Suppose you are using Geronimo 2.1.*,  you may refer to the link below, it shows what parameter is supported for each connector type. I do not have chance to try it by myself, while I knew others have tried that, and it works. Hope it helps.


2012/8/15 soegaard <>
Yes, I have found that by checking the jars, but then I get deployment errors like
Distribution of module failed.  See log for details.
  Unknown attribute maxHttpHeaderSizeBytes on dk.rm.hawaii/WebServicesWAR/1.0/car?J2EEApplication=null,WebModule=dk.rm.hawaii/WebServicesWAR/1.0/car,j2eeType=GBean,name=WebServicesConnector
  org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: Unknown attribute maxHttpHeaderSizeBytes on dk.rm.hawaii/WebServicesWAR/1.0/car? ........ ECT!!!!
This attribute is not known.

<attribute name="maxHttpHeaderSizeBytes">8192</attribute> 

It is like it is another connector bean this example refers to. I use version 2.1.4 of the WASCE (I believe v. 6 of Tomcat).
These examples don't work - sorry :(
Have you ever done something like this yourself? Opening another port on the server to expose your webservices to.
Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Bjarne Søegaard

Fra: Ivan Xu [via Apache Geronimo] [ml-node+[hidden email]]
Sendt: 15. august 2012 09:58

Til: Bjarne Søegaard
Emne: Re: Use other port for webservices on same wasce instance

The full name of the ConnectorGBean should be org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.connector.ConnectorGBean.

2012/8/14 soegaard <[hidden email]>

Hello Ivan,

Yes, I have used the code shown in the example you refer to in your mail.
(Shown below), but creation of the Connector gbean fails because it
complains "org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.ConnectorGBean" cannot be found. I
have the create one directly thru the admin console - looked it up in the
config.xml - here it created
<gbean name="WebServicesConnector"

I the copied this to my geronimo-web.xml instead of the first Connector
gbean. (and then removed it from the config.xml again- so it got created
thru the geronimo-web.xml.

This works to the point that I can se the Connector in the admin console -
the geronimo-web.xml has ow created it.

The deployment does however sometimes write,

"WARN [MapperListener] Unknown default host: localhost"  I believe this is
from the initParams in TomcatWebAppHost where localhost is stated.

  <gbean name="TomcatWebAppContainer"
        <attribute name="catalinaHome">var/catalina</attribute>
        <reference name="EngineGBean">
        <reference name="ServerInfo">
        <reference name="WebManager">

    <gbean name="TomcatWebAppEngine"
        <attribute name="initParams">
        <reference name="DefaultHost">
        <references name="Hosts">
        <reference name="RealmGBean">
        <reference name="TomcatValveChain">
        <reference name="LifecycleListenerChain">

    <gbean name="TomcatWebAppHost"
        <attribute name="initParams">

    <gbean name="TomcatWebAppConnector"
        <attribute name="name">HTTP</attribute>
        <attribute name="host">localhost</attribute>
        <attribute name="port">8081</attribute>
        <attribute name="maxHttpHeaderSizeBytes">8192</attribute>
        <attribute name="maxThreads">150</attribute>
        <attribute name="minSpareThreads">25</attribute>
        <attribute name="maxSpareThreads">75</attribute>
        <attribute name="hostLookupEnabled">false</attribute>
        <attribute name="redirectPort">8453</attribute>
        <attribute name="acceptQueueSize">100</attribute>
        <attribute name="connectionTimeoutMillis">20000</attribute>
        <attribute name="uploadTimeoutEnabled">false</attribute>
        <reference name="TomcatContainer">


Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Bjarne Søegaard

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