The most change I could see is for Java 7 support.

2013/5/27 Jean-Louis MONTEIRO <>
Out of curiosity, what are the objectives of such a change?
I mean, is there any important improvments on ASM4 we cannot miss?
Is ASM 3 end of life?


2013/5/27 Mark Struberg <>

A small discussion which popped up on IRC regarding asm4:

Preclusion: ASM3 and ASM4 are _not_ binary compatible but use the same packages.
For preventing some classpath clashes this xbean-asm-shaded package got created. This was ASM3 so far.

When moving up to ASM4 we should thus change the package we shade it in, e.g. to org.apache.xbean.asm4.*
I think there is common agreement on this point, right?

I've added a new module of xbean-asm4-shaded which uses ASM4 and shades to the aforementioned path.
But what to do with the asm3 shade?

We now have two options:
Do we like to

1.) keep both

or do we like to

2.) upgrade whole xbean to ASM4 and remove the old xbean-asm-shaded (and only keep xbean-asm4-shaded)?

2.b) keep the xbean-asm-shaded artifactId but otherwise do like 2.). I perso don't like this much as it is not so explicit for users.