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From Johannes Weberhofer <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Prepare to release GEP3.0.0
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:51:08 GMT
Dear John!

I'll like to bring this into discussion again:

Is it really necessary, to have so many GEP versions in parallel? 
Shouldn't there be always one version which supports all current 
Geronimo versions?

Currently, there is eg. GEP_2.1.7 (when I'm right), which supports 
G<2.1.7; GEP_2.2 supports G=2.2 and G<2.1.2 (or similar) etc.

I think, that's confusing for someone who likes to install the GEP 
plugins. I'd recomment to remove all the older versions, and have only 
one recent version. 3.0.0 could support everything up to 3.0.0; in case 
a G2.2.1 will be released, there could be a new GEP, which adds 
support to that...

Best regards,

Am Thu Jul 12 10:31:25 2012 schrieb Yi Xiao:
> Hi All,
> As Geronimo 3.0.0 is released, I think it's the time for releasing GEP3.0.0
> I've create the branch
to track the code for release, the base line is @1344906 in trunk,
> I didn't create the branch from the latest revision as GERONIMODEVTOOLS-796 and GERONIMODEVTOOLS-791
also need the server supports, but Geronimo3.0.0 has been released.
> However, I will merge other important jiras after 796 into GEP3.0.0 for better user experience
and then follow the release process.
> Have any other suggestions?
> --
> Best regards!
       John Xiao

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna

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