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From Jarek Gawor <>
Subject Re: buildbot
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 15:16:46 GMT
I did a bit of work on it but it still needs more. Two things (that
I've learned so far) to watch for: 1) most builders were setup with
mvn3 and most of our modules / branches don't work with it well, and
2) an additional step is necessary (INFRA request) to have builds
start after a commit. Some branches (e.g. server 3.0) was missing that
step (see

Here's the status of the builders as far as I can tell so far:

geronimo-bundles-trunk - I'm testing now
geronimo-daytrader-trunk - untested
geronimo-devtools-eclipse-trunk - OK
geronimo-devtools-maven-trunk - OK
geronimo-genesis-trunk - I'm testing now
geronimo-gshell-trunk - untested - but can probably delete
geronimo-samples-trunk - untested
geronimo-server-22 - OK
geronimo-server-21 - OK but there is a unit test failure
geronimo-server-30 - OK
geronimo-tomcat-7.0.27 - builds OK, does not respond to commits.
geronimo-txmanager-trunk - untested but looks ok
geronimo-txmanager-22 - untested but looks ok
geronimo-yoko-trunk - untested but looks ok
geronimo-trunk-deploy - untested

geronimo-server-trunk - untested
geronimo-server-trunk-tomcat - untested
geronimo-server-trunk-jetty - untested
geronimo-xbean-trunk - OK


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 5:49 PM, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
> Gavin has done some cleanup for
> geronimo-server-21 needs some attention, it seems. Could someone take a look?
> We should also review the current set of builds and remove those that we no longer need.
> --kevan

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