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From Russell E Glaue <>
Subject Re: Build hangs in Geronimo Plugins, System Database :: System Database 3.0-SNAPSHOT
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 20:57:41 GMT
I just updated from apache geronimo SVN 3.0-beta less than 1 hour ago, no issues 
for me.

I am aware of your previous discussions with David J. back in January 
surrounding Karaf 3.0 and your desire for OSGi.

David (and others) is delicately working Geronimo 3.0 towards OSGi on Karaf. I 
think Karaf is an excellent project, and Geronimo's use of it goes along with 
its pre-dated mission to create a J2EE server from the output of other projects.

The Geronimo Kernel is an excellent approach allowing others to build specific 
enterprise applications on top of Geronimo core, like Derby DB and Apache JAMES 
mail server and more. It also allows us to strip out stuff we don't want like 
the J2EE stuff and run a lite container like LittleG.

This makes Geronimo a very unique project, because you can build what you need. 
And from an enterprise farming view, you can remotely deploy and manage on that 
level much more easily.

That being said, I understand you have current needs for the OSGi platform, 
specifically wrapped up in a nice Geronimo 3.0 package as it should be.

In the previous January thread you replied to, David did mention that compiling 
3.0 trunk is possible when you maintain a local nexus repository and exclude 
mirroring the org.apache.geronimo.* classes/packages.

If you are in need of getting 3.0 trunk compiled, I would try that approach. If 
you have not setup a local Maven repo like nexus before, there is an initial 
climb to understand it. However, we use it here and it is our preferred method 
for managing maven artifacts.

In the past, on rare occassion, trunk has been in this sate before. The ongoing 
issue that continues to surface over and over is at the crutch of the Geronimo 
project... Geronimo's dependency on other project's output. And when Geronimo is 
in SNAPSHOT as it is right now, it depends on SNAPSHOT releases of the other 
projects. As you experienced with Karaf, when these projects release a SNAPSHOT 
with an issue it also effects Geronimo.

To resolve, all we can do is one of two things in these cases:
1. Go to the other project and report the problem and wait for the fix to make 
it into their SNAPSHOT release.
2. Setup a local maven proxy repo (like with nexus) and control what artifacts 
we download and use in our builds.

So again, since you are so reliant upon Geronimo SNAPSHOTS, please recognize the 
state "SNAPSHOT" causes for Geronimo from dependency projects. And thus I would 
highly recommend following David J's advice on setting up nexus.

It should also speed up your build time of trunk.

And lastly, I have been (recently) maintaining the GMOxDEV wiki doc on building 
trunk. I will take your advice and update the page to alert future users of this 

All of us working together make Geronimo what it is. So I appreciate you taking 
time to come to the mail list to discuss your issues.

Thank you.

Russell E Glaue
Apache Geronimo volunteer and contributor

Enterprise Technology Engineer
Center for the Application of Information Technologies
Western Illinois University

On 03/06/2012 02:14 PM, uromahn wrote:
> Russel,
> thank you for taking the time and explain this to me in such a detail.
> To get you understand, here is why I wanted to give 3.0-trunk a try.
> As I mentioned, we are working on an OSGI-based POC that is currently using
> Apache Karaf 2.2.5. However, we would like to use some of the JEE
> features/services and instead of adding those capabilities to Karaf, I
> wanted to leverage G3. Unfortunately, I am unable to deploy our current
> application to 3.0-beta and hence I must assume that it is not 100%
> OSGI-compliant and hence the attempted switch to 3.0-trunk which is
> essentially Karaf 3.0-SNAPSHOP plus all the JEE capabilities around it.
> On the other side, I think I start to understand your reasoning now and will
> try the latest 3.0-beta branch and see if I am more successful with that.
> Unfortunately, at this moment in time (and since about 1 1/2 hours) the
> Apache SVN server seems to be down and I can't get the 3.0-beta branch.
> -Uli
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