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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Build hangs in Geronimo Plugins, System Database :: System Database 3.0-SNAPSHOT
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 21:20:16 GMT
From my point of view -- 

- 3.0-beta is only sort of based on karaf, and it's a really old karaf.  Instead of building
on top of karaf we copied and rewrote a bunch of stuff.  This was expedient but for the long
term a bad idea.  You may not find it easy to install non-geronimo stuff and get it to work
well with geronimo stuff.

- karaf 3.0 hasn't really worked yet.  There are still problems with the pax-url-aether handler.
  This made working on geronimo trunk extremely frustrating -- typically no matter what you
do, the url handler downloads antique remote versions rather than the local ones you just
built.  I've been waiting for karaf to stabilize and my paid working time has been moved to
other projects, at least for now.

I'm still not convinced karaf 3 has a reasonable plan for mvn urls, this topic just came up
again there, I'll have to see if I can explain my concerns comprehensibly over there.

david jencks

On Mar 6, 2012, at 12:14 PM, uromahn wrote:

> Russel,
> thank you for taking the time and explain this to me in such a detail.
> To get you understand, here is why I wanted to give 3.0-trunk a try.
> As I mentioned, we are working on an OSGI-based POC that is currently using
> Apache Karaf 2.2.5. However, we would like to use some of the JEE
> features/services and instead of adding those capabilities to Karaf, I
> wanted to leverage G3. Unfortunately, I am unable to deploy our current
> application to 3.0-beta and hence I must assume that it is not 100%
> OSGI-compliant and hence the attempted switch to 3.0-trunk which is
> essentially Karaf 3.0-SNAPSHOP plus all the JEE capabilities around it.
> On the other side, I think I start to understand your reasoning now and will
> try the latest 3.0-beta branch and see if I am more successful with that.
> Unfortunately, at this moment in time (and since about 1 1/2 hours) the
> Apache SVN server seems to be down and I can't get the 3.0-beta branch.
> -Uli
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