I did not remember that server will use those schema files in the run time, most of them are used to generated xmlbean classes in the deployment time.

There is a discussion for this openejb xsd file, not sure whether it has any helpful information for you.


2012/7/3 Zhi Xie <daxiezhi@gmail.com>
Hi, I found the Gep have a openejb-jar-2.2.xsd to verify some setting files, such as openejb-jar.xml and geronimo-web.xml.
But I found there are 2 openejb-jar-2.2.xsd copies in geronimo server. One is in <geronimo-home>\schema, the other is in repository\org\apache\geronimo\configs\openejb\3.0-beta-1\openejb-3.0-beta-1.car.
I want to know how the server to use them?

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