Hi All,

I was able to get all my bundles in active state :). Some of the bundles needed to consume a datasource and I configured a derby datasource in Geronimo for that purpose.

The next milestone for me is to enable my bundles to consume the OSGi httpService and access the web-resources in my bundles via https.

I went through the documentation on deploying applications on Geronimo at [1], but couldn't figure out how to deploy my application (which is actually a set of OSGi bundles consuming httpService to register servlets and web-resources) and access it's web-resources via Geronimo.
Can someone please help me on how to get my bundles to consume httpService and access my webresources via https?


[1] https://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxDOC30/creating-deployment-plans.html

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Dileepa Jayakody <dileepa@wso2.com> wrote:
Hi all,

We are trying out Geronimo V3 to deploy a set of our bundles (150+) , and consume the osgi httpService by our components to dynamically register servlets and resources.
I deployed the bundles as hotbundles in Geronimo. These bundles use some configuration files stored externally (eg:repository/conf). I have set the locations as system.properties in Geronimo and successfully loaded  them.
When starting Geronimo after copying the set of our bundles into /hotbundles it takes a significant startup time to complete (100% 255s Startup complete). Some bundles didn't get deployed from /hotbundles and resulted in several unresolved dependencies to other bundles. I also notices the server response when navigating the Geronimo console is very slow.
Could this be due to deploying a large set of bundles from hotbundles? Is it recommended?
Can somebody give some advice on standards & best practises in deploying a large set of bundles with their own configs and datasources in Geronimo v3?

Appreciate any help on this.


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