geronimo contributors. You are correct that anyone can submit patches.