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From uromahn <>
Subject Re: Build hangs in Geronimo Plugins, System Database :: System Database 3.0-SNAPSHOT
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 23:52:48 GMT
So, I have done quite a bit of investigation and experimentation and the
result is not very encouraging.

Unfortunately, ASM 3.x and ASM 4.0 are so API-incompatible that it break
left and right.

I have tried to update ASM in the entire Geronimo project but unfortunately,
that does not really fix the issue. Unfortunately, ASM 3 is used deep inside
many dependencies not explicitly mentioned and Maven still brings it in as
transitive dependency during various stages in the build process.

The update to ASM 4.0 seems to have been introduced in Karaf 3.0-SNAPSHOT
but unless we actually update ASM in all other direct dependencies, I don't
see any chance getting this fixed easily and without any "ugly hack".

This would require, for example, to upgrade asm in Felix, Aries, OpenJPA
(yes, this also depends on ASM 3.2!), and most likely many more, and would
be quite complex, I am afraid, due to the already mentioned significant API
changes from ASM 3.x t ASM 4.0.

Any idea how this should be tackled? Maybe we should "downgrade" ASM in
Karaf but I don't know the implications of that.

I am a bit at a loss right now.

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