Open a JIRA  for this.

2012/4/1 Forrest Xia <>

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 9:29 PM, Ivan <> wrote:
Hi, while deploying one common application in the Geronimo server, now we copy the files for three times, 
a. Copy the deployed application file to a temp directory, there are some comments in the file :

 // todo jar url handling with Sun's VM on Windows leaves a lock on the module file preventing rebuilds
            // to address this we use a gross hack and copy the file to a temporary directory
            // the lock on the file will prevent that being deleted properly until the URLJarFile has
            // been GC'ed.

b. Extract the application file to a temp directory
c. Copy the extracted application files to the corresponding repository directory.

I am thinking that we may only do one time copying action, which is to extract the application file to the repository directory directly.
For #a, after checking the svn log, it is added long long ago, I am not sure whether we still have this issue, in my environment, it looks to me that the file is not locked, may be this only occurs in some special scenarios.
For #a, I think we may get some clue by referring to
For #b, since we also keep the application extracted in the repository directory, think that it is possible to skip that.

My idea is to introduce a 'fast.deploy' system property, and it is enabled by default, with this property configured, the deployer will skip the step #a and #b. Thoughts ?
Reducing file copy times when deployment is a nice improvement idea, let's move forwards for now :-)


Regards, Forrest